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Giants, the Great Men of Renown

Posted by Magnatude , 31 January 2008 · 499 views

Ancient Whispers
Over 26,000 years ago...
An essence permeated everything as it always had for eons, the essence of consciousness.
Finally it was realized in Adam. Adam became aware, Adam received knowledge.

Throughout the span of mankind, man himself had lost his keen senses, his animal strengths.
As knowledge was now his tool, slowly he gave way to its advantages and disadvantages.

There is still the glimmer of this lost power in man, he is capable of regaining his ancient instincts and his feral strengths.
We can still regain this power. To find it you can seek this through the Ancient Sufi ways.
With this ancient knowledge you can awaken from the true dimensions (not the mathematical ones).
The four dimensions are: Mind, Spirit, Body, and that which is higher consciousness (God),
The ways of the Sufi is said to be 26,000 years old, from the time of Abram.
This knowledge was said to be handed down to man from these "Giants" from the mountains there they dwelled.
The Great men of Renown, Giants because of what they could do, not of physical stature.

Jan 31 2008 07:19 PM
That's exactly what I've been saying for years! This'll show all those people that called me crazy.
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I actually know a Sufi Dervish, he is originally from Turkey.
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