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the mainstream medias flirtation with spirituality and the occult

Posted by sickpuppy , 05 May 2012 · 812 views

short and simple..

this 'occult' entertainment stuff you're seeing on the TV.. Charmed, Supernatural, all that ****,
and the so-called edu-tainment ones; ghost hunters, ancient X-files, all that ****

imagine you're at a party.. you see some interesting chick talking about the entry level, oooh, do you believe in ghosts? do you think ET's exist? (i love that one; "do you believe in" ..like, yeah... i believe everything they tell me)

anyway, so she's prattling on (like the TV shows do) such and such was reported in the 1870's, the case of the mysterious such and such, the missing thingymajig... etc

so you interject... "hey chicky, what do you think it all means..?"

[she goes blank]
actually she just wanders off to find another person to suck the life force out of...

those TV shows don't tell you that, do they?
they don't have a clue..

and it's more than that.. you could offer her a tidbit, hey, umm, chicky, if you believe in reincarnation so much, why are you stealing other peoples beer at this party?

...they don't want to know about any of that, about how you are responsible for your actions.. about how you're in the drivers seat..

..time for a commercial here i think

i'm aware that i'm an *******.
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^_^ hehe.. i still can't believe i wrote that.. in the "real life" i'm quiet, have respect, etc... on the internet i can just vent ****.. i realise now and long ago, ...who is it for?

if i want people to listen to the things i say on the internet i have to behave like i'm in real life.. and be quiet, have respect, etc

..it's like the time i was ****ty about brittany spears visiting a shaman and getting a 'soul cleansing' ..she needs it... ****, all of us could do with one, huh? ..i was mad because here was another person putting a scooby-doo band-aid on a festering wound.. the kind of life she lives... i don't think she's really aware of what she needs? ..my being a creep to her doesn't help anything... and in the end it just ****s me up also..

it's hard doing the right thing all the time.. and lots of people will abuse it if they know you'll try to do it always.. it's even harder knowing what the right thing to even do is..

****... who are the ones who put us here, perfectly knowing we are like the way we are.. and put us here in the perfect experimental box so we could try to gain a perfect understanding that perfection is unatainable?

they are awesome.
they are worthy of praise.

i'm just a thing that tries to get people to seek them.
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part of the New World Order is how they're going to finally manifest "spirituality" out to the public.. and make it part of our lives..

the people putting together this NWO.. we know they do not love the God.. we know they do not even like us..

..what do you think they are going to try and make manifest?
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