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Wake up Spiritual warriors

Posted by Starseed hybrid 1111 , 10 September 2013 · 408 views

Dear light workers,star seeds,humanity and forces of the light and forces of Good.i can honestly say its time to wake up and become the spiritual warriors we are.yes some may have different missions or purposes.but when i say wake up is become aware of the things happening with Food especially and Drinking water.why they say fluoride in the water in beneficial to our health and more.untrue and all lies!!!if you do your research use www.startpage.com search engine its private and secure from what i hear. but search history and effects on Fluoride you'll see.its created by Nazis and was used by the infamous b****** Hitler himself and the Nazi army to dumb down his enemies,calcify them and more.it causes cancer as well.ill let you the rest of the research though.anyway i want to keep this positive though truthfully. Wake up though eating natural all organic food and fluoride free water will help to detox your pineal gland also the sun will as well.then food and water does the same although be very careful though even with organic foods they might slip in something non organic and dangerous still. light warriors and spiritual warriors fight back not with weapons but with knowledge and information and much more. Use your Inner wisdom,Inner intuition,Inner everything.boycott their products in the way of not buying them or eating them at all. you could still enjoy life and more and foods you like of course but stay away from Meats and animal products though.also high fructose corn syrup and artificial sugars and etc.the list is too long for me to name all so do your own research.also what i do is ask for help from my spirit guides,use lately native American prayers and earth prayers to get as much help as i can.but also you have everything within to make it more than work as well don't forget that."you are the best book" in other words we all have the answers within!there are many ways we can fight back honestly without violence. stop worrying or paying attention to what the Mainstream media is saying and more its a distraction and more.you can still watch movies or enjoy what you like in my opinion just forget about the celebrities and the main stream media and etc.these are things to blind us from the truth and to make sure we have no time in our hands to do anything about it.but i would like to say though do not pay too much attention to them though have balance,unconditional love towards oneself and others except you know who.have fun and enjoy life and etc.keep it balance and in harmony. these are some safe water bottles according to them!it has no fluoride but i highly recommend though still do research like three times or as needed and go on from there whether you drink it or not or buy it or whatever it is you do. Apani Purifie ** Aqua Panna ** Arrowhead ** Calistoga Spring ** Crystal Geyser ** Deer Park North ** Deer Park South ** Great Bear ** Hinkley & Schmidt ** Ice Mountain Keeper Springs ** Loon Country Natural Spring ** NARA International Himalayan Spring Ozarka ** Penta ** Poland Spring Snow Valley Mountain ** Sparkletts.change will not happen unless we do our part as well but planet earth and more is doing their part for change are you?

I'll admit it. I eat horribly.And I still manage to see the truth going on. There is a huge world within ours happening that people don't see. A lot of them DON"T want to see it. I can't say as I blame them. i don't care much for seeing it myself but I can't out run it. So i steel myself against it. As far as eating meat goes, the human body is an omnivore,  certain types of souls or spirit need certain dietary additions to function well as a mind body spirit trio. it sure as the heck doesn't need all the crap hormones and preservatives though. And least of all fluoride. Nobody needs that LOL!
But, we can't all go vegan. Those with a water fae or merfolk soul need fish to feel ok and function to their highest capacity.
Fighting against the chemicals in supposedly natural foods maybe needs to be done another way than just a simple boycott. Too many people are straight up addicted to those chemicals without even realizing it. Personally i think production of safer non human foods needs to happen in addition to the boycotting.
Ann Holt
Author of "The non humans guide to living with humans"
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