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Blocked by a guide

Posted by White Crane Feather , 11 March 2011 · 251 views

Vision log

March 11 2011
Wow!!!!! What a trip. So oddly enough I was reading my oxford press bible Revelations ( I have been haveing arguments with christan litaralists, and I was looking for something) when my mother came in to tell me about the earth quake in japan, I started watching coverage.

I was up a while and I decided to try to fly there and see if can help somehow. My intent was to maby comfort someone traped or anything really. I thought what a wonderful thing if spirit travelers could team up to proivide spiritual help or maby locate somebody snd help someone find them.

I went to sleep with the intent of waking up in a few hours. It went well. I woke up watched some more coverage until I felt the right feelings. Initiated vibrations, they came very fast. I exited just by getting up again.

I walked across my living room once again feeling like I was not out. Did a test float and floated, so it was confirmed. I was in spirit. 

I turned west and shot straight through my walls and out into the air. I flew very fast over Sacramento toword the coast. I had never Been to japan before so I decided to use cities I have flown into as land marks. Sanfrancisco was first. I saw it's lights underneith me so I flew at sky scraper level. I flew right by the trans America  building. Once I hit the ocean I sped up toword hawahii. I went very very fast clouds were shooting pass me in it created a tunnel like experience.

I saw the lights of Honolulu using it as a land mark I turned toward japan. 

All of a sudden something hooked my arm. It felt like an arm. I spun out of control to the ground. I ended up on the side walk on the wikiki strip. And one of my guides was sitting on top of me. It was "her". She visits as a young woman or a deer with one forked horn and one spiked. She was in human form.

When she sees that I recognize her she gets off of me and takes me by the arm. And we start to walk down the strip. It was actually quite pretty there  As we are walking, I consider asking her what's going on, but she never comunicates verbally, so I come to the premature conclusion I'm going about this the wrong way. I have never been to japan before how would I recognize where I am even at. She is here to stop me from getting lost.

I try a verbal afirmation I look up "Take me to Japan"...... there is a slight swirl of motion... Then nothing we are still walking with her arms in mine. She  has taken my hand and her other arm has reached around and is firmly hooked into mine. ( similar to way a woman might walk with her man if she were cold) 

That's when she then points to this resturante......... All of a sudden!! I'm on a honey moon with her. We are newly weds and looking for a bite to eat!!! I can't explaine it any other way. I completely lost all reason why I was there, I am maried to this young woman and we are out to get something to eat. We are walking and sense of calm snd happiness has come over me. One thing wrong though. There are no other people on the wikiki strip. I have been there before it is usually very buisy. It's just me and her. This oddity brings everything back to me. It's a ruse. She created this odd scenerio.

Now fully aware again I stop to look at her. She stops also recognizing that her trick did not work. She is also all of a sudden is much talker than me. Still beutiful but older in presence.... Not looks, but more mother like now. 

I'm not shocked at all, I have seen her do this before, and she always installs a sense of calm when she is near.

She is giving me a mother knows best look with a tad of amusment in her smile. She puts her hand around my neck het thum afectionatly rubs my ear a bit, then she leans down and kisses me on my lips. 

The next thing I know, I am back..... But here is the strange part. I feel like I woke up. I never feel like I wake up after a journy. Its usually just a sensation of simply being back. I also don't remember a thing. I think I just fell asleep durning my atempt, so I try again. I start the meditations again, about three minutes into it everything comes flooding back.

I guess I should not have been doing things like that. I really just wanted to help, but maby that's not what spirit travel is for. I was definantly blocked by my guide.                       

Disembodied Voice
Mar 12 2011 08:45 AM
I was wondering, maybe, what if your guide is a mother or wife from your past life. It's amazing what you can do. I still have yet to even prefect meditating, lol :P
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White Crane Feather
Mar 14 2011 02:26 AM
I talked go this wondering man that I interact with ocasionslly. I think he is homeless. I told him about this journy. He said that I was stoped because what happened in japan was the sea taking back all that japan takes in a very unbalanced way. He said that japan takes a tremendouse amount from the sea without giving back. Thus has been known since the earth was made, and it has been set up that the sea would ocasionally take back lives and farm nutrients that the Japanese steal from the ocean. I don't know and I feel for the families, but it now sounds like karma.
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(I apologize now for a long-winded response)

Funny that; the mother knows best in conjunction with massaging your ear.
"Listen to what you're being told" more or less.

Wonder why you weren't supposed to go there.  Positive intentions are always forgivable judgment calls; but you really didn't get the chance or the explanation for 'why not?'.

I'd say if you 'felt' like you'd been asleep, then you likely were.
Thus it was more a dream journey.

Which now makes me wonder : How significant a difference is there between astral & ethereal bodies after all?  To be of spiritual assistance in this world, you need to travel ethereally; as ethereality supposedly has some ability to cross the boundaries and interact with the senses at a primal level (cold chills, images/visions, intuitive suggestions, etc...i.e., how many mediums & channels are able to receive messages from 'spirits' and whatnot; though it's tricky, since the right state of presence can also open up to astral receptivity).

Astral travel does not incorporate materiality except as a concept for providing structure; what you're seeing is only there as a model of thought for your reference; like a map (whereas, ethereally, it is actually there giving off subtle energy).  Astrally, it would be like pure sentience; energy of thought without material strictures.  The only way to assist others astrally would be if they are also 'mentally aware'; in an open state or traveling themselves.  They wouldn't be able to 'see' or 'feel' you at all; only be aware of you as a presence (and even then only if they were in a receptive state of mind; meditation of some form or astral themselves; they wouldn't been aware of your presence at a sensory level without first being cognizant of you).

This makes astral travel superior in a way, since the only physical disparity/obstacle would be that of your own physiological make-up and state of awareness; whereas ethereally, the subtle energy of other life-forms and objects could be an obstruction in and of themselves (which might reflect why sometimes attempting to reach out to others in that form results in a lash-back or recoil effect or why some barriers cannot be pushed through and must be passed around, under, over).

(all according to the implied differences; from my understanding of them in any case)

A like to equate them as functions of the two minds.  Pure thought is more in line with conscious intent; making astral a more conscious effort.  Ethereal is a 'heavier body', 'thick'; more like swimming than flying (but only comparatively).  It's more subconscious; everyone 'knows' ether by dreaming.  Not everyone knows astral.
Problem is determining the boundary lines between the two (though I often see a blue tint over things when I think back on many dreams where I seemed to have been traveling real spaces; something I often see brought up in forums concerning ethereal concepts, though I have to wonder if that's mass-suggestion sometimes.)
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White Crane Feather
Mar 14 2011 09:51 PM
Yes Robert Bruce has sugested that we have several different kind of spirit bodies. No experience with if though.  

I know I wasn't dreaming because I initiated everything and had the exit symptoms, but I beleive I fell asleep for the first time while actually traveling. Or rather I may have been put to sleep.

I like your analogy of detecting subtle energies and forming a map. I agree with this view. We are inturpreting things in a context that we can understand, when the reality is probably much different. That does not mean the meaning has to be differant though.
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Mar 28 2011 07:18 PM
lol honey moon...kiss... almost like a wet dream...
You seems lost your consciousness in that dream.

Maybe it's not just you but I also notice that in AP, there are less, even rare people than usual. Maybe there are spirits too, not real people.
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White Crane Feather
Apr 22 2011 07:51 AM
Yeah well it's hard to tell... At that very time.... I found out latter that wikiki was abandoned because risk of tsunami.... No one was there.. Wet dream or no... Pretty odd.   Good lord I think a wet lucid dream would be a blessing..... Sex with no guilt.... I dont think even a conservative woman... Would think that was a problem...,... Well maby a realy realy realy conservative roman.
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