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Hello folks

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#1    Sucellos


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 07:02 AM

Many years ago me and some friends experienced something very strange.  I wondered if there where here people who heard about something similar cuz till now on the internet I didnt found anything.
If some of you are intrested in what happened, I would like to know where I can post the story?

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 07:21 AM

Depends on what the story is...

But either way, welcome.

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#3    Sucellos


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Posted 05 February 2013 - 08:02 AM

Hello people,
Excuse my english, because I'm from Flanders from birth. And I hope I can make myself understandeble enough, so maybe some of you can help me.
In the summer of 1978, me, 4 friends, and 4 girls we just had met, saw/experienced something very strange for several minutes. And altho I searched, and invested many years till today I still got no satisfying answers. I wonder if maybe someone here in tis forum heard about something similar.
I dont know if this is the right place to post it but maybe a moderator can move it if necessary.
It was late july in the summer of 1978. Me and 4 friends where on vacation at the Belgian coast. The excact date slips me because I wrote it in my dairy about a month later, since I forgot him at home. And the text expans over several days......between 21 july and 28 july.
During that vacation we stayed in a caravan on camping "Albatros" in Westende, who is in the dunes close to the beach, but a bit removed from the crowded seaside resort. Those days there was no airconditioning in pubs or dancings and when it became too hot inside, we went out at night,, with some girls, to an isolated part of the beach. And somethimes we swam in the sea naked...... Since it was forbidden in Belgium to make a campfire on the beach, and flashlights had very limited batteries. The father of a friend had made a very strange device with 2 iron buckets, with holes in it that burned on white petrol, I think thats called kerosine. Mario was very proud of his fathers invention, and he took it with him almost everywhere..... But it worked great and we werent sitting in the ptch dark.
It was a moonless night that night, and it must have been around 1AM, we had swam in the sea, and where drying up covered in towels, around the fire....thing. With our backs against a WW2 bunker, facing the sea. A Dutch girl "Maaike" had crawled under my towel, close to me .She was gorgeous.  So I dryed up in a matter of seconds...... but that aside.
We where talking and joking till someone said" Look there is someone there with a flashlight, and he comes this way" About 100 meters from us seaside a yellow, orange,, rather bright light came slowly our way. We became all silent because we taught we where doing something illegal, and some sort of police came chasing us away. I stood up because the fire-thing blinded me and stepped a few step forward, because a friend said; " that is strange. A flaslight in someones hand normally moves around. Its like its hovering". The light was about 20 meters from the campfire now, and we saw it floating about 1.5 meter above the beach but we saw no feet or a silhouette behind it. And some of the girls started panic." What is that?"." It comes our way, its like it looking at us". "Common let us go, please"....... I remember I was scared too but I'm much to inquistive. I said" Hide behind the bunker" to the girls and Freddy went hiding, but still peeking from behind the bunker, with 3 of the girls. Slowly it came closer I was like nailed to the ground, It became very silent. No one spoke and stared at the object. The only thing we heared were the waves, but that thing made no sound at all. About a meter from the campfire it stopped.It was like it was focussed on the fire, and didnt payed attention on us. There was a very strong odor of burning rubber, that dominated the smell of the burning petrol. We could see the form of the thing now, since we werent blinded by the light so much. It was about 30cm wide and 10 cm high. It had a triangle shape hovering horizontally with sharp corners. The light was on one side, circular 10 cm in diameter, right from the middle of the front flat side. One corner was damaged and the divice looked like it was solid rusty iron. It was completly covered in rust. I remember I had a strange feeling that it was something very old. Frank, a 1,92m, butchers son, was the first to approch it. Everyone shouted “stay back” But hes kind of a show off, so he approached it, and tapped with his fingers on it. Later he said it was freezing cold, and solid not hollow. When he tapped it it didnt move a millimeter, but right after it started to move backwards. It was like it glided on a rail. In a straith line, keeping the same hight according sealevel. After about 20-30 meter it accelerated so fast we couldnt keep up with it and when we reached the surf it was already far above sea. A few seconds later the light dimmed and we lost track. I stayed there till the sun came up with Maaike, and fantasized about what it could have been, but we didnt saw anything anymore... I remember I felt dissapointed. We still talk about it often,when we meet with my old friends. And I travelled allot to varous places and now and then I ask around if some one knows about something similar but nobody had anwers.  I made drawings in my diary but i cannot scan it, I draw it over, or try to photograph it. so I dont have to rip the pages out of my diary.

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 10:10 PM

I don't know what you saw, but I liked reading about it. Thank you for sharing.

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