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Our recording studio is haunted!

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#31    Daring Souls

Daring Souls

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Posted 07 May 2004 - 10:24 PM

Has there been any items that've come up missing?  

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#32    Inspekta_X


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Posted 06 July 2004 - 05:49 AM

Hey Guys

Yer well Zith has pointed out the majority of the weird sh** that has happened recently, but he didnt mention a few things. In the vocal room, I (most of the time) have my turntables set up in there. There were 3 nights in a row where myself and Zith were leaving the studio and we lock up each room and pull all the plugs out of the wall and turn off all the lights in each room in case we get a storm or a surge etc. On this occasion one of my tone arm clips on one of my decks was broken so i was using sticky tape to keep the tone arm secure, The tape was brand new and still very sticky, I turned of the equip and placed the tape over one of the tone arms in its clip and taped it right around under it. We left. We returned the next day and i went into the room and unlocked everything, the first thing i saw was the tone arm on the record positioned in the middle. I just passed it off and thought i must not of done it the night before and didn't really think too much about it. That day i taped it back again and left. When we returned the next day the same thing had happened. I called Zith in and showed him and he saw what I saw. He knew how we left it the night before cause we left at the same time  and locked the door behind us. NO-ONE had been in that room at all because there are only 1 set of keys and no one went there. This went on a few more times untill i drew everyones attention to it happening, and it stopped.

On another occasion the same room everything was on it was open, i went in there from the mixing room to get a pair of headphones, left the room went back to the mixing room where Zith was (We were the only two in the house) I relaised that i had gotten the pair that were broken so i went back to get the other pair and when i walked in the room the desk fan on the floor was turned on at full speed and there was paper and lyrics and shiat being blow all around the room and over the floor, i turned it off and went back in the other room and told Zith and we just thought to ourselfs "Yer godamn weird sh** lol"

There has been way mroe sh** that has happened to other members of the band and there are other stories but thats about all that has really happened to be that is really major, just thought i would share it you guys seeing you wanna know all about the weird sh** we have to endure all the time original.gif Im pretty used to it now, but some nights its freaky as sh** if u wanna goto the toilet which is way out the back and there is no-one else with you or near you.

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#33    OreoSuicide


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Posted 06 July 2004 - 09:34 AM

Maybe the spirit is bothering you because it doesn't dig your music!  laugh.gif  

#34    Jasak


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Posted 20 August 2004 - 05:00 AM

hahaha yeh that might be it!
and if thats the case, then its just gonna have to damn well put up with it!

But some new news, it is definantly something that moves around, because when it enteres a room, you know it, you can feel it. Sometime it almost makes me feel like I want to Cry... It has been suggested that it may be the person who used to own the house, and doesn't like what we have done with it or something...

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