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Epic Battle of Man vs. Beast

Posted by _Only , 31 May 2012 · 510 views

Today I was walking a nature trail, and I was in a somewhat high, deep forest section. I was lost in thought as I walked, and suddenly was jolted back into awareness when something very large down by my right foot started moving and made a shuffling sound. It made a loud cry, which caused me to make my own ("aaahhh! whoa!"), as I nearly fell over. It was clear that we had both come upon the awareness of each other at the same time, and were equally startled.

As it got up and turned around I realized it was a wild turkey. We met eyes for a split second, and the battle began. It charged at me fearlessly, catching me off guard. I started to back up, then stood my ground, throwing multiple straight kicks at it, Royce Gracie style, to stop it from getting too close. This caused the wild turkey quickly turn around and retreat, before it faced me again to make another rushing charge. This happened about 4-6 times before we both seemed to realize that neither side was going to back down.

Eventually the bird stayed back as we both calmed down a second to assess our situation for the first time. It cautiously watched me from a safe distance. I couldn't help but laughing now that our sudden mutual alarm, and resulting fight fueled by pure reaction, had died down. I sat on the thin trail for a minute as a show of good faith and respect. This calmed it down also, so I got back up and cautiously headed toward it to continue my walk. It walked in front of me for a bit, making sure to stay a few steps ahead of me as I walked , weaving in front of my path. Eventually it headed down the steep hill to our side, and we parted ways, both living to fight another day.

I think I'll be a bit more aware when walking through nature's hallways. Who knows what I might end up almost stepping on.

I just hope it's not a coyote tail next time.

White Crane Feather
May 31 2012 11:07 PM
Aaaaa yes the Turky. Bringer of spiritual abundance. I have some crazy story's with them as well. I think you are headed for something....:) I look forward to seeing you write about it.
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this was funny to read. :)  - the whole situation seems like it could be viewed in a symbolic sense as well though. glad you both survived!
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Yeah, it was pretty hilarious. I mean we really spooked each other. Our "fight" was pure nerves going wild, I'm sure.

I hadn't even thought of looking at it in a symbolic way, but that's also somewhat humorous to connect in a personal way; both
startling the other simultaneously, us fighting, getting a calm look at each other afterwards, then walking together for a bit,  it leading.
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