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A whisper

Posted by White Crane Feather , 11 August 2012 · 502 views

So this morning I woke up and was pokeing around the Internet with my phone as usual reading something, when I quite suddenly slipped into a micro doze, but at the same time I herd my named called. In a whisper. Not uncommon for a hypnagogic ocurance. But I new who it was. The boys had climbed into bed so I was not going to journey with them there. They might kick me or something and I'd end up launching through some strange dimension :)

I grabbed my pillow and laid on the floor. It did no take long to intiate vibrations. Being on the floor I just sat up and was out of body. She was already there sitting on the bed as beautiful as ever. I sat next to her. She did not say anything at first. I new she would when she was ready. She used to no talk at all.

She took my arm in hers and she put her head on my shoulder. A gesture of comforting me. Then she spoke to me. More like a telepathy than verbal words. She was comforting me again. I used the opportunity to asked what in the hell is going on with my body. My hormones are screwed up, I have adrenal fatigue syndrome. I'm growing a left boob!!!! She basically told me that I am completing the change that started about 10 years ago. The end of the spiritual emergence crisis.  She said it is time to tune my body. I am to go on a hunter gatherer diet. I am to grow most of my own food and purge my system of modern chemicals. I am to double my meditation practice both sitting and moving. She wants me to master chi gong, and become highly focused on my fitness. No more habitual coffee. Water or tea only. Only a very little alcohol. The list just mounted from there.

She said this all with her arm in mine. And her head lying on my shoulder.

When she was done she was gone. I got up looked at myself still lying there on the floor in trance. Then on a whim and advice from a friend, I reached into my root. Then my other hand I reached through the floor all the way to the ground. I brought up the vibrations in my hands and opened up a pathway from the earth to my root. Intense vibrations flowed through me for a few moments as I exchanged something with the earth. Then I was back on the ground laying there with fadting energetic sensations in my root. I felt very alive. I felt and still do like I have been given perfect health and it can never be taken away from me. Wow what a sensation. I gently woke up my wife.... We showered together :d. I taught classes today. The world is alive and I am allowed to view that life from a very unique perspective. Spiritual energy crackles everywhere I look. How remarkable this life is.

Aug 12 2012 04:32 PM
Sounds like after the sea cucumber this is a positive thing.
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White Crane Feather
Aug 12 2012 05:06 PM
Yes the soreness in my left breast has subsided today. I wonder if my hormone problem has corrected? I hope so. I do have a male  ego and having a little boob defiantly is not good for it. ;)

I think I was a little emotional that night. I was Journaling at 3:30 am. Not in a good mood at all. Especially with those kinds of dreams. Sometimes it is exceedingly frustrating being such an infant.
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