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Getting Satellite Internet

Posted by Ashotep , 01 March 2013 · 314 views

This last month my internet has only worked for about 8 days.  I amazed its working right now but then again they send the bill out tomorrow so it shouldn't surprise me.  I've complained to those people so much they blocked me from calling them.  I emailed them and asked if they did and they evaded the question so I took that as a yes.  Don't have any use for liars.

I will take the opportunity to ask them again before it is shut off.  I will also tell them by not answering my question I think they have and will call the telephone company.  Not that I care about calling them they'll figure out sooner or later I am done with them.  You know how it is when something is finally done one too many times and you get your fill. The problem is I can't call anyone in that county.  If they tell me the truth I will tell them to shut it off.  If not maybe they will figure it out when I send a reply with the bill and a smiley laughing.  This is the one I thought I would use.Posted Image

So next week I'm getting satellite internet, no other option here.  My telephone lines are laying on the ground in places and spliced.  Telephone company isn't much either.  If I could figure out how I would get rid of them too.  I swear I live in the stone age here.  Really getting tired of living here actually.

Mar 01 2013 06:57 PM
My mother lives in a very small town. She has to use dial-up internet. Let us know if you like your internet provider.
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I am sorry about all the issues that you seem to have been having with your provider. One thing you should look at if you get the chance is to compare revise and companies in your area and report their lack of interest or help to the  BBB  (Better Business Burrow) and ask them if their is any thing they can recommend to you so if you wish to  take action and log a complaint.
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I went with Hughes Gen 4 and it's a hundred times better.  Not as good as high speed over the telephone lines but beats dial up for sure.  The Gen 4 doesn't have a daily limit like it use to.  That would get people in trouble, download too much one day and unless you laid off for a while your speed would never get back up to where it was suppose to be.
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