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The hidden one

Posted by markdohle , 09 May 2013 · 244 views

The hidden One

I hide, so those who seek will walk the road of faith and not surety.  For my essence is infinite and the mysteries of the Universe will lead to my reality, an intelligence beyond vast, infinite, wherein shadows of its immensity  can be found over large stretches of time, as mankind slowly learns of its secrets.

My child, while it is true that suffering is a difficult road to follow, yet without it there would be no questioning, no seeking after answers, for self awareness as man-kind experiences has a steep price, but one with eternal consequences.

Mankind’s questioning, the “whys” are a result of the goad of pain and suffering that seeks answers and yes that leads to me eventually.  There are answers to all of your “whys”, there is also the ability to allow faith to grow amid doubt and inner conflict.  Doubt leads to deeper seeking and understanding, or to a letting go of the journey and to sink into apathy about the existence of the Infinite.

If my children for even one day, lived out what they speak of, no matter what they believe, the world would see the difference at once.  It is fear, anger, and doubt that keeps you chained in endless cycles of war and destruction.  Not only outwardly, but within your souls as well, which is easy to see and experience when silence and solitude is sought from time to time.

I give no answer to the mystery of suffering, for the answer resides in the human heart, often filled with darkness, greed, lust and anger.  Your societies are a reflection of your  souls, both the good and the bad within all cultures.  Until that is understood, the rise of and fall of societies will continue, only ending when the unity of persons is understood and compassion takes hold.

Many paths are sought, lesser ones, easier ones, which deal with desires and yes true needs.  They are dead ends, for life is short, so seek what truly matters.  When successful help those who are not.  When part of a loving community or family, seek out others, to express that love toward those who are seen as outsiders.  When looking at those unloved or seen as the enemy, see my reflection and seek to see with different eyes.

It is only in understanding my union with all, my love for all and compassion for all, that my grace can be absorbed and you will become my arms to embrace, my mouth to encourage and my legs to carry of the message of God’s love for all.

I know each of your names, a name that is between you and me, one day you will know that name, if only you seek to grow in understanding, love and compassion. Seek me in doubt and darkness and pain and you will find living waters welling up within your soul.

May 09 2013 01:17 PM
Not to be frivolous :)  but the "Hidden One" is Amun, it is what his name means, and in his form as Amun-Ra he is described, long before the Bible, as "Lord of truth, father of the gods, maker of men, creator of all animals, Lord of things that are, creator of the staff of life."
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Ok, thanks for the information my friend.

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cool ^^
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