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China invades India!

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#16    Black Red Devil

Black Red Devil

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 07:07 AM

The whole Kashmir/South Tibet area is in constant land dispute between Pakistan, India and China.

The map in the link is excellent because you get a visual on each countries claim by pressing on the country below the map.


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#17    spud the mackem

spud the mackem

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Posted 03 May 2013 - 08:24 AM

The Chinese have a theory that if they wait and have patience they will eventually win,and they are prepared to wait a long time,they waited 100 years to regain Hong Kong,and now that is a commercial Goldmine.They probe surrounding countries to see what reaction is given,and when the fuss dies down they are still there.Ah so !, patience will win in the end.In the U.K. they waited until Midland Bank crashed then they bought it out and it became the HKSB Bank,and now thats making Massive profits.

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#18    himalyanmystic


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Posted 04 May 2013 - 11:25 AM

The chinese are making a mistake , 19 kms will give them nothing its barren land such pressure tactics will only lead to their own downfall , the country has suppressed true facts by controlling the media , wait a few years they will have their own infighting and chaos to handle . India has never interfered with any country;s rights Pakistan started exporting terrorists now they have chaos in pakistan when the same guns and bombs are being used against their own people . India is not weak , we love peace we want good relations but then if we have no choice we shall respond in the appropriate way.


#19    Heaven Is A Halfpipe

Heaven Is A Halfpipe

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Posted 04 May 2013 - 05:34 PM

A misleading title if I ever saw one.

Nobody kicks up a fuss when American/British troops surround their enemies.

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#20    Yes_Man



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Posted 05 May 2013 - 01:11 PM

View PostHeaven Is A Halfpipe, on 04 May 2013 - 05:34 PM, said:

A misleading title if I ever saw one.

Nobody kicks up a fuss when American/British troops surround their enemies.
unfortunately is true

#21    supervike


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Posted 06 May 2013 - 01:51 AM

It's just refreshing to see a middle eastern country burn a flag that's not an American one....

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