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Some things to share ( incredible !)

Posted by White Crane Feather , 30 April 2012 · 1,198 views

So, I never got a chance to turn that dragon dream, and I have had another dream that I'm not sure quite what to make of. It was quick. I don't recall the whole dream but at one point I am walking into a room. There are two are two unidentified females there. Instantly for no reason at all one of them turns to me. Her eyes are missing. She then moves inhumanly fast ( like you see on horror movies) toword me, I barely have a chance to react. Of course I wake up in that animal snarl that Iet out Ocasionally. Just after this I remember my last sight of her as she berriled into me was escaping through the door and running. At first I was thinking I had another highly negative dream. But she was escaping. I had scared her. I dwelt on it all day as I persued another vision I had. Then when I got home today my son was sick...then it all made sense. Those eyless virus spirits again. They usually come at me like zombies then I zap them, but now they are running from me... Despretly. This is very interesting. Wouldn't it be awesome if I can really chase a virus away?

The other vision and the results.----- this is awesome--- I was finishing up things on Saturday and overheard some clients talking about looking for a meteorite pieces that fell a last week when a meteor exploded over Coloma  CA. I instantly started getting  visions of a hill and guides were spinning my mind with concepts of how this hill caught some of the fragments like a net. Then I recognized the hill!!!!! I knew right where it is at. It was on a public ranch that I have spent many hours foraging, Meditating and bow hunting at.

I interupt the conversations ( without thinking). I was asking where exactly Coloma is. They tell me. Then I start telling them about the ranch and Wich way the metior came from, and I tell them to look on this specific hill to the left of the trail. They listened. But they did not seem interested these areas I know of are not well known. And they take a lot of walking to get to. I decided to go myself. Sure enough. Guess what I found exactly where my visions took me. A small metorite. One of 4 recovered so far. I know i know. The news is that there are only three. Nope I have the fourth.  

It's one of he rarest meteorights. The last one that fell that pieces were recovered from was in 1969. This one is special because it containes  stuff from the solar systems that preceded our own. It is one of the rarest and oldest stones on earth. I vacume sealed it to protect its chemical make up. It is of great scientific intrest. NASA had representatives out looking for pieces. I'm so excited. I feel so humbled. the stone is valued at about $1,000 a gram......A GRAM!!!!!. This is similar to how I obtain my two fully formed. Native American spear points. I bet it's grandfather ( an old Indian spirit guide---- I call him that because he reminds me of  the Tom brown junior character).

I don't know what to do with. Obviously NASA wants to look at it, but after that I have this gut feeling this is something I am supposed to sit on then sell when the price is right. I have been in meditation and prayer to find a way to exit the material worlds rat race and focus my energy on conservation and spiritual persuits... But I have a wife and kids. I can't drag them along on an ascetic lifestyle. It apears a solution may have literally fallen out of the sky. I walked for miles drunk with gratitude from the stars themselves. I can't beleive my life. The **** that happens to me is better than fiction.

Hahahaha you should have seen the text messages from that group of clients ( good friends and students actually) when I told them. None of them were the least bit surprised. (lots of yup i figured.... Why am i not surprised etc etc) They all new instinctually right when I became so interested that I would turn up with one. How funny.

Crazy life I would be so board if it were not.

Amazing good fortune.
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Apr 30 2012 10:29 PM
That is just fabulous for you
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Well how many grams does it weigh!! Oh that is awesome Seek! Well regardless of how you decide to use it, this is a gift. They would not have given it to you, or have told you where to find it if it wasn't your time. Enjoy it. : )
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White Crane Feather
May 01 2012 03:55 PM
It's about 14 grams I think. But Im fining out that it is far more valuable than that. There have been a few more found since, but it's looking like at the moment these are the oldest and most valuable stones on earth.  Mine is vacume sealed. I don't think the other people that found them realize how delicate the amino acids and primordial water molecules  are in them. Every university is chomping at the bit including NASA to get a piece. My plan is to protect the delicate chemistry, wait until the stones that have been found find their place... And the ones that are still out there have been dissolved ( they are very delicate in water... It's one of the reasons they are so valuable) there won't be many the meteorite was the size of a mini van but exploded with 1/3  hiroshima. Most of it was probably vaporized. Once the rarity and knowledge if it's existance is out there I'll put it on the market for collectors or universities world wide. Ill wait and see what kind of offers I get.  My plan B is to trade it for a tuition for my wife's masters degree and full ride scholorships for all of my boys. They give football players full rides they should be willing to trade a once in a lifetime rock for some scholorships. We will see how it works out. If I'm just fantasizing, and it's just worth a couple of thousand dollars im going to give it to this family who are my students. They are Rock hounds and this would be the crowning glory of their collection. They are, after all, the ones that turned me on to it. If I end up in retirement from it, I will devote my life to conservation, family, and spirit. If a good university takes my trade offer, then four great people receive a good education, if I give it as a gift to that family then it will be charished and admired. Either way im just in pure joy that I get to participate.
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You're such an amazing person Seek!!! At least buy your something nice. : )
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White Crane Feather
May 02 2012 06:44 PM
I have more than enough material things... The trouble is getting rid of it. Possessions are freedom traps. The only things that matter to me anymore are my relationships.
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