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I put my foot in it BIG TIME.

Posted by Beckys_Mom , 14 May 2006 · 233 views

The other day in work, I was talking to this lady, she had a big bump and I figured she was almost due to have her baby, so what did I do?? I opened my big trap, smiled and said............"So when are you due?"   ................She looked at me all weird like and said - "What?".....thats when I knew I had said the wrong thing and gulped and instead of changing the subject, me and my big mouth went on to say........... - "You look pregnant, I just thought you are almost due to have your new baby" <---cant believe I said that blink.gif .... She turned to me and said.............."I'm not pregnant...I just have a big tummy, you aint the 1st to say this to me either"............This is the part when you wish the ground would open up and swallow you lol.........
.I couldnt appologize enough...but luckily she was cool about it and told me not to worry....I felt so bad...that I couldnt wait to get up stairs to the smoke room and light up a ciggy FAST to calm down LOL..but honestly she did look as though she was over eight months gone...so it was an easy mistake unsure.gif

So remember learn from BM's mistake...never ask a big woman who has a big bump when her due date is LOL dont do it  no.gif


Im sorry, that really sucks, though Ive never done it my self, but I have seen lots of other people do it. Here you kinda have a right to punch someone in the face when they say it though. blush.gif
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I've done it...more than once too....and I'll probably do it again..... laugh.gif  All because after the first time...I wouldn't say anything to anyone until a neighbor asked why I hadn't inquired about her soon-to-be.....what was I supposed to say...oh I just thought you were overweight and didn't want to offend?  ph34r.gif  damned if you do and damned if you don't sometimes... tongue.gif
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w00t.gif  laugh.gif
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I've made the same mistake, I asked a girl when her baby was due only to find out she wasn't pregnant.  Now I don't offer any guesses unless someone tells me specifically they are pregnant.  original.gif
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