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The Donkey Lady Of San Antonio, TX

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 05:37 PM

Yeah i have heard of the donkey lady too.Never been to the bridge though.
Also,while on Google I did find mention of a donkey lady. In fact the article mentioned there was a real life woman who had some donkies,and that it was on the northeast side of town.In fact,the San Antonio Express News had an article about th eDonkey lady,I think back in October of last year for Halloween.
Will see if at their website they have anything on it.I believe she had a place somewhere around the Topperwein Road area.

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Posted 19 May 2012 - 12:30 AM

I totally believe in the donkey lady, I grew up in San Antonio and always herd stories about her!! so creepy. Well I decided to be the first one to make a short a little about the legend! if all goes well I'll do the how she became about!

I'm a film student from TX studying in LA right now, but if you want to help the project out.


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Posted 19 May 2012 - 01:15 AM

View PostNephilim82, on 02 November 2007 - 07:28 PM, said:

I was born and raised in San Antonio. I grew up here and therefore know much about most of the urban legends here. First of all for those that don't know, the Donkey Lady and La Llorona are completely two different entities. They are two different stories that do not coincide with each other in any way.

First off, La Llorona is a woman who drowned her kids because she met a man whom she wanted to marry, but he said that he wouldn't accept her kids and that she had to get rid of them if she wanted to get married. Of course, the first thing she could think of was to drown them. After that she immediately regretted it and wished she never did that. After she died, God told her that she couldn't go into Heaven until she found all of her kids and bring them with her. So she went to every body of water crying because she missed her kids so much and wanted to be with them in Heaven. As far as I know, I think God already has her kids in Heaven and wanted to punish her for what she did to her own kids. If her kids are already in Heaven, then of course she will be here on Earth for eternity not knowing her kids aren't here. By the way, a couple of years ago when I was stationed in California my dad said that one night when he was going to sleep he heard a loud scream coming from a woman. He instantly jumped out of bed and ran outside thinking that some woman was being attacked. He said that it sounded like if someone was trying to kill her. My mom and brother heard it too and they ran to find out where it was coming from. They all heard it from different directions. The neighbors next door heard it too and they ran inside. My dad was very puzzled as to why they ran inside. They ran all the way around the block. They never found anyone screaming and nothing came on the news the next day about an attack. My dad asked the neighbors why they ran inside. They told him that it was because it was La Llorona and that they were scared. I mad was a little freaked out because he never thought about it being her.

Secondly, the Donkey Lady legend, as I heard, is that there was a Chinese lady that kept to herself and all the neighbors were afraid because of that. One day they wanted to scare her off. So they burned her house one day not knowing that she was inside. She came out burning and screaming. They say that the fire had caused her face to warp and hang down almost like a donkey or a horse. I believe that she died soon after that and that her spirit still wonders near that bridge. I would believe this because not too far north, about 15 minutes north on S. Zarzamora Rd, outside of S. Loop 410, is the Chinese graveyard. It is located right where the street curves and is supposed to be fenced off. Anyways, back to the Donkey Lady. I decided to go to that bridge ever since I found out where it is located at. I finally got my chance this past Sunday evening around 6 PM. I drove all the way past the graveyard to see if I could spot it. I couldn't find it because of the cars behind me. When I finally found the bridge right after the Toyota plant, I saw that the north end of the old bridge has been completely destroyed because there was no signs of an entrance anywhere. So I tried the south end and noticed that there was a small white car coming out naturally. I thought, "Okay, they must have been leaving the bridge and nothing happened because they weren't speeding out of there." So I turned onto the path to find that all the trees were so closely aligned to the edge of the road and next to each other almost like a fence. I didn't feel weird yet. I had the windows rolled all the way down because of the gunk on my side window made it hard to see clearly. I am not the kind of person to get scared very easily because of some supernatural encounters I have been through when I was younger. While growing up in a near constant experience maybe once every few weeks or few months made it kind of hard to be scared of anything ghostly or supernatural. It's like getting used to swimming in deep water when you know that you were afraid when you were little. You get adjusted and it doesn't become that shocking or scary because you are used to it already. While going in I didn't feel anything. I thought, "There is nothing here." Right before the first curve of the path to the bridge, about 100 feet or so, I started feeling a nervous feeling and a slight pressure on my heart. As if getting the nerve to do something you never did like asking someone you like out to dinner or swimming in deep water when you are scared of it. That feeling you get right when you are about to break that threshold, I felt that and then all of a sudden my foot slammed on the brakes without me knowing. I was feeling fear for the first time in many years. It wasn't an "I'm afraid because what if there is something." It was more of an "I know something is there waiting for me." I can feel it strongly without a doubt, the feeling of something telling you to get the hell out of here right now. I know that it was my instincts telling me to leave because something terrifying is there. I know that that is the thing everyone always encounters when they try to see her. If it is her, then she is one very powerful, hating evil spirit. I've only felt that kind of fear about three times in my life. The first two I couldn't even move a bit. The second of the two I had a very large hand print that went all the way around my neck. The fingers were average human width, but fingers being over a foot long each. I know that no one in the world has fingers that long. The longest on record is 12 ¾ inches, that's including the palm but is a size 25 finger. Anyways, I have realized that while growing up, I have noticed that I have unusually high spirit awareness. I think that is why most people don't get scared when they reach the bridge because most people don't have spirit awareness at all and can't sense spirits, either good or evil. I notice you either feel chills, goose bumps, and hair raising feelings when you have spiritual awareness, even a little bit, and are usually the lower levels of spirit strength. When you feel the nervous anxious feeling with a bit of tightness in your heart, then it is probably the ones stronger than the ones that give you chills and goose bumps. I figured because of this I can sense her before I got near the bridge and I think she doesn't like that. I wonder if she was next to my window without me knowing, I probably sensed that. Maybe I felt that fear because she knows I am not easily scared and stronger than most that go. My spirit awareness is usually at a level where I can kind of feel it, but that is probably because everything to this point, except a few times, has been very weak in strength. It might have been her hatred that I was feeling. She felt more like a demon rather than a human soul or spirit full of hatred. I can almost say that she is an earthborn demon. She has that aura and I am never wrong about that kind of stuff. As for most people never going back, I'm not that kind of person. I want to go back soon to challenge her again, but without any fear. I want to get stronger spiritually, now that I know there is something out there that strong on our side of the living world. Most call me crazy and don't believe me, but I really do believe in this kind of stuff. I hope I didn't bore anyone. I do love to talk about things of this nature. Here is my own personal saying to those who are in doubt or don't believe, "Just because you don't believe in it, doesn't mean it's not real."

Spot on!
I'm amazed at the different versions of the legend i'm seeing in this thread.

My husband often speaks of the Chinese Graveyard and the strange things that supposedly happen there.
I've no interest in visiting this place for fear of being shot. lol

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