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Redwoods footage

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#1    Tillghast


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Posted 24 May 2003 - 09:32 PM

                                                  I was surfin' the web when I found this!!!
It was about this bigfoot thing that walking in front of some tv producer's RV.
There was so much detail( but you never saw the face!!!) including the way the creature walked and...
What do you guys think???                                                  

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#2    Kismit



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Posted 25 May 2003 - 09:27 AM

                                                    Well at least it's the first time I've seen this piece of footage but my opinion of it isn't  great.  Firstly for a film crew they take crappy shots and secondly with all that screaming going on wouldn't a wild critter run ?                                                  

#3    Sidhe


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Posted 25 May 2003 - 05:07 PM

                                                  As to the noise, they are inside their RV, so it isn't certain the big fellow would have heard it.

I've recently watched a copy of the documentary "Bigfoot: When Legend Meets Science" which has a new, clearer copy of the 1967 Patterson film.  I have to say, based on that, and on some of the scientific analysis of the footprints (the dermal ridges and anatomy, and the fact that their size distribution follows what would be expected of a real living animal, rather than a prankster on fake feet stomping around), and the images on the two other videos supplied, I'm very inclined to believe Bigfoot somehow, someway, exists.  

I am puzzled how it lives whithout our seeing it very often, and how it feeds itself in a temperate zone, where the vegitation goes dormant for so long each year.  But those are puzzles only, not insoluble dilemmas.

I couldn't see much in this video because the quality was so poor, but the story given by the witnesses looks a whole lot like other stories re: the behavior of the creature.  I don't dismiss this video as a fake, but I concede it has no real probative value.  You just can't see anything well enough.                                                  

#4    djdodo



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Posted 26 May 2003 - 05:21 PM

                                                  WaW  ohmy.gif
Big foot sure has a big Foot  laugh.gif                                                  

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#5    Sidhe


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Posted 26 May 2003 - 07:54 PM

                                                  I guess you could see *that* well enough..  unsure.gif                                                  

#6    weezil936


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Posted 01 July 2003 - 02:49 AM

                                                      whoa blink.gif                                                      

#7    Abducted


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Posted 02 July 2003 - 06:41 PM

                                                      fake fake fake fake fake  laugh.gif  tongue.gif  cool.gif  wub.gif  wacko.gif  w00t.gif  sad.gif  grin2.gif  ohmy.gif ..............................................who ahnseyb5vgkr j3wyegakufjhqw3v64kw jugjzaywjhtsb7ir65vki2b4yr cb     *sigh*                                                      

#8    Nethius


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Posted 02 July 2003 - 08:05 PM

                                                      all i can say, is that for a film crew, they surely did shoot some terrible footage

#9    dust19


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Posted 02 July 2003 - 08:15 PM

                                                      does it seem a little bit "acted" to anyone else? It seemed better with the audio OFF.                                                      

#10    snuffypuffer


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Posted 03 July 2003 - 01:28 AM

                                                      Why is he sporting chub?                                                      

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