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Egyptian Maus Need Us

Posted by Simbi Laveau , 11 August 2012 · 661 views

I do Egyptian mau rescue.
I also assist with Savannah,hairless breed cats,rag dolls,Bengals and handicapped cat rescue.
Maus are near and dear to my heart.
A mau,from a breeder in the USA,is lovely ,but there's a lot of inbreeding,and maus in Egypt,national treasures,are tortured,maimed,and killed .
Residents and the govt both,have a hand in it . Horrible stuff,I cannot even voice,lest I break down .
EMRO ,despite It's many issues,is an organization,dedicated to saving native maus,and other cats as well.
They are experiencing issues now,where I'm worried about the welfare of the animals. They are a none profit,and work off donations,and the help of volunteers .
Some of those cats ,have been on that page since I've been looking at it.
I have 9 maus total .6 from Egypt . A couple from death row situations in the USA.
I cannot take another cat.
If anyone knows anyone,who always wanted a mau,one from Egypt is cheaper than one from a breeder,and you're saving a life.
My guys are awesome .They do not act quite like other cats,and they act differently from maus bred here.
They do not have a lot of silvers up for adoption.Those are reserved for breeders in the USA and Europe,so they do not even list them .Silver maus that breeders use,come from EMRO .

Silvers are the kind you see here for sale. White with black spots.

Maus come in all colors in reality .Bronze maus look like little tigers to me.
I have a blue mau,2 long haired bronze,2,short haired bronze,one silver,one creamy silver,and 2 smoke.
Smokes are stunning BTW .

If anyone is interested,please pass this info on . I'm afraid these guys are all going to end up on the street again.If that happens,well death isn't far behind .


Simbi, I can probably take one, as long as he/she gets along with other cats (two female, one male, all fixed), a Newfie puppy, and a older pug. I'm located in the northeastern area of Pennsylvania. I have experience with cat rescue; I was involved with a feral cat rescue group when I lived in Virginia.

I can try to donate to the organization next month (I'm "financially challenged" this month, alas).

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.
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Simbi Laveau
Aug 11 2012 11:09 AM
Well,first check the site,and see if any strike your fancy .
I looked for a while before I made my descision .
I adopted and paid for her ,but while waiting for an escort to come available,she gave birth to two kitten .
She was only seven months old ,never had a heat,and never looked pregnant.
Given,technically,she was already mine ,so were her babies.
I could have allowed them to be adopted,but i opted to keep them .
She is the most protective cat I have ever seen. She will attack a person or another cat,if she thinks I am being hurt. Same with her babies,who are now full grown .
All my guys from Egypt have very different personalities.
Also ,the whole alpha thing is very at the surface with these guys.
This girl I just spoke of,is an alpha female for sure. I have 2 alpha males as well,which can be a problem if they are more wild .
I've never ever had a full cat fight,with injuries,ever.
Bickering,yes,but i do have a lot of personalities .
What kinds of cats are your guys ?,
My maus from the USA,have issues. One was a breeding queen,who had never been out of a cage in her life. She was never socialized or interacted with other cats,except to breed or nurse.
She doesn't like other cats,at all .
I have issues like this .
So,pick the best sex for your guys to bond with .
If you need any advice on any of this,well I've done it 4 times now so .I am friends with one of the USA Emro liasons ,so if you want to email her,you can tell her you know me.
Just say Missy.
Her name is Cheryl . I think her email is adopt@emaurescue.org ,but with so many personel changes there,I'm not sure of her duties now.

Sometimes it takes months for an escort to come available.
One pair,I sent via cargo,which I was not happy with,but it had been 7 months of waiting.
I got them out just before the protests had started,and the Emro facility was attacked.
The doctors stayed behind to protect the cats.
The cargo flights go via Germany thru Luftansa ,and there's never been a problem .

Well,I hope you do take one .Maus are awesome .
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Simbi Laveau
Aug 11 2012 11:35 AM
And don't donate . Things are such a mess there now.The money gets held for ages,before it goes to Egypt.
Don't donate,unless It's goods. They have a wish list ,like kitten formula or flea meds.
Do you have a Facebook ?
They have a Facebook group . You could ask what the cats need now.
I sent toys and kitten formula and some meds,beginning of the year .
I'm not sure what they need now,but sending goods is better than sending money .
I used to send a monthly gift,but i didn't like the hold up ,so I send only stuff the cats need now.
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I'll check out the site, thanks! And thank you for the tip about donating money vs. necessities. I'll definitely send things the cats need rather than money.

My Suzanne is a dilute calico (gray with orange and a tiny bit of white); Macavity is mostly white, but with a tabby tail and some tabby spots, his distinguishing feature is one blue eye and one green eye; Stella is a very petite little Tuxedo with very odd markings; I suspect she has some Siamese or similar breed in her, because her little face is very pointy.

I'll check out the site later today. I have always loved Egyptian Maus, so it would be lovely if I could rescue one.
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