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The book 'Missing 411-by David Paulides'

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#16    dr no

dr no

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 07:28 AM

Its worth looking at this link I posted on another thread,a reviewer on amazon tears apart Paulides and his theories

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 06:48 PM

View Postdr no, on 14 March 2014 - 07:28 AM, said:

Its worth looking at this link I posted on another thread,a reviewer on amazon tears apart Paulides and his theories

The writer of this Amazon review showed up on a message board I belong to not long after Paulides was interviewed by George Knapp on C2C. Based on my interaction with him there and my observations of what he's written, I can only say (IMNSHO) that he is the one who takes inaccurate cherry-picked ideas and twists them for his own agenda.

Despite my misgivings re Noory as host, I listened to the Monday Paulides interview, so I've heard now 5 hours on Coast and several more on another radio interview or two.

Each time, Paulides has absolutely BALKED at taking any position re the cause for the disappearances and has maintained that he and his researchers refuse to do more than collect and present data. In fact, on Monday, Noory was literally drooling and chomping at the bit attempting to push Paulides into claiming any theory possible, even putting words in Paulides' mouth about some crazy demonic theory Noory had proposed. Paulides dug his heels in and refused for about the 20th time in the interview (okay, maybe the 4th, but Noory was ticking me off) to be bullied into saying, "THIS explains the disappearances."

So much for the reviewer's claim that Paulides is trying to market the idea that Bigfoot is taking the people who have disappeared. Apparently the reviewer can't distinguish between the facts of the Dennis Martin case and the details relayed to authorities by the Key family and the mistaken claim that Paulides somehow extrapolates a single witness report into an agenda-driven explanation for upward to 1,000 disappearances.

The charge re paradoxical undressing is just silly. Paulides addresses this, giving examples of cases where clothing was removed w/in yards of the point last seen in temperatures above any danger of hypothermia. The reviewer should know. As someone who claims SAR experience, that paradoxical undressing occurs as a result of the **final stages** of hypothermia, not as a result of someone just feeling cold and stripping off clothing because of some kind of mental delusion--there's a physiological cause tied to that final stage of hypothermia just prior to death.

Last, while cherry-picking in theory damages an argument, this reviewer fails to explain how Paulides and his researchers can be cherry-picking when their goal has been to collect data on ALL the disappearances in national park areas that cannot be explained by animal attacks, drownings, mere wandering off of children or elderly, typical outdoor injuries leading to death, etc. It is not cherry-picking to exclude from the data collection cases which have other explanations, nor is it cherry picking to include cases which the reviewer "thinks" "could" be explained in some way, a la his rant on the Martin case.

Interacting with this guy on the message board, I and others felt he gave the impression of being an angry SAR person who for some reason felt that Paulides was knocking SAR personnel for not doing enough (given some of his comments). That was odd, considering Paulides appears to have a good working relationship with SAR in general.

Just wanted to provide more context for this review and let readers make up their own minds. What precedes is my opinion only.

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Posted 15 March 2014 - 05:28 PM

Quick correction and addition to my above ^^^^ post:

1). I listened to 2 4-hour Knapp interviews and 1 3-hour Noory interview on Coast, so why I typed "5" is a keyboard mystery. Dog in my lap?

2). Forgot to add that in the one case the specter of Bigfoot appears most prominent, i.e., the Martin case where the Key family reported a Bear-like, man-like figure carrying something over its shoulder, Paulides says there had apparently been reports in that area, accurate or not, of "wild men" living off the land in the forest. He was talking about off-off-the-grid types. If he had wanted to hype a Bigfoot angle, this would have been the case to do it, but he presented another possible explanation for what the Key family saw, which may have been unrelated to the Martin boy's MIA status.

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Posted 21 October 2014 - 12:32 AM

someone can confirm me that he bought any of these books on his website and actually received it ?


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