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Sleep Paralysis stories

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#1    Caligraphy


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Posted 12 January 2010 - 07:52 PM

Hmm, long time no see all.

Wow, it's been a long time since I've returned to this site, and might I begin with saying, if this topic seems at all like carbon-copies of other topics in this section, or has no right being in this forum, I will GLADLY delete it if a superior says so.

As you are hopefully aware, I have created this toic in hopes of understanding the MANY faces of Sleep Paralysis and it's victims. I myself have suffered from S-P since before I can remember, and have become highly interested and curious on the subject. I have posted 2 threads previously in separate sections of Unexplained Mysteries about my problems with S-P and; something I have recently been diagnosed with by a Sleep Specialist, Sleep Apnea. Two very terrifing things I have not yet been able to control.
Many people suffer from Sleep Paralysis, be it they are aware or unaware they are even experiencing this strange phenomena. Some see things that their afraid of in an awake state of mind, (such as spiders, bees, snakes, ect.) and other's see things that would be classified as Paranormal, (such as ghost, aliens, strange balls of light, ect.) The thing that interests me the most, is the way the victims feel. How they feel during the experience, and how they feel afterwards. I am also interested in hearing how people feel when they are aware or unaware they are going through the stages of immanent Sleep Paralysis. I am ultimately posting this topic, so that I, myself and other's can tell about our strange experiences, without fear of being judged. This is a very serious topic in my (and many other's) eyes, so please think before judging other's for things they cannot control.

I am by NO MEANS an expert in this subject. I do not pretend to hold any answers to this phenomena, and hope I have not tricked anyone in believing so. I am merely here to listen, and to let others, who are confused on the subject, know that what their experiencing is a commonly occuring thing within many others.

Please do not be afraid to post your stories.

#2    Asphodel


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Posted 12 January 2010 - 08:15 PM

I woke up and couldn't make a sound or move my body. I could move my eyes, and I remember them being hard to keep open. Surrounding my bed were narrow black "alien" type humanoids conversing amongst each other while looking at me. A lot of them. I couldn't see their features. It was frightening, but I knew what was probably happening to me so I let my eyes close and fell back asleep. Funny thing is that my mom had the exact same manifestation before. I never knew until a while after my own experience.

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Posted 13 January 2010 - 05:58 AM

things like this happen to me on occasion when i'm half awake but still dreaming and i'm aware that i'm still dreaming or i'm dreaming and i can't seem to move or keep my eyes open or even breathe right, but when you mentioned the spiders i think back to this summer i'm half awake i'm lookin at my bed and i see this huge spider go from my bed to the wall and into a small crack in my ceiling but i thought nothing of it and i go back to sleep and when i wake up later i remember it and took it as something that had happened for real, but i'm terrified of spiders let alone huge ones and i did nothing and went back to bed but i later taped up that crack in the ceiling and haven't had another incident yet...me and someone i work with were talking about this the other day and it is very wierd stuff

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#4    eionman


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Posted 15 January 2010 - 04:13 AM

mine was similar to first post but i was about 10 and i woke up (sorta) and then i looked to my right and i ddn't see and torso only two eyes and a laughing smile. I tried to scream but i couldn't and i couldn't move either

#5    tigger



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Posted 15 January 2010 - 05:06 AM

i've had it on a few occasions. i would wake up, and all of a sudden would have this exceptional feeling of weight pressing on my body. from my neck down. i cant move, nor can i call out.. all i could do was see. this has happened around the time my 'visitor' has been around and havent paid any attention or acknowledged their presence

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Posted 15 January 2010 - 07:33 PM

:o  Im new the the forums,

Ok, well this is kinda a mix of sleep paralysis and my own stupidity but here it goes.

I had a really vivid dream were I was out on the street waiting for the bus and it was pretty windy and rainy and the power lines fell and nailed me right in the face. I blanked out in my dream and then had strange kinda like in and out scenes of being rushed to hospital and then my parents taking me home. In my dream I thought I was paralyzed or like all buggered up.

Now I woke up from my dream in the middle of the night and my covers were kinda half over my face and I went to pull them down but I coulden't. I tried so hard and I had no feeling of my hands just these like slabs of meat/flesh kinda flailing around, I also heard some like random voices like people calling me or something. I was freaked I thought that my whole dream was real at that moment, and I was so upset I just wanted to close my eyes and wish it all away.

Well I fell asleep, woke up in the morning. Realized that I'm fine and I just ended up sleeping in a funny position were both my hands were kinda under my back and pillow completely fallen asleep and numb. lol. It was kinda a relief as well as a *wow, I'm stupid* moment.

#7    Erowin


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Posted 16 January 2010 - 10:59 PM

I've never had SP, but my older sister did. She saw ghosts stealing her legs. And another time it was dragons. She said she wasn't scared though, just annoyed that she couldn't move.

I have had waking hallucinations though. The first time was when I was 8, and I woke up to see my mom in bed beside me, asleep. I was confused as to why she was in my bed so I whispered 'mom, what are you doing here?' Her eyes flew open and she yelled 'OH MY GOD! YOUR HAIR!!' Then vanished. Seeing your mom vanish was very scary, and I ran screaming from my room.... to the bathroom. I checked my hair, but it was OK.  :P

I went to my moms room and she was in there asleep. I didn't undertstand what happened until my dad explained it, he used to get them too.  He once woke up as a kid and saw his moms head float into the room saying 'why dont you draw your grandpa a picture....' he knew what was happening though so he punched it and it went away, lol. He also once woke to his room full of people at a party.

The other times it happened I was having a dream aboupt exploring a jungle temple full of monkeys. Then the monkeys started attacking me, and I woke up to see its eyes and mouth above me, smiling and screeching. I screamed bloody murder. And once I woke up in the middle of the night, and started to turn around. I froze because there was a hobo standing at the side of my bed, holding a cardboard sign. I quickly turned back around and told myself it was a dream and eventually went back to sleep (under the covers!)

...Wow that turned out longer then I thought.  :blush:

#8    Dune


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Posted 18 January 2010 - 07:50 AM

When I was little I had a dream that I was trapped in a hospital room on a hospital bed, and couldn't move. I was screaming in the dream but couldn't actually make any noise. I woke up screaming eventually, but couldn't move for a while, like I was still stuck on the bed. Again, a little less than two years ago, I had a dream that I drove my dad's old school Mustang off a cliff and as I fell my body went numb and my ears started to ring. When I woke up, my body was still numb and my ears were still ringing, then slowly the ringing subsided and I was able to move again. Terrifying feeling.

#9    Wal


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Posted 18 January 2010 - 08:43 AM

A couple of years back whilst on a weekend break with my wife we stayed at a conference hotel in Canterbury UK in the grounds of the cathedral. We went to sleep at about 11 pm and at roughly 3 am I was woken with the feeling of being pushed into the bed, I felt no feelings or terror only annoyance that someone or thing was on top of me I tried to move but found it impossible in my frustration I managed to say "get the f@*k off me" this must of been muffled as my mouth felt like half of it was under pressure from the weight on top of me. The effect was immediate the presence was gone and I was free to move then I started to feel afraid so I switched on a light to scan the room nothing, the side affect was that this woke my wife who asked me what was wrong at first I refused to say but she knew something was wrong and after I explained was up dressed and packed before I had even left the bed. We left at roughly 3.30 am and drove home, my left arm was really painful and felt cold this remained with me for the best part of four days. I have since spoken to someone who said a spirit was protecting me, I am not sure and to be truthful want it to be sleep paralysis.

#10    grendals_bane


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Posted 18 January 2010 - 09:46 AM

I had a weird sleep paralysis thing occur to me when I was a kid.
I was woken up by what felt like a cat walking over my legs and feet. So I opened my eyes to have a look only to be face to face with a snarling wolf. I stared at it for what seemed like ages (although it was probably only seconds) then pulled the covers over my head.
A couple of things that struck me was even though the wolf was snarling there was no sound and also my bedroom was pitch black (as it was night time) yet the wolf was clearly visible as though it was illuminated.

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#11    Red-eye Dragoon

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Posted 19 January 2010 - 05:02 AM

I've had sleep paralysis occur a few times as a kid and once a little while back.
I broke my leg when I was in grade 3, so I had to sleep lying pretty much flat on my back. One night it seemed like my bed levitated into the air and began floating and spinning around the room. I remember that being more fun than frightening.
Another time it felt like I was just rapidly spinning, and my limbs were pinned against the bed. I couldn't see anything though because I slept with the covers pulled over my head. lol

Last November, I was slowly falling asleep, on my side, and the green glow from my alarm clock stared seeming brighter. Then it felt like something was touching my back and then grabbed my left shoulder. My limbs wouldn't move, nor could I speak, just move my head slightly. I knew it was just sleep paralysis, but just in case, I kept trying to move, trying to force a kicking motion with my legs. When I finally was able to move again, I threw up the blankets, rolled off the bed and grabbed the hockey stick by the window to confront whoever was there.  :lol: It just turned out to be me, lol.

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#12    coldethyl


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 08:45 PM

I'm 38 and just started experiencing SP for the first time at this age.  I've had it 4 times in about 3 months.  Really weird and since the first time it happened, I can tell in my dream when it's coming and I don't like it at all.  All times it has been different.

The first time my Labrador was still alive and in my bedroom with me.  I couldn't move and thought that there were aliens in my bathroom and if I could just get him to bark they would be scared off.  I kept trying to call his name and finally was able to move and became completely aware calling his name.  Luckily I immediately knew I'd experienced SP and was alternately frightened and fascinated.

The second time I was trying on a dress in my dream and it began to spin into fabric/cobweb wrapping around me and I couldn't move or speak.  I kept trying to say "wake up" as I was aware it was SP as I was lucid dreaming at the time.

The third time I was lucid dreaming and floated down a hallway, felt the spinning sensation again and couldn't move or speak.  Still kept trying to tell myself to wake up.  My arms were crossed on my chest and when I woke with a start my BF had his arms wrapped around me.

The most recent time was just the other night and once again followed a lucid dream.  Spinning and floating in a weird substance this time I felt as if I was possessed by demons.  My whole body was tingling and I was trying to recite the Lord's Prayer but another voice coming from inside me was laughing and making it difficult for me to do so.  My hands were in the prayer position in the dream and this time I woke up from the tingling and immobility not fully aware that it was SP until I was completely awake.  Once I was awake I knew it was SP and just a dream but it was the first time the tingling sensation was present.  

Thing is from what I've read I have several factors that preclude SP experiences, migraines, sleeping on your back, and irregular sleep patterns.  My sleep patterns have been very erratic since I lost my job and I think maybe this is why I'm just experiencing it for the first time at my age.

#13    jorfule


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Posted 26 January 2010 - 09:05 PM

My experiences of SP have not really invovlved visual hallucinations of late although I did get them when I was younger, an example being hundreds of balls floating around my bedroom and slowly getting bigger unitl they took up my entire room, not nice when ur a kid!.  Now i have very violent SP where im parilysed and i cant speak, I am pinned physically to my bed but theres nothing there, or of being thrown across the room but not really feeling anything just the act of being thrown,  or sometimes I am spinning around at a terrific speed in mid air, when i try to speak its just a murmour or a whine, but my eyes are open but its like there not registering anything, then it will slow down and either start spinning in the other direction or stop, and thats when i "really" wake up.  I think it might have something to do with dehydration, whatever it is it feels very real.

#14    Danmic


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 05:24 AM

11 years ago, when I was 19, I had my first experience.
It had been just several months since my family and I had moved
in to this new home. My room was next to my parents. Around
3:00am I woke up, with a quick glance across my room, my heart
instantly dropped, filled with fear and terror I witnessed 7 or 8
black slender demon like figures, there movement was choppy, jolted
as they came through the walls and towards my bed. Without hesitation
I tried to get out of bed, I barely lifted my upper torso before I felt this
incredible pressure glueing me to my bed. I tried screaming for my mom,
(funny how in life's most terrifying moments, people always yell for there
mom, it don't matter who you are) but my voice was gone! Nothing. I began
struggling with these demons who have now surronded my bed. All I could
do is move my head side to side trying to keep my eyes closed, but couldn't
help but look what is happening to me. Time was hard to calculate, but I
think within ten second's of struggling, I heard a voice! A voice that calmed
me, it was soothing, like a voice of an angel, "Dan pray to God, he is the only
one who can help you!". I prayed like I never prayed before, like it was my last
prayer and I did it fast. Instantly they were gone, I was able to get out of bed.
I went downstairs to the kitchen and sat down and pondered what the hell just
happened. Personnally I believe what happened to me was real. I don't believe
doctors/science can explain it. People all over the world through many centuries
have experienced this with the black spirits(known as shawdow people) most people
who have come across these demons have said they are evil, full of dread and terror.

#15    Ricochetmatt


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Posted 18 February 2010 - 10:48 PM

I experienced SP a few years ago. It started when my family moved into their first home. I was asked to make my room in the basement (there was a finished bedroom). The basement however creeped everyone out. The previous owner had a mentally challenged son and I guess he had whacky moments while in the basement and carved crosses into all the walls and drew them all inside my closet with crayons. The basement was also the only part of the house with metal crosses hanging on the walls and the only part with pictures of Jesus.

I'm not very religious or anything, but it seemed clear that the owners were scared about something in the basement.

But yeah, it was in that house that the SP started. I would start to fall asleep, start to hear a weird rumbling sound, would feel like I was sinking into my bed and suddenly my body would no longer be able to move. During the transition I would sometimes fight it.. But it was incredibly difficult to break out of it.

A lot of times when I found myself paralyzed, it was just a case of seeing the room in front of me while hearing the rumbling sound.

One day when I was lying in bed, I could hear my family start to move about upstairs. I was lying on my side and noticed a small child at the foot of my bed. I figured it was my little sister. I turned to yell at her but the figure kinda faded away.

Some days later I had another SP attack. This time, while in the SP state, I saw, once again, a child at the foot of my bed. This time I saw him very clearly. I tried looking away but obviously I couldn't move. He kinda just smiled at me and stood there for a little while. Off to the side I could notice a huge shadow consuming the right side of the room. That's when it got really scary for me and my body seemed to snap back to life. As soon as I was able to move, the shadow and the child vanished.

I read into SP and how it can cause hallucinations and such. So I shrugged off everything. That is until I found out my other sister was seeing the same little boy in her bedroom. We both described the same child to each other.

After that, I only ever saw the shadowy thing. If I were sleeping on my side, I would see it come in from under my door. Or sometimes it would come out of my closet. It was terrifying. Not being able to move while seeing something like that... Just not fun.

The house had a horrible negative energy to it. Eventually my parents divorced each other while living in that house and before that I went through a really rough period of not going to school or caring about anyone or anything. I felt empty. I felt as though I had no meaning.

Finally one day while I was taking a nap, I had a SP attack that was going normally (no sign of shadowy things or children)... But right before it came to an end I heard a voice whisper in my ear, over the rumbling. It said "Heal your mind."

It kinda scared me and needless to say, I got my **** together after that.

But eventually my mom, my siblings and I moved out, leaving the house to our dad. My sisters and I went to visit him on Christmas Eve of that year. My sister, the one who saw the child, was standing in the living room with me. We both looked over at my sister's old room and saw the kid exit it and enter my parent's old bedroom. We both just kinda looked at each other and chose to ignore it.

That was the last time I ever saw the kid. Apparently my sister still sees him. A "psychic" even told her that the child was one of her "guardian angels" or whatever.

Anyway, my SP continued once I moved into my grandmother's house temporarily. I would experience the same rumbling sound but never saw the child or the shadowy thing. One night I did hear voices though. Sounded like there were beings standing beside my bed talking to each other. I couldn't make out anything they were saying over the rumbling sound.. But I had the feeling that they were talking about me. I couldn't see them because my back was turned to them and I was facing a wall.. So I never got to find out what they looked like.

After moving out of my grandmothers and into my mom and step dad's new place, I had one last SP attack. There was a few times I had to fight it off, but one night I just couldn't and all I could hear was the rumble and what sounded like someone banging on my bedroom door, or one of my walls. I came out of it fast, though.

But that was the last time I had a SP attack. Hopefully it doesn't happen again. They were very unpleasant... Especially when there were other things involved.. Hallucinations or not.

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