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Dead Man Walking

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#166    Dodir_Svile


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Posted 19 December 2012 - 11:10 PM

Oh, wow. Welcome Melissa. :)
I know it's a long topic, but I really hope you find some time to read it through and maybe see what you can tell us about all this.

#167    Catti-Brie


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 09:19 PM

A new poster here, but a lurker for years (gasp!). I've read through all the Dean Man Walking posts, and will love to hear what Missy has to say.

I've been wondering--could this all be true, but only in Peacelover's heartbroken, grieving mind? We do/think/feel strange things when we have lost someone we loved. Maybe this story was her way to move through her own grieving process. Perhaps she had a lot of questions after his death, was venting on this forum, and you all helped her through it. In her last few posts, Peacelover said a couple of times that she wasn't going to search anymore, and was coming to terms that Peter was gone--he was a liar, but was also gone.

She may not be technically saavy enough to search for and find the accident reports that Dodir_Svile graciously shared. She may also have been unable to find out who Peter's parents were for this reason. Earlier she said she had problems seeing what she was posting. She could have made typing errors when Peter's height kept changing.

It was a good story, but I wouldn't be too quick in calling her a liar or an up-and-coming novelist. Sad, grieving people are often very very creative in what they can come up with to deny what actually happened--he died, and isn't coming back.

#168    BeatItUp


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Posted 21 December 2012 - 09:40 PM

My uncle had something like this happen years ago.

The mother of his kids passed away in the 70's and she predominately lived in Florida while he lived here in ny. My moms got a phone call from this very girl AFTER she passed saying for my uncle to go pick her up at the airport.

It only happend once though. And to my advice I,d suggest what the others have. 13 years is a long time and I'd do whatever I had to do to make peace. If the corpse was in fact his height I'd say it was him.

Much luck.

#169    Simbi Laveau

Simbi Laveau

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Posted 22 December 2012 - 03:04 AM

This is fascinating . It reeks of political coup cover up .Why ,would be the question .

Miss me?

#170    grc


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Posted 26 December 2012 - 07:19 PM

After 9 years this is getting interesting again.

"Bigfoot is blurry!" -Mitch Hedberg

#171    HollyDolly


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Posted 27 December 2012 - 09:22 PM

Sorry Melissa about your father. Don't know how much is truth in regards to your dad or false.The whole thing that peacelover posted in regards to your dad was odd.
I didn't know this thread was so old.My advice to PL was to get a free trial account at Ancestry .com and llok for your father's name under Michigan or just in general.
Who thing is very strange.

#172    Mississippi missy

Mississippi missy

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 04:48 AM

Ok this is hard to even begin, Missy and I ( I would be Leslie I think the other person refereed to me as in the first story)  have read through this forum about her father and there are several inconsistency in the stories that was posted. To the best of my ability I will try to dispel the incorrect information and maybe fill in a few blank spots.
   Pieter or (Pete) was a friend of my husband and myself. He worked with my husband for 10 years and we ran around together Pieter and his wife Vicki. A week before he went missing he had rolled the Spider car as we called it on G-28. He was not injured but the car was messed up. That week-end his daughter Missy had gotten stitches in her arm. This is important because Pieter had borrowed a car to take her to have the stitches removed. A co-worker lent him the car to take his daughter to Iowa City on the next day, Saturday to have them removed.
   Pieter and my husband both drove semis for Bell Ready Mix at the time. From Sunday to Friday when they would be on the road Missy stayed with me. So when her father was not at home when it was time to go to Iowa City, Missy came to our house and we started the search. We called the person who wrote the first story on this forum that day, I made the phone call asking her if she had seen Pieter. She said no they had been fighting and she had not heard from him.
Now that is what I remember It has been 25 almost 26 years ago. When Pieter did not show up for work on Monday we were very perplexed because not only had he not called, but he knew Missy had to have the stitches out. In order for me to take her to the doctor we had to declare him missing and we did on that on Tuesday.
I took her to the doctor and had them removed. We waited for him to return and Missy's mother came and Missy went with her.
Now lets go back to the other story for a sec. She said that he went missing on a Monday no it was a Friday. She also said he had collected money that night not true. I worked at one of the bars in town at the time and he had not asked anyone for money. He would of come to us or I know of at least one person who would of given him the money had he asked and I really believe that is untrue.
On that Monday he would of left in the truck like normal. When fathers day came and went and no phone call, Missy who was nine at the time waited with us for a phone call. Then her 10th birthday came and no phone call. One night I remember very well was  Missy and I were sitting on the roof. We did this a lot at that time. She said looking up at the moon. "Dad is looking at the same moon as I am why doesn't he just call."
   As her birthday came and went it became a question to my husband and myself if he was a live. Knowing him like we did we knew he would not disappoint Missy this way.
    August 4th came and the Chief of Police came to the house (This is a man that I babysat his kids) he told us that they had found the car and wanted my husband to identify the body. We went to police/city hall here in Columbus Junction. The Police Chief took my husband into the back room and explained to my husband that the body had been very decomposed. He didn't really feel that he wanted to put my husband through that so he asked my husband to describe what Pieter would have been wearing. My husband described exactly what the body had on it right down to the ring. His billfold was in the pocket of his pants the officer told him and with my husbands description they knew it was Pieter.
  As for the funeral I remember everyone of his friends talking and even telling stories they had of Pieter. Pieter him self was a bit of a story teller. We had believed that he had been in Vietnam we tried to figure out whether he told us that or maybe we just assumed it and he just didn't correct the assumption either way we forgave that years ago.
    Now that is not to say we do not have questions about his death. My husband has always questioned how he ended up it that ditch if he was going into Muscatine. My husband thinks he may have been run off the road maybe being chased but there is only one person who could answers that and he is gone.
I hope this helps the other person too. I saw that someone had commented maybe they just wanted him to be alive and that maybe true. So God bless her for caring for him so deeply but this rather upset his daughter and myself to read.
    As for Missy she is a lovely young woman who has four children and is getting ready to graduate from college she put herself threw while raising a family on her own. Her father would be so proud of her of this I have no doubt.

#173    karenwarren14


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Posted 19 March 2013 - 04:54 AM

that explains more, thanks  get a physic they will be able to tell you if they are dead or alive

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