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UFO leaves "smoking gun" in desert

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#16    Bloated Corpse

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Posted 24 November 2002 - 03:27 AM

They found 66 things, but didn't disclose what they were. Probably pending examination for yet another show.

#17    Magikman


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Posted 24 November 2002 - 04:50 AM

No, the program basically rehashed old information, with the addition of a couple innocuous 'first hand' accounts from questionable sources. The main problem I had with the show was who the Sci-Fi channel chose as their lead expert investigator, Don Schmitt. Although he has been involved with promoting the Roswell incident for years, his credibility among his peers in the paranormal field is nil. He had been associated with paranormal author and investigator Kevin Randall, until an expose conducted by OMNI magazine in 1998 proved Schmitt to be a fraud. His claims about a nurse being involved in one of the alien's autopsies was totally fabricated, as was most of his other, more sensational revelations. Here are a couple links that give a little more detail about Schmitt;



The 'smoking gun' evidence concerns the Ramey memo. There is a picture of General Ramey showing news photographers pieces of a weather balloon being touted as the misidentified UFO. Ramey holds a document in the photo, which has supposedly been transcribed using modern technology. Controversial words like 'disk' and 'victims' apparently could be interpreted from a highly magnified version of that memo. The producers never offered the viewers a close look at what researchers had to work with, but follow the link below and you may understand why;

The document is a very large image file (2mb), so the page will take awhile to load

The program relies on the interpretation of only one man as to what was deciphered from this document, hardly an objective, scientific approach. Surprisingly, Kevin Randall offers a more detailed, credible analysis of the document here;


All in all the program was a disappointment, hugely sensational and little more than a promotional device for it's upcoming mini-series. Not that a channel with 'fiction' in its name would be all that concerned about facts anyway, I guess.


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#18    Druss


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Posted 24 November 2002 - 10:28 AM

Thanks for that assessment Magik. Based on the channels previous attempts at supposed factual investigations this was what was expected.


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