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Einstein Got it Wrong!

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#1    Halo_Jones


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Posted 11 August 2002 - 01:53 PM

Found this article in the paper the other day, thought a few of you would find it intresting.
E does not = mc2 after all.
Einstein based his famous eqation on the fact that the speed of light never changes.
Now the scientific world has been rocked by Professor Paul Davies calculations which appear to show that light travelled faster in the early days of the universe.
It may sound complex but his new theory raises one very exciting possibilty - TIME TRAVEL.
Davies, an astro-biologist at Macquarie University in Sydney Australia, and his team studied the light coming from a Quasar.
This is an immensely powerful, star like object and the most distant sources of light known to man.
The light took 12 billion years to reach Earth, which means it began soon after the Universe was formed.
But when the scientists analysed the light they discovered a problem.
Insead of being in a line with what Einstein predicted, the light stream appeared to have the wrong type of photons, or light particles.
Davies says his results conflict directly with the 188,288 miles-a-second speed that Einstein calculated for light.
Instead, Davis and his team believe the light beam may have changed by travelling even Quicker in the first few secounds after the BIG BANG.
That Bang is believed to have been the begining of the universe itself.
Davies says: "Einsteins theory of relativity was founded on the notion that the speed of light is an absolute fixed universal number. If these results hold out, we will need to examine the very nature of space and time."
One theory is that you can only travel back to the date when your time machine was built. So a machine built in 2012, for example would allow people born centuries later to travel back as far as 2012.

#2    Loonboy



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Posted 11 August 2002 - 06:43 PM

[blue]An interesting discovery indeed, but I'm still not sold on the theory of time travel. There would be more evidence for it - ie visitors from the future. And I don't buy that Ufos and aliens are time travellers from the future either.

E=MC2.... I think we should stick to Einstein for the moment...
[/blue] :-/

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#3    Kira


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Posted 11 August 2002 - 06:50 PM

Hmm interesting find Halo.
Mind you I can understand what he is getting at. After the intial BIG BANG everything would be flung out that little bit faster due to the explosion that had just happened......... and then would gradually slow down.
Hey! I understood that......? am going to go and lie down :s01
And yes LB I agree we should keep to Einstein's theory for the moment but if after some more research it is proved to be a viable concept then who knows what will happen......................
Another one in the series of things to make you go hmmmmm...? :s6

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#4    PurpleStuart



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Posted 11 August 2002 - 07:38 PM

LB - but as i have posted elsewhere (and is mentioned briefly in Halo's post above) Time travel HAS been invented but only for subatomic particles. The reason we haven't been inundated by travellers from the future is because you can't go back any further than that particular device has been working for. For example if they turn on device at noon 10/08/02 and send a particle back at 6pm the following day , the particle can only go back in time as far as noon 10/08/02 no earlier.
This has actually been proven in experiments in laboratory conditions and isn't much use for sending people back, but could revolutionise communications and computers

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#5    Homer


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Posted 11 August 2002 - 09:42 PM

I read about that a few days ago. Very interesting theory. If proven correct, it would dramatically change everything we know(or thought we knew) about physics. An excerpt from the article "It also affects other branches of physics like thermodynamics and quantum physics that very basis of all our fundamental physical theories - if these observations are correct - seem to be in the melting pot."

Personally I'm not buying it yet. Too many variables. Who knows how many Black Holes or Neutron Stars the light from the Quasar passed close enough to that would alter the speed of light. Keep in mind "C" is only constant in a vacuum, and when there is a strong gravitational field the speed of light will always be affected.

Another possibility is what CW said, the Big Bang itself could be strong enough to force photons beyond the light barrier, then they would gradually "slow down" to it's proper speed--lightspeed(about 300,000km/186,000mi per second)

In any case, more study needs to be done before it's determined if this is a true discovery or just another questionable anomaly in cosmology.

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#6    odinsupreme



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  • Yes.

Posted 25 August 2002 - 04:07 PM

Here is something to think about:

The second you finished your time machine, the people from the future come, because according to those theories it's only possible to go back to the time the thing existed. So, just a second after you finished it, a Time traveller should drop by!  :s03

Odin S.

#7    azazel


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Posted 28 August 2002 - 10:31 AM

Good stuff Odin  :sg

Homer, very well said. There are definitely plenty of variables and anomolies to consider, although Davis' results are ineresting.

I can remember back to chemistry classes in high school....whenever the teacher worked on a complex equation, assupmtions were always made in order to simplify the equation.  ::)

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