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First blog post

Posted by tinkerbellekisses , 02 December 2012 · 646 views

dreams interpretations premonitions lucid spiritual
Almost every night without fail I will have one, if not more, very vivid dreams.
Sometimes I will become lucid during the dream but I still can't stay lucid for very long.
I thought writing a blog would be a good way to keep track of my dreams and maybe even get some opinions from others.
I find dreams to be a very interesting subject.
Some dreams are completely random, others reflect things that have happened during your day or even past experiences, other dreams I have may seem random when I wake up but become more clear throughout the day.
I do believe dreams have some meaning to them and I like to try to interpret my dreams.
I am also going to keep practicing with lucid dreams and will discuss them in my blog entries.
Feel free to share your dreams or give me opinions on how you interpret dreams I have.
It's midnight here and I will soon be heading to bed, I am hoping for a lucid dream tonight and will check back in tomorrow and fill you in on my funny, crazy, seemingly random and very vivid dreams!
Love and light to all

Looking forward to reading more, I'm also a vivid dreamer but only occasionally lucid during them.
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Daughter of the Nine Moons
Dec 02 2012 05:01 PM
Congrats on your first blog!
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Ever Learning
Dec 02 2012 07:00 PM
i love to interpret my dreams and would love to hear more of your perspective on this
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Lucid dreaming occurs more frequently for me if I fall asleep keeping my mind very aware of its changing state. It also helped when I became more aware of details in everything while awake. My fiancé also calls me the investigator now as a result of my ability to know when anything is different. I would love to hear about your dreams. Remember to fly.
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I've been trying to get my Jessica Alba & Me dreams to go lucid but so far, no joy. :(  I will persevere though.
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