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Albino Bigfoot Caught on Tape?

Posted by Kipperphoenix , 17 January 2013 · 2,809 views

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I'm baffled at today's video. There are two major things that just confuse me so much. We're going to discuss those two points as we get into the post, so get excited! So the main video that we're going to be talking about is of a man who says he filmed a Bigfoot that appears to be either albino or just covered in white hair. When exactly it was shot is unknown but it was posted on February 3rd, 2010 in Carbondale, Pennsylvania and was posted to some Bigfoot Facebook page called "Find Bigfoot" by a man named Boby Wade. (It's unknown if Boby filmed the video or just posted it for someone else) The video is being narrated by some dude who I guess runs the Facebook page. He gives you a step by step play of the video. In the actual video, a man is walking in I guess their backyard (more like backforest) in search of something that's been making strange noises. Very loud breathing can be heard and then a white Bigfoot can be seen looking at the cameraman only a few feet in front of him and it runs away from him scaring the cameraman. Then the narrator give some slo-mo and zoomed in shots of the creature. He tries to talk about how it's not a guy in a costume by talking about how Bigfoot has a grimacing look on it's face. He also says that the nose basically proves that it's not a mask because it moves when Bigfoot grimaces. Then he shows other videos of Bigfoot comparing them to this one and so forth, then he gives his final thoughts which he thinks are 100% fact and the video ends. Now it's time for ME to give MY thoughts, prepare yourselves.

Remember those two MAJOR problems I mentioned? Let's talk bout them now. 1) My first main problem is the video itself. I don't believe it to be real at all. The set up is that of a fake video. "Oh what's that? Strange noises? Well I'm just going to go check them out and film the whole thing and I'll just happen to stand within a few feet of Bigfoot." Yeah, sure dude. Plus, the flash light is utter garbage. I know that sometime people just buy the cheap $5 dollar flashlight, but even those have some good lighting to them! This isn't the 90's where flashlights only lit up nothing! It's not believable at all. And let's talk about Bigfoot. It's a mask. Tell me that's not a mask. No, actually I'd go with it being some kind of make-up mask thing, like in the movies. It's one of those two. The reason I say that it's one of those two is because of the eyes. There are no eyes, they just black holes in the mask. Notice how the narrator NEVER mentions the eyes except for the shape. Ooh, so convincing! I will say that the way Bigfoot move it's body look pretty real, but it just looks like a very well done Bigfoot costume. Now let's move on to the BIGGEST problem with the video.

2) The narrator. Now your probably wondering why the narrator is my other problem even though he has nothing to do with the video. And your right he has nothing to do with the video, but his argument on the authentication of the video are where he fails, HARD. First, he thinks that by comparing another video to this one proves it's real because he's said the others were real. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. That would be the same if I were to compare a UFO video I deemed to be real to a video that I wasn't sure of, said that both UFOs look similar and therefore the video I'm unsure of must be real. Second, I don't think he knows what he's talking about. He's always stumbling and fumbling for words trying to SOUND like he knows what he's talking about. It's unprofessional and makes him look bad. Third and this is probably the biggest problem I have with him is the fact that he says the video is most likely real because Bigfoot is a relative of humans. Now hold on, the reason I have a problem with this is not the reason you may think. I'm not bashing anyone's beliefs, if you believe in evolution, great. If you believe in creationism, great. But, you can't bring in the argument of "Oh it must be real because I believe in _____" because not everyone believes in what you believe in, so your actually hurting you argument. It reminds me of some creationist saying that Nessie is proof of creationism. I'm sorry, but if you use that argument to prove creationism is the truth, your a dumb-ass. Nessie doesn't prove anything, want to know why? Because Nessie doesn't exist! It's the same as saying that this Bigfoot video must be real because you think evolution is the truth. The minute you bring ANY religious belief into an argument of "Is this real?" your argument has failed. The only way your going to prove your point to EVERYONE, no matter what they believe in, is by comparing it to cold hard facts/evidence. So this guys argument of evolution proves that Bigfoot is real is invalid. (I'd say the exact same thing if someone said creationism is proof Bigfoot is real. It doesn't prove anything what so ever) Forth, I'm not even going to get into the part where he says that Bigfoot is just as successful as humans are. First, he has to prove Bigfoot really exists, then we'll talk about how successful Bigfeets are in their own society compared to ours. (He's grasping at straws at this point) So overall, what do i think of this video? I think that it's very good, but that it just has way to many problems from the whole set up to Bigfoot himself even though he looks pretty real. Unfortunately, I'm going to call it a fake. But what do all of you think? Does it show some of the best video evidence of Bigfoot to date or does it just show off that someone could work in Hollywood as a makeup artist in a creature film?


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The same video appeared over at Cryptomundo on Jan 10, 2010, so it predates the Feb 3, 2010 a bit.


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I have no idea what to make of this kind of thing.  Interesting video though, thanks for posting.

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Feb 04 2013 06:20 PM
It is creepy looking, imo. I'd hate to come across that at night by surprise, man or animal.
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