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Crystal Skull (Lubaantun)

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#1    rickjones


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Posted 22 December 2003 - 04:48 AM

For several years I have been researching the events surrounding the discovery of the Anna Mitchel-Hedges crystal skull in belize. My finding indicates that what has been published is in fact false.  My research has taken me from local libraries to the archaeological site of Lubaanun Belize. I plan further study of this inigma. My hope is to find someone else who is willing to share any of thier secret knowledge about this subject. Also to perhaps join me in my quest for the unfolding of what could be the find of the epoch.  
If intrested or if you have anything to add please contact me at:

#2    Atlantis Rises

Atlantis Rises

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Posted 25 December 2003 - 02:14 AM


The crystal skulls have interested me greatly as well.  I believe them to be a gateway to a power so awesome that if all the Crystal Skulls were brought together, they would open a gateway for which mankind can unlock their past and future.  Locked inside is knowledge -- knowledge of the ancient civilization that entered the data inside.  And they are the key to unlocking the secrets of ATLANTIS.

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#3    lovecraft disciple

lovecraft disciple

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Posted 30 December 2003 - 03:24 PM

Sorry for the stupid following question, but:
There are SEVERAL crystal skulls ?
I heard the crystal skull was a hoax, could you tell me more please ?

#4    Atlantis Rises

Atlantis Rises

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Posted 30 December 2003 - 03:59 PM

Some are hoaxs, but some are real and there are several of them.  Rumor has it too that each REAL crystal skull is a receptal for information possibly about the ancient civilization who programmed them.  And when the time is right, this information will be told.

History is like Time - it always repeats itself.

#5    LucidElement


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Posted 21 September 2004 - 06:02 AM

hey guys, here is a link to some of the pictures they call these crytal skulls, i find it interesting too... http://unmuseum.mus.pa.us/cryskull.htm

EDIT:fixed link

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#6    smokejaguar


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Posted 26 September 2004 - 03:21 PM

There are a number of artifacts called crystal skulls in existence around the world.None match the quality of crystal and artistic rendering of the M-H Skull.After being evaluated by major scientic groups it was determined no signs of tooling etc., exist.In fact due to the hardnest of the crystal  it would have taken 300+ years of continuous work to sculpt its form by the diamond polish method. All other speculation aside this one fact sets it above all other skulls.-usdi Agaluga

#7    vulturetotem


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Posted 27 September 2004 - 03:45 AM

i have in fact gotten to hold one of these skulls. it weighed 35lbs. and would have had to start from a 100lbs+ piece of quartz. i still don't believe there is in any way it could have been faked. it came from so. amer. and was passed down from generation to generation and was on loan to a shop when i saw it (NOT FOR SALE). a native amer. friend said we should have a ceremony and get it to talk but we never got a chance to. they are supposed to hold ancient knowledge.


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#8    DrStrangelove



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Posted 27 September 2004 - 04:22 AM

I don't believ that the skulls have any mystic power or anything paranormal about them but I do have one question. What major religious/cult/faith group believes them to be powerful? And another question for those who believe they do have some magic to them: what to they do? I keep hearing that they unlock our past and future.... what does that mean?

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#9    ECC



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Posted 27 September 2004 - 11:49 PM

I haven't heard much about this, i'll look it up.. but I also heard Aliens had put something similar to that all over the galaxy for other life forms to find and has all this information, i'm not sure though. it sounds interesting.

#10    Deadly Nightshade

Deadly Nightshade

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Posted 28 September 2004 - 11:40 AM

Hi I saw some programme a couple of yrs ago about a crystal skull ....It was in a museum..... I too would be interested in finding out more about this as it sounds quite intriguing Rick, my e mail address is elegantly_twisted@hotmail.com if you get any more information about the Crystal Skull.

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#11    TheCrow


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Posted 28 September 2004 - 09:39 PM

I beleive the crystal skulls to be a gateway to distant planets where giant aliens live.

Seriously, I have never heard anything about these crystal skulls. I thought it was just something the writers of Stargate made up... But it's sounds interesting.

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#12    mr_halo


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Posted 29 September 2004 - 05:14 AM

i remember seeing about these skulls in stargate sg-1, wasn't one of my fave episodes though, but i watched it, i knew they were real though because they were featured in a book i used to own, some arthur c clarke mystery book...

i wonder what they were used for?



scare people?

who knows......

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#13    blazer2004


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Posted 29 September 2004 - 05:36 AM

these skulls are over 30 thousand years this person i read on a site said 1 of the skulls had a message to us i dont remember the dam site if i find it ill will post it

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#14    Dowdy



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Posted 29 September 2004 - 07:21 AM

i've aways been interested in those crystal skulls. i've heard that it would take 300 years to get it to the perfect state

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#15    zudo


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Posted 30 September 2004 - 03:50 AM

Long, long ago, in the very same place you walked lived the witch of banjoka, she was condembned to preserve the knowledge of humanity through any way she could, so cam the crystal skulls.

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