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night terrors

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Posted 29 April 2008 - 09:43 PM

I used to get them when I was a kid, but eventually grew out of them completely.

I have a few scattered memories of what I did during some which strangely came to me a long time after.  When I think back to it I get the feeling I was acting completely on instinct and couldn't help what I was doing at the time, even though I was able to talk to people.  Really odd ohmy.gif

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Posted 29 April 2008 - 10:00 PM

Good luck.

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Posted 30 April 2008 - 04:06 AM

Hi there!

No one thinks your crazy silly. You obviously haven't looked at a lot of post around here.  wacko.gif  Just recently I read a post by someone that said they were from the future. They were communicating via the internet w/ a software that allowed them to go to the internet of the past and make post!  rofl.gif Even then, people here gave him a fair shot at proving his claim.  They asked him rational, reasonable questions and he gave generic, empty answers.  Much like a politician! Or, how bout the many people that believe our world exist in a matrix. Much like the Movie. That we are but pieces in sick game or experiment and nothing we currently perceive is real.  w00t.gif !
Sooooo, again, you are not crazy!

I am going to address your foreign language question first. What Eight bits posted the his/her reply sounds plausible.  I believe that I suffered from NT (still do occasionally) and use to do all sorts of things in my sleep, including walking, talking, screaming, jumping out of bed, and mumbling. I have been told by my parents and friends that one time I might talk plain and clear. I'd even appear to be wide awake and hold a conversation  for a short time before they realized  I was sleeping. What I am wondering about you is Do you think you may have been mumbling and your mom thought this sounded like a foreign language? Did she ever try to write down any of the words that she thought sounded like foreign language? Or did she by chance ever record you? Even if she didn't there may be something you said more than once OR some word or phrase you said that you repeated a lot that she may still remember. You might want to ask her. All she can say is no.  

I really don't think you need to worry about demonic possession. I'm not saying that I don't believe this can happen. But I don't think that it only occurs when you sleep. Ya know? I can imagine that no matter what caused these episodes (for the record I do think they were NT), it must have been very hard on your parents.  I am a mother and I can't stand when my child is in pain or distress. All any loving parent want's to do is make it better for their children. We want to take away there pain, and ease their fears. And when we can't figure out what is causing the problem OR how to fix it, it is sooooo frustrating! It's kind of like when a mom brings home a new babyfrom the hospital. For one of many reasons, the baby cries, and cries, and cries. They try everything anyone suggest. Nothing helps. Mom naps for an hour or 2 at a time while sleeping upright in a chair. Eventually,the mom get's incredibly sleep deprived, and very tired. After about 3 or 4 days like this all mom can do is cry too! That's when hopefully her mom, or someone comes in and helps w/ the baby so she can rest.  sleepy.gif LOL!  So, again, this was most likely very hard on your parents. I can understand why they don't like to talk about it.  The only possible paranormal thing I would suspect would be that : Maybe you were picking up on some negative energy from something that happened in the past at the house or property where you lived. People say that we all have psychic abilities to some degree and children seem to be more sensitive than anyone else in these abilities. Did these experiences start and/or stop when you moved to or from a location? If not, I'd say it was probably what you and others suspect and say it was Night Terrors.

Below I am gonna post a link to a post I made in which I talked more about Night terrors specifically.  You may want to check it out .


finally, I'd like to say that I am glad you don't have them anymore.


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