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Posted by wwinchell22 , 16 February 2013 · 334 views

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This is my first time doing this but I feel like I want to say something and maybe someone will have something to say back. Now I really dont care if you believe me or not I just want to tell people. OK, so I used to live in Michigan and if you are from michigan that there is a pretty good chance that you either hunt or fish. Or both. Anyways, I was hunting by myself after work one evening in a place I had hunted with my dad several times when I was a kid. When I started to notice structures like very large sticks in huge piles with leaf litter inside them built into the side of a hill. The hill was maybe the size of the hill at ferrysburg beach, OR a small version of sleeping bear dunes if you know what that is. I never saw any tracks and I knew these weren't made by other hunters because there were no shooting lanes coming from them. They also had a smell like that of swamp gas, very odd seeing as the swamp was about  1/2 a mile to the west. At any rate I sat in one of these structures for a few hours and didnt see anything, but heard a great deal. Like whatever i was hearing could see me. But i couldnt see it. So 5:00 rolls around and starts to get dark so I walk out to my vehicle. Now this is were i was freaked out. Everytime I took a step, something else took a step. I know the difference between deer, turkey, coyote, fox etc. This was very much human sounding to me but much heavier. And it mimicked what I did as well I hopped, it hopped, I drug my foot, so did it. I turned around when I could see my vehicle and when I did what was following me was off to the left inside the tree line a little. I know people argue about bigfoots and bipedal creatures but I know what I saw. We made eye contact for a good 8-10 seconds. But when we were looking at each other I no longer felt afraid or freaked out. I made a step closer and it grunted and backed up turned around and walked away. I have never told anyone about this ever because I thought my friends would give me **** but I just feel like now is an appropriate time to say something since I am reading up on the subject alot more. This was not the only incident I have had with this creature either. If you would like to know more or share information that would be great seeing is this has been a passion of mine for sometime now.


    I have never seen a Bigfoot, but I have seen the structure you were talking about.  I have come across one such structure when I was about 10 or 11, camping in the mountains near where I lived at that time.  My mom was doing a ride-and-tie (a cross country horse race).

    It is interesting that the 2 structures were basically of the same design, which could imply some sort of standardized structure. If that is the case than that starts to imply a rudimentary culture, If they have a rudimentary culture than it would go a long way  in explain why we don’t ever find bones or  a dead bodies of a Bigfoot.   Because if they do have a primitive culture than they may have a primitive religion, with beliefs and practices for their dead.

    I say that because when you look at the Anasazi culture and it’s building history that ends with the cliff dwellings. There was standardization in in how their structures were designed and became more complicated as they started to become an agrarian society. You had an interesting Experience thanks for sharing. I hope you enjoy our discussion thanks
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