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Posted by Beckys_Mom , 17 April 2006 · 157 views

If Bond movies where based around UM, they would be...

user posted image I was going to replace the gun with a keyboard but it was too hard for BM so I left the gun in  tongue.gif

You only post twice !!!

Mod Finger lol

Live and let post

The man with the golden thread!!!

Dr Moe

Thunder Blog

A View To A Blog

Suspend another day LOL  ph34r.gif

License to mod

The forum is not enough

The mod who pm'd me wacko.gif

From PM with love

PM's are forever


Here is another 2 from Burnside ..


Um never Dies w00t.gif

grin2.gif  LOL hope I didnt offend anyone..its just for fun

My fav is - Suspend another Day w00t.gif

Oh BM, LOVE IT! laugh.gif  grin2.gif
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eheheh, awesome.

How about 'GoldenMod'. Or 'UM Never Dies'!
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Thanks Burnside..I just made another EDIT with your ideas lol laugh.gif
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Those are CUTE!!  You have quite the imagination there, BM!   yes.gif
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Wow BM!
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Universal Absurdity
Apr 21 2006 01:17 PM

those were great!
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