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    • LimeGelatin


      I didn't love her, and I am certain she didn't love me. I was open to growing to love her: as I choose to believe she was to me too. Our problem was our insistence on saying we already did while punishing each other for not being able to provide proof. She might blame me for the scars she left with, but I know we destroyed ourselves. It was never one of us harming the other.  

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    • jmccr8

      jmccr8  »  back to earth

      Hi Back to earth,
       I thought I'd stop in and say hi, I use the internet in a very limited way, and don't usually wander around outside of my interests. I don't buy what people say outright and am far more cautious than you may think. A couple of years ago we had a brief exchange through PM and I had told you that I had died a few years back and did not elaborate on it and for the most part at this time won't expand on it much more but will say that the life I live now is that of a grampa that works hard and does what I must to be there for my girls. I have always done hard physical labour and much of the time it was high risk, in my off time I  played high risk fast and loose, although once I became a grampa I tamed it down. 
      Because I was single and didn't care if I woke up tomorrow I did push the envelop but never was I unaware of where I was and who was around me. As a single person I would go where ever I wanted and usually alone so it gave me the opportunity to observe, many of the people I meet thought that that was the first time that they had met me, and on their part it was true, what they did not realize was I allowed them to meet me because I had seen them many times over the years and knew a fair bit about them so to me they were not strangers. I realize that the internet is very different and that is why I do not disclose much about myself, only what I want to disclose and know is insignificant to me if they know it. I've never been a straight out villain, more of a bad boy but have known to be in the company of dangerous people at times so the internet doesn't worry me or give me reason to be overly concerned. I've always walked alone and yes I have protected the under dog many times over the years because I saw a potential in them to change their lives and guided them down a different path and to see how their lives change always made me feel good about my choice.
       In this medium it is not the same and I have no intention of trying to help anyone in the same sense, with regard to Robinson I see a potential to learn from the members that have the knowledge to refute and share their value as a resource so I can learn. Most of the areas that I read about is the peopling of the Americas, hominid movements, social development and interaction, some threads are interesting distractions and avenues of new areas of potential interests and in some senses potential relationships with areas that I have been looking into. Most of the time I let them die as most do, however I think that Robinson has an interesting piece of property that may hold some value but not in the sense that he sees it. So yes I have been encouraging him to put a little more out there so that others can refute him and furnish links and share their knowledge and expand my understanding.
       for the first couple of years Cladking and his geysers was a great source of interaction between those that are informed, educated and provided a wealth of information that I was able to grow through. I have my way of dealing with people and situations and for the most part try to be as civil as possible so I can observe without influencing the outcome. I was hoping our pyramid religion guy would have expanded on his theory so I could see how he developed his position unfortunately it died before it could be lured out of him, bummer I was really looking forward to that dispaly of intellect. I guess that is why I interceded in this current thread and I think that it will be an interesting learning experience. And no I didn't miss your post about geography and thanks for submitting it.
      Best Wishes 
      Jay McCreight

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    • seeder


      Its the 1st of Octember!!  bye bye Septober.. soon be xmas again...

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    • and then

      and then

      I neeed help. Father in law = 90
      He wants a Keurig coffee maker. Can anyone tell me how many steps are required to brew a single cup? Can the user set cup size and strength once and simply put in water, load the flavor cup and press a button for every cup thereafter.

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    • XenoFish


      Yeah no! Not today....maybe tomorrow, but definitely not today. 

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    • seeder


      "When Magic Goes Horribly Wrong" is on the box, ch5 in the UK...hehe, the weird side in me loves to see the screw-ups! See the knife-thrower who missed & sliced his beautiful assistant - ouch! seen some underwater escapologists tricks go wrong.. phew.... nail-biting stuff, worth watching!

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    • third_eye


      Good Mornin' ... just the normal run if the mill saturday mornin' with no impending Armageddon Asteroids or indeterminate WWIII nuclear fallouts ... was supposed to pick someone up at the bus depot/station but there seems to be a delay of an hour or two ... what to do ?

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    • third_eye


      Yeah ... on the one night that I was preparing for a heavy down pour is the night I get a 15 minute soft drizzle ... well at least it did rained ...

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    • Grand Moff Tarkin

      Grand Moff Tarkin

      Come cheer up my Lads, 'tis to glory we steer, 
      To add something more to this wonderful year. 
      To honour we call you, as freemen, not slaves, 
      For who are so free as the sons of the waves? 

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    • OverSword


      The angels will spread their wings

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