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Idaho Falls, Idaho

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#16    YOYOYO


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Posted 15 July 2009 - 08:35 AM

i searched everywhere for this place... and i couldnt find it. so yeah what sort of fence are we looking for? Im assuming wood, because of how the legend says he felt nails that were never there. so yeah.
also here is a good link for a bunch of places.


sadly i havent experienced any phenomena from these (ive only been to 2)
but yeah, tell us what you found!

#17    Rosicrucian


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Posted 17 July 2009 - 03:28 AM

Excuse me, would this be E 18th St. Idaho Falls, Bonneville, ID?

Searching for it on google maps...I used to live there about 6-7 years ago; know the place by heart, almost tongue.gif

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#18    KAOSInc


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Posted 18 July 2009 - 07:40 PM

fuzzy1 on Jul 14 2009, 03:59 PM, said:

My husband and i are investigating tomorrow night. wish us luck and let me know anything about it that woud be helpfull i will be reprting the news

unsure.gif ....and they never came back! Someone must have stole their ladder! laugh.gif

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#19    Dargo


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Posted 20 October 2010 - 05:56 AM

I lived 15 years of my life in idaho falls, and used to ride my bike past this spot all the time.  We called it "The Fence With No House" and there were all kinds of urban legends about it back then.  I know it is on 18th street, west of Holmes Ave and East of Boulevard.  We always accessed it via the alley behind 18th (you could climb on garbage cans and see over the fence there).  The best way to find it is to go to 17th st until you pass holmes ave.  There is a canal there and then take the next street going south.  I do not know the exact coords but after you turn south then go east on 18th street and drive until you find it on the north side.  If you reach boulevard you've gone too far.  

Have fun, this place is creepy in the day time.  I hope you find it.

#20    Raayven


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Posted 09 September 2013 - 11:16 AM

I'm unsure about that lot, but I do know of another house that I lived in, while living in Idaho Falls that was most definintly haunted. It's a pretty old house, sectioned off into four apartments. At least it was when I lived there. Really beautiful, had a sun window in the living room, a little shed/back porch thing. A front porch that was quite comfortable. The section we lived in was two stories. Previously blocked off, so there was a wall that cut off the other part of the house...Well, either way, it was three bedrooms two bathrooms, (One was tiny, had a vaulted roof over the tub...kind of seemed like a last minute thing, but anyway...)

We were told we didn't have to pay a deposit if we painted the place before we moved in. First day of painting, we kind of lasted till late night. The house gave us the kind of creeps, downstairs was fine...kind of. Exsept that the cabnents refused to stay closed, (Even with the little latch things they had on them to keep them closed.). When the painting for the day was done, it was night time. We'd all agreed we...really didn't want to be in the house all night. Even the music we had playing while painting didn't lower the creepy factor.  Come night, we turned out the light, and moved to leave. All kind of wanting to rush out of the place. As soon as the light turned out, we heard what sounded like...A metalic broom handel falling. (I.E. One of the extender poles we had for painting the walls.) So, naturally, not wanting to leave a mess, we went back in, looked around. Everything was as we placed it. And it was loud, nothing muffled like it would have been in another room, or another apartment building...needless to say we were bothered.

Upstairs was the worst though. The hall was long, it had an ominous feel to it. Like...I don't know...Ever stand in a room that you don't think you're wanted...like...Okay, picture standing next to someone who's said that they want to hurt you. That's the feeling the upstairs gave us. The bathroom with that cramped little tub under the vaulted roof never wanted to stay closed...The rooms were cold and the like...On a warm day.

Come move in day, I decided I wasn't going to let a house scare me away. I went upstairs, in the room that we were going to be in, and turned out the light. I was -determined- not to be scared. Sitting in the empty room, with everyone downstairs, I heard what sounded like...Footsteps walking around me. Dragging. Almost like someone wearing slippers. Freaking out at that, I hung my head and covered my ears to block out the noise. Something took a lock of my hair and put it behind my ear. Needless to say, I did what any rational human being would. I freaked the hell out and ran out of the room. On my way to the top of the stairs, I felt like someone pushed me.

The stairs are set in an sharp angle. A portion you go up, turn right, and go up the next portion...Due to the push, I plumeted down the upper portion and slammed into the wall that you'd normally turn at to go downstiars. I was lightly bruised, but otherwise unhurt.

We moved in anyway, because it was a good deal, And yes...I'll admit, part of me was thrilled to actually be living in a haunted house...I mean, for a young couple, one of which (me) which enjoyed horror flicks and the like...It was a dream home.

Well needless to say, eventually things escelated. None of us could go upstairs alone without something happening, either doors slamming on their own, or opening on their own...people getting pushed down the stairs...sounds of footsteps...that tension was high. Me and my husband at the time split ways (for personal, un-haunted house related reasons,) But I've yet to find out if anything bad had ever happened there.

It's been several years since, and the thought of that house still sends shivers down my spine...

Edit: I'm a derp. I just found the address! 421 H st apt 1 Idaho Falls, ID...Also, evidently the house was built back in 1910. Finding any death records/etc online about it is prooving to be difficult (Or in most cases impossible...) But it's definintly a place to check out if it goes back on the market, for supernatural occurences.

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