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Cell Phone Etiquette:

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#1    sear


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Posted 22 May 2013 - 08:02 PM

Cell Phone Etiquette:
Have you experienced rudeness from persons paying more attention to their mobile device than you?

#2    and then

and then

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Posted 23 May 2013 - 01:58 AM

I'm no longer in a "dating" situation so my feelings wouldn't be trampled in that way.  In any other situation my patience for that kind of boorish behavior is directly proportional to the need I have for information from that individual.  IOW unless I REALLY need something from them I would simply smile and walk on.

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#3    Jessica Christ

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Posted 24 May 2013 - 06:42 AM

This reminds me of the early days of the telephone. Was the person on the line more important in the moment than the person presenting themselves before you? And calling during the dinner hour was definitely a no-no.

I suppose the protocol differs depending on if you are in a business or personal situation. Screen addiction is also a facor in today's era of electronics so someone might be suffering and not personally wanting to ignore you.

Have you brought it up to them if this is about a specific situation?

#4    Orcseeker



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Posted 24 May 2013 - 03:10 PM

It has been slowly becoming normal if you are with a couple friends to all stop and check your phones and such every so often. Sometimes it is necessary. As we all have our work, education and private life connected with these devices, some of these forms of communication are required and of importance to monitor.

Though when a group of friends and I ever do this is either out of necessity or simply a phone check you could call it.

I however with someone I don't know as well or someone I've just met or a bus driver, shop assistant, etc. I remove all distractions and always give them my full attention. If I am ever with any of these people in a conversation I would politely tell them I would need to check my phone only out of necessity.

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 02:46 AM

Yes with my fiance.  I had to tell him that it was unacceptable to be texting at the dinner table even if it was his daughter that does not live with us.

And when we are at restaurants that's our time.  She is away at college and I understand that she gets little time to text, but he needs to keep it to a minimum and let her know we are out so she makes it short and sweet.

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