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Posted 15 June 2010 - 09:59 AM

<strong class='bbc'>Image credit: Wikipedia</strong>
Image credit: Wikipedia
William B Stoecker: In the last decade or so we have seen the rise of something called the patriot movement, composed of a large number of truly diverse people who are alarmed and even outraged at what they see as the gradual destruction of our country by a corrupt and arrogant ruling elite. They have watched as our civil liberties incrementally disappear, and out of control spending wrecks our economy. They have watched as illegal aliens overrun our country and fanatical Muslims are brought in to spread their message of hate and to carry out terrorist attacks. Most of the patriots are White, but some are Asian, Hispanic, Black, or Amerindian. Most, but not all of the patriots are conservative on political and social issues. Most, but not all, are Christians or religious Jews. Most, but not all, believe that our own government has orchestrated monstrous conspiracies, including false flag attacks on America in Oklahoma City and on 9/11. Most of the patriots support the tea party movement, and most of the attendees at tea party rallies consider themselves to be patriots. The controlled elite media, government officials, and academics, always eager to intimidate, shout down, or marginalize independent thinkers, regularly ridicule the patriots, accusing them of “racism” and “hate speech” and implying (or even stating) that the patriots are all uneducated yahoos from out there in flyover country. But “hate speech” is any speech hated by the elites…in other words, the truth. And very few of the patriots are racists or anti-Semites.

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Posted 15 June 2010 - 02:54 PM

Not entirely sure why you single out George Soros. I have just been going through his profile and he seems to be anything BUT a member of the New World Order Elite. IMO

#3    devilmaycare


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Posted 16 June 2010 - 12:23 AM

The current world affairs have nothing to do with liking or disliking jews. All people are the same regardless of color race or religion. What we have here is simply the moral of "do not put your nose in other's business".

Everything else you said is true and the only 'fight', which all people have all over the world, is the continued perpetual dominance and oppression by huge corporations which have allied themselves with the private banking sytems in conjunction with bought & paid for govt's using their millitaries as prime manipulators/dividers (read murderers).

If america falls, so does the world (imho).
As for individuals who infiltrate, they are nothing but liars who will soon fall on their own sword.

Someone said (I do not remember) 'Those who control the money care not for those who make the laws'
As long as we act as slaves we shall be.

Edited by devilmaycare, 16 June 2010 - 12:25 AM.

If you have nothing you would die for, then you also have nothing to live for.

"It is not worth an intelligent man's time to be in the majority. By definition, there are already enough people to do that." G. H. Hardy

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Posted 16 June 2010 - 02:53 AM

View Postdevilmaycare, on 16 June 2010 - 12:23 AM, said:

As long as we act as slaves we shall be.
Most people enjoy been slaves and demand more from government all the time:  gov should take care of health, take care of retirement, take care of schools etc.. the list is endless.
Slave mentality is a trend on which ride governments of the world.

Those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither Benjamin Franklin
République No.6
It's time for a sixth republic.

#5    Avius



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Posted 16 June 2010 - 03:49 AM

some people cant even get into the army well atleast the marines because its to full, i guess that is some type of destiny and a good reason some people should beleive in in fate.

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Posted 16 June 2010 - 03:52 AM

View Postkeithisco, on 15 June 2010 - 02:54 PM, said:

Not entirely sure why you single out George Soros. I have just been going through his profile and he seems to be anything BUT a member of the New World Order Elite. IMO
  Soros believes in 1 World Govt. he is using the Climate Change crap to move his agenda. He himself said that he used to struggle with a GOD complex, (thinking he was GOD) He is for a Central Bank like the IMF.
   I don't know whose profile you read but it was either not Soros's or one put out to confuse people.

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Posted 25 June 2010 - 05:42 PM

I don't think most of the tea partiers believe that the Oklahoma City bombing and 9/11 were inside jobs. There are a few extremist who do but most people who are involved with the tea party movement (which I am not) are people who think government has become too big and controlling. Their ideas are largely philosophical because they only speak about a few issues directly and they would be as willing to accept government assistance such as unemployment compensation as much as anybody else. The rest of their belly-aching is about the so-called extremists. They can't rely on the Rebuplican party because for all their long-windedness about smaller government what has the Rebublican party done to make the federal government smaller? I can't think of anything. So the tea partiers have tried to create a valid third party and third parties generally aren't around too long. I'd also like to know where the author got his information but like so many 'columnists' on this websites his data is short on sources.

#8    Ignatius


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Posted 09 July 2010 - 04:06 AM

I'm not american, and by no means a political analyst, but I have sympathies with some of the ideas you put across. As one commenter has already touched on, this is only a small part of a much wider problem that extends far back into the history of mankind. I see virtually every government, past and present ,as corrupt by the very nature of politics itself, which is in essence the business of B.S., and to the detriment of the mass for the benefit of the elite. Originally, the concept of Democracy was a well-intentioned theory, but ultimately, due to greed, and other human evils, has degenerated far from it's original course to a state of self-mockery. I think there are basically two kinds of people on this planet, those who want peace, personal freedom, and equality, and those who want the World under an iron boot heel and forever fettered in chains to suit their own needs and maintain "order." I realise I'm over-simplifying, but it is the basis of all our internal, and perhaps eternal struggles as a species. Regardless of party names, creed, religon, etc., the real range of the spectrum encompases all humanity, not just the extreme left or right. Many probably find it more comfortable somewhere in the middle. As far as the anti-semitic views of a great Christian orator goes, scapegoating is an old but unfortunately highly effective tool. It worked well enough for one nation that brought the planet 2world wars, so why not utilise it in the land of the free? I'm only too afraid plenty will be eager to eat it up. When I take a good look around, I have to wonder just how much true freedom anyone, or anywhere, has remaining. God bless your "Patriots", they at least have some thirst for liberty remaining. There are forces at work who are eager to put an end to it forever. Throughout history, they've gone by many names, but their goals remain the same. Here's to their demise...

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