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Cataclysm, Part I

Posted by Supersquatch , in Other 13 April 2013 · 451 views

short stories cataclysm
"North Korea has again threatened the United States." The words on the New York news were there, but hardly seemed serious. After all, North Korea had threatened America multiple times before. I had little concern for what bluff Kim Jong-un was pulling out of thin air (as there was no provocation by the U.S. deserving of threat). But I really didn’t care because I had to go to work.

"Tyler, you have to go! You’re gonna be late!" my mother said as she burst into my room.

"I’m getting ready, Mom!" I walked out the door, ashamed that I was 22 years old, still lived with my mother and worked at McDonald's.

During lunch, I told my friends about North Korea’s threats. "Total crap," one of my buddies assured me; not that I needed assuring at the time, as I thought North Korea’s threats were garbage, too.

A few days later, I saw on the news that North Korea had signed a pact with Iran, perhaps, they said, to further the nuclear bomb programs of both countries. Still, I was not alarmed and was concerned with my private life and work. However, with the constant conflicts between Israel and Iran, I wondered if North Korea would ever get involved. Of course, not even a year later, Iran invaded Israel, and North Korea was helping. The United States got involved, as Israel is an American ally, and declared war against Iran.

I was breathing heavy, my characteristic sign that meant I was stressed and sad. And it was because my brother, Ian, was leaving to serve his country in Iran. I was terribly sad, as I had lived with Ian, grown up with him, ate ice cream with him...

One day at work about a year after my brother left, I received a call from my mom that said that Ian was coming to New York to visit! I was really excited! I got all dressed up for his arrival. When Ian walked through the door and greeted Mom and me, I couldn't have been happier. But then I saw something in the window. I couldn't tell immediately what it was, but when I looked harder, I finally realized what it was.

"Oh, no!" I screamed. I ran down into the concrete, underground basement scared for my life. Then I heard a giant BOOM! A nuclear bomb had gone off in New York City. As soon as the effects of the bomb wore off, I rushed to my apartment, where I saw my dead mother and brother.

I dropped to the ground on both knees and screamed. I cried and cried.

Then I heard something. The television was completely undamaged and the news was on. The President was giving a speech about the cataclysm that had just befallen New York.

"This day America will never forget, and with this, the United States declares war against North Korea. Additionally, so have England, France, South Korea, Israel, Canada and Australia. These nations decided to declare war because of the high death toll," the President said with a tear in his eye, "which has now reached over fifty thousand."

North Korea did this?! I thought angrily to myself. But my thoughts quickly ceased when I looked out and saw something else in the sky.

"Oh, God! Not again!" I rushed back to the basement, just before a second bomb struck New York City.

I stayed in the basement for another couple hours before I came out. There was nobody in the streets. I presumed, at the time, that everybody was dead. I dropped to my knees, but this time I didn't cry, I just breathed heavy for a few minutes. I was walking down the street, which was baked in radiation surrounded by a sweltering orange sky, searching for any hint of human life. Finally, I saw somebody lying on the sidewalk. I hurried over and shook his seemingly lifeless body. After a few seconds, he woke up.

"What the… Where am I?" He groaned as he stood back up, bruises and sores covering his arms and legs. "What happened to me?!"

"A bomb went off," I said. I couldn't think of anything else to say to describe the complexity of the situation.

"A bomb?" he asked, puzzled.

"Yes… A bomb."

"Wow. Well, thanks for helping me… I’m Cody."

"I'm Tyler."

Me and him started walking around looking for more people, and we stopped outside of an electronics store which had some TVs in the window. We noticed it was on BBC News. The time stamp in the corner was English time zone, but we knew it was current.

"Several nuclear bombs were set off by North Korea all over the United States, including in Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles; Phoenix; Chicago; Houston; Portland; Memphis; Miami; and New York," the anchorwoman said with distinguishable sadness in her voice. The news studio had a window in it, and I noticed something strange in the window. "It is believed these bombings across the U.S. were in reaction to the declaration of war against North Korea. Additionally—" The news studio started shaking and then static appeared on the TV.

"No! No! No! No!” I hit the window repeatedly. “Not another bomb!" London was bombed. God knows where else the North Koreans may have nuked.

Cody and I realized something very important in that moment. We may have been the last ones living in America, maybe even the world.

Apr 13 2013 12:41 AM
This is a short story I wrote for my Creative Writing class. I know that some of it doesn't make any sense (apartment basement = bomb shelter), but... Meh. Anyhow, tell me what you think! I decided to incorporate North Korea just because the pact and the threat were both actual events. Did it scare the heebie jeebies out of you?
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