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"Gray Lady" Ghost

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#16    dean-g


    Ectoplasmic Residue

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Posted 29 March 2003 - 04:57 PM

                                                  i'm inclined to agree with most of you, it's not paranormal, more likely to be draped cloth.                                                  

look behind you!!.........BOO!

#17    Guest_Guest_Jake_*

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Posted 29 March 2003 - 05:40 PM

QUOTE (Magikman @ Apr 20 2002, 08:19 AM)
"This picture was taken without anyone knowing an apparition may have been caught on film, seeing as how the shape only appeared in the picture AFTER it was taken. No one was aware of a ghostly presence or strange activity when the photo was snapped. The picture was taken in Kramer, Pa., circa 1977. It has received moderate attention in local newspapers in the past."

user posted image


It actually looks like a person covered in white paint because they are painting a house with white paint. Maybe the bucket of paint fell on the person.

#18    Guest_dragonX_*

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Posted 14 April 2003 - 01:27 AM

                                                  yeah it looks like a cloth on a pole but i'm still skeptical cause you can see some of the ladder through the cloth, if it was just a cloth on a pole it would be solid and not partly transparent, but maybe i'm wrong, i'm still undecided mellow.gif                                                  

#19    vikki


    Alien Embryo

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Posted 08 May 2003 - 04:53 PM

                                                  seen the film Braveheart? doesnt it look like a side view of the woman when they r getting married in the woods (well i think so anyway  tongue.gif ).
Am not sure wot to think of it though, if its real or not  dry.gif                                                  

#20    ditzy_blonde420


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Posted 09 May 2003 - 03:28 PM

                                                  If you ask me, it kinda looks like some with a blanket around them, but I dunno. Don't ask me.  wink.gif                                                  


#21    Pauli


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Posted 10 May 2003 - 02:56 PM

                                                  Where's the Ghost ? I can only see a rag on a stick  biggrin.gif                                                  

#22    macabre_existence


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Posted 12 May 2003 - 07:13 AM

                                                  There are so many skeptics here.

While I do agree that the quality of the picture is not good, that does not necissarily make it a "hoax".

Moreover, ghosts do not, and usually, don't appear totally human-like.
At times they don't possess arms,legs, or even heads.

This picture is hard to determine, yes.                                                  

#23    dust19


    Astral Projection

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Posted 13 May 2003 - 07:18 PM

                                                  hey wait a minute! That's the same ghost that helped me when I painted my house!! It was weird because one minute there was nothing there...but when i put my dropcloth up on a stick the ghost appeared! I think this is what's known in ancient lore as a stick phantom. They only appear when you drape a rag on a stick..I think maybe that is what brings them back to this side...

....ok well, it does look like a ghostly person, and it does look creepy...so it's still cool then.  smile.gif                                                  

#24    Guest_jacfu_*

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Posted 14 May 2003 - 04:04 AM

                                                  just after pic was snapped.....

"Ah, man. I didn't see that lady in the jacket walking by that pole. She just blends in with the buidling. Oh well. I'll develop it and then say I didn't see her. What could possibly go wrong?"                                                  



    Alien Embryo

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Posted 05 July 2003 - 03:16 PM

                                                      Well the picture could be considered as an Arabic woman walking and not nessicarily a Ghost. thats my opinion, and soon a topic about the green lady ghost and cemetary will be posted!!! (located in CT)                                                      

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