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#76    Micinjensue


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Posted 31 December 2005 - 03:33 AM


its not that. i dont think. its just i wonder why people cant believe in miracles when miracles are happening theres your proof right there that miracles are real. and i know. well i think i know. that miracles are for real. because i am a miracle sent by god and his angels. i almost died when i was a baby. but because a lot of people prayed for me and believed. a miracle came and it saved me from death. and im forever thankful for that.
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Ah...well, you see... I am a skeptic... a Doubting Thomasina I guess you could say (wish I had picked that as my user name thumbsup.gif ).  The fact that you didn't die as a baby could be attributed to many things...not the least of that in the strength of the people who loved you (yes I believe in the power of the spirit...and when I say spirit I mean the human spirit not any holy spirit) or the medical expertise of the Doctors that must have worked on you to save your life.  I too have had many brushes with death and people have indeed prayed for me, my family is very religious and I sometimes feel overwhelmed by their...unshakable commitment in the power of the Almighty.  To my family the fact that I am alive today is probably a miracle...in fact I've heard it being yelled at me several times when I get into a theological debate with any one in my family angry.gif    I find that I can't win an argument with any of them  blink.gif  they tend to out shout me   wacko.gif   I'm glad that you're alive, I'm glad that Vampirate's friend wasn't killed, and glad for a lot of things...but whether I would call any of them--or anything for that matter--a true miracle...is completely and utterly--unlikely.   w00t.gif   laugh.gif

''Below The Blossom of Love You Find The Thorn of Hatred; on The Lips That Kiss, You Find The Poison of The Cobra''  Robert G. Ingersol (used with permission)

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Posted 31 December 2005 - 11:10 AM

Irish, that old thread was really interesting, and i'm so glad that your son was ok.

IF anything can be contributed to a miracle, i think your story could be. Or at least a guardian Angel of some kind looking out for you.

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Posted 02 January 2006 - 01:46 AM


There have been millions of claims of Miracles over the last few hundred years, but only sixty or so have been recocgnised by the Catholic Church as being actual miracles.

So my question is:
What IS a miracle? Why do they happen? Can they be explained scientifically? And has anyone on here ever experienced one? Do you believe in them? If you do or don't then why?

Ok, who's first?

Well, I have one story to share of my own, you could either say it's a miracle or rather that it was sheer coincidence, that's fine with me.

A year and a half ago I was hit by a large SUV, the car had been going 40 miles at the time and had came by running directly into my right side, the car swept me up from beneath my feet causing me to go flying up in mid air landing on top of the car, falling back wards then fowards onto the front driver's window, then I bounced back up and flew 10 feet back in the air before hitting my head on solid concrete.

Before I blacked out I remember gazing upon the sun and then a light shone over me, when I woke up I became completely hysterical, so much, I couldn't control myself.

Turns out, I came out of the hospital with no broken bones or any fatal injuries, I was however nearly positive I would die soon.

My only sever injury had been the compacted blood in my head that made my brain almost like a abosrbent sponge, on my bed, my entire family had been sitting there praying over me, including some of my family's friends, unconcious throughout most of the time, I had a strong feeling I was to be told that I would not have very much longer to live.

The final word in it, however, came back with different results, the doctors say that I would heal in less than two weeks, and most of their patients in the ER in similar situations have ended up dead, in this case, the doctors had said they have never seen anything like it, almost like a miracoulus healing to what should have killed me.

I am fully healed to this day, I am completely mobile and am able to walk straight without any difficulty or any problems, within my two weeks of healing, I went in some ways from completely disabled to comepletely healed with absolutly no problems.

I'm not sure what to think about it, was it a miracle or sheer coincidence, I will probably never know for myself

How does anything come into existence, without existence being there to begin within itself?

I am very predictable, in the sense that I am unpredictable.

#79    vampirate


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Posted 02 January 2006 - 01:52 PM

It would seem that something is looking out for us mere humans. I guess the only question would be as to wheter it's a God, or maybe just a higher part of our own minds.

I'm glad you're ok Boltwave, that must have been so scary for you.

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