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Researchers tackle 'SLIders' phenomenon

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Posted 26 April 2014 - 06:40 AM

This happens to me.  Mainly streetlamps.  But also appliances, computer issues, digital clocks.  Not all the time.  I notice it happening in waves.

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 08:47 AM

I just wish those investigating this would at least *consider* using a bit of common sense and then testing it properly.

Here's my case AGAINST anything out of the ordinary.

1. Street lamps that switch on and off at reasonably regular (and quite short) intervals are common - it's just what happens to the most common types when they start to wear out.  There were two near me recently (haven't checked them lately) and I'd be happy to get out and film some if that fact is doubted..  The interval between off and on where I live seems to vary between about 30 seconds to a few minutes, but that would depend on the design of the light, ambient temp, the nature of the fault, etc.

2. OF COURSE you will only notice a faulty street lamp going off or on when you are under it. It gets me that no-one thinks about this..  When you are outdoors at night, you are almost always moving - either in a car or walking to somewhere.  Now while you are moving, isn't it obvious that EVERY street light that is a fair distance away will at times be obscured by various things like buildings, other light poles, trees, signs, etc as they move between you and the light?  So what is happening to ALL of those non-nearby streetlights from your point of view - they are going 'on and off' in your peripheral view.  So your brain is used to that effect, even though a few of those on/offs will in fact be due to faulty streetlights - and unless you get up close to them you won't find that out...

So what is the effect of all that - there could well be lots of on-off lamps out there, and the only ones you will ever notice are those you are close to.  And then you will think you did it...

Please folks, think this through.  And if you have had this happen to you, go back to that light now and spend fifteen minutes or so under it to see what happens.  Then back away a few hundred metres to somewhere that still lets you see the light and wait another fifteen minutes.  Is it really you?  I think you will be disappointed, but I'd be delighted to see any contrary evidence.  For anyone who lives in Brisbane or surrounds, if you are serious and you have tested it properly pm me and I'll happily video the experience and then condense it into a time lapse to help you prove your abilities..

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 09:33 PM

View PostSSilhouette, on 26 April 2014 - 06:40 AM, said:

This happens to me.  Mainly streetlamps.  But also appliances, computer issues, digital clocks.  Not all the time.  I notice it happening in waves.
Try and document it next time you notice it happening. Keep a journal of what happened and when.

Random things happen all the time but they don't always catch our attention. I call it the new car phenomenon. Have you ever noticed that when you purchase a new car that suddenly you start seeing your car everywhere on the road? A day before you didn't notice that there were so many, and suddenly you're seeing your make/model everywhere. The truth is they were always there, they just didn't get your attention. The "waves" you describe may just be your attention shifting for some reason.

A few posts ago I wrote that several friends remembered having this phenomenon when they were younger. All three said that it had been during times when they were emotionally stressed. I submit the possibility that street lights were turning off all the time around them but they only noticed it when they were in a frame of mind to pay attention to that stimulus from their environment.

Just conjecture on my part, far from a scientific hypothesis.

#34    Brian Topp

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 03:18 PM

I really do not think this is really true.

Before I was fired, i use to pedal to work at 4am every morning. When I ride to work, the street lights would turn off. One time I road half the trip in the dark.

After I complained, spoke to SRP (local electric company) then the council, then to some other people until i spoke to a guy who said "Well, To save the cost power we put certain street lights off, especially on low traffic times"

It is easier to claim it is paranormal than taking the hard route and find out what really happened.

#35    jmccr8


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Posted 05 May 2014 - 10:43 PM

I haven't had such experiences with lights,street lights here have a light sensor built into the top of the fixture so that they turn on and off with the sunrise and sunset.I have seen them turn on and off during electrical storms,so is it possible that some reflected light is at play in some instances?

   Many years ago I was working at a steel plant manufacturing pipe from 16"-72",I was working the beveller.On one occasion I was taking the safety glass window out to clean it as I had done many times before,I slid it out of it's bracket with my right hand and when I placed my left hand on the glass it just blew up.I went to the stores to get a replacement and had to explain what happened as we were to exchange the glass when replacement was required.My foreman was there when I was explaining that the glass blew up and could not bring the old on for exchange.My foreman caller me a liar and implied that I had broken it and continued berating me while following me back to the beveller with the new pane of safety glass.When I got back to the beveller with my foreman,I started to unwrap the glass as it came wrapped in both paper and plastic,while doing so I was explaining to my foreman that I had only held the glass in my hands.As I exposed the pane from it's wrap I had the bare pane in my right hand and threw the wrap in the trash can the was near my machine as soon as I placed my left hand on the glass to install it in the beveller it just blew up,glass flew an easy 10' into the air.I don't know why it happened nor have I spent time pondering it's cause,all I know is that the foreman banned me from cleaning windows. :w00t:


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Posted 01 June 2014 - 03:08 PM

Wow!  This has happened to me all of my life.
I never thought that anyone else ever experienced this.
I certainly never mentioned it to anyone else cuz yeah--I thought it may confirm that I was nuts!
I could not fathom how in the world street lights could be affected by people (or me) being nearby.
I thought that it just HAD TO BE my imagination.
Now I know it doesn't mean that I'm nuts--necessarily.

Now the next thing that I've encountered is how school zone flashing lights systems will flash AT ME when I approach--when school is not even in session.  Paranoia?--I've always thought it's possible--but now after the street light thing--I'm not so sure.  When I was in the car with them, I asked my children--yep I did reproduce--if they saw the school zone lights flash and they always said no.  I think someone is "tracking" my movements--and has been since my youth--and I aint a spring chicken!

Has anyone else ever noticed non-operating school zone lights flashing at them?

#37    kartikg


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Posted 01 June 2014 - 05:03 PM

This was shown on national geographic recently a lady has this ability . Lot of gadgets in her home are rendered useless. The show also showed a Mexican or Brazilian guy who can tolerate large amounts of current.

#38    ThinLine2Cross


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Posted 19 September 2014 - 07:11 PM

The question no-one is asking to anyone with this phenomenon is, " Where you electrocuted as a child or at some point before these things started happening to you?" The answer is yes. All of them were. If they don't remember themselves then they should ask a parent, and I guarantee you that the answer will always be yes. They also have other abilities that they will not share with anyone so as not to seem crazy. They know it and I know it, but you never will because of the judgement people get just from laughing about the electricity angle. It's caused by reversed polarity. Hold a magnet up to your friend who has this issue sometime, especially when they are angry. We absorb energy as well as project it. I'm no scientist but this has been happening in my family for generations,( at least the ones who were electrocuted in some way or another as children) all of the above, and so much more. It's a gift and a curse, but it's always been funny to me.

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