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Observation.on bigfoot on someones property?

Posted by fawkes2 , 08 December 2011 · 289 views

Okay guys, l have been wondering lately. I do not understand those people who claim they have either a bigfoot family or a bigfoot that lives near their property and they claim to see them off and on. Why do they not set up a camera or a surveillance video?
I never could understand that, if l saw a bigfoot a few times on my land, I would have a camera near by or have a surveillance setup around the property.

I so want to believe that bigfoot is real but people who claim to have seen them and have no proof or people hoaxing, Makes it
so hard to believe.

Dec 12 2011 05:02 AM
Just a note. I enjoyed reading your blog. To me the personality of a nice person comes through what you've written.
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Dec 13 2011 12:15 AM
Because there is no bigfoot living near or around them. lol
Or, if it was true, they'd be protecting the creature(s) by not making it incredibly public, you know? But, I honestly doubt that.. with people's seemingly endless greed these days..
I'd honestly keep it to myself..& perhaps a few of my friends. (:
Making them public would put them in danger though, don't ya think?
Maybe not though.. I dunno! ^^
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