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Global Mind Control 2004

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#1    digitalprincess


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Posted 05 January 2004 - 06:18 AM

Fellow concerned citizens, please read the links carefully below, this is not a hoax, this is the reality of our present society and we are facing unknown dangers, our humanity is under attact very subtly, if you want to help and upholds humanity, then please make this links available to your friends and families.


Also, the jewel of aliens projects, conspiracy, missing persons and genetic hybrids of monster factory. DULCE NEW MEXICO.



Any ideas are all welcome, this is no game or joke, jokes has their own place, but not now, your help is needed to spread this information throughout the world.
Dont be fooled that these things never exist, that what the Devil always says " Im no Evil, and i never exist".

An open mind and heart will learn the purpose of life, our place in these vast universes. When wisdom is attained and pure knowledge is within us.  We will have so much advantage in the world to come.  With the right application.

#2    Cufflink



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Posted 05 January 2004 - 06:23 AM

Firstly, that looks like a spamming exercise.

Secondly, your signature reminds me of someone.  Do you know him? wink2.gif  

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In case...two words, not one Posted Image

#3    Fluffybunny


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Posted 05 January 2004 - 06:28 AM

Didn't I see that stuff on the X-files?

Too many people on both sides of the spectrum have fallen into this mentality that a full one half of the country are the enemy for having different beliefs...in a country based on freedom of expression. It is this infighting that allows the focus to be taken away from "we the people" being able to watch, and have control over government corruption and ineptitude that is running rampant in our leadership.

People should be working towards fixing problems, not creating them.

#4    bathory


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Posted 05 January 2004 - 06:34 AM

Secondly, your signature reminds me of someone. Do you know him?

but Digital is a christian while 'he' was very vocal against the belief

#5    r.griffin


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Posted 05 January 2004 - 09:07 AM

The related info could be found under a Project named "MONARCH" -- I cannot get any further into this -- but to understand some of these things it is best to go to the WEB Pages where you will find the Presidential Executive Orders.  You may find that half of them are NOT available to the public -- but are NOT classified.  
You will know this when you see that the numerical sequence is interrupted.

    Much (but not all) of the "Conspiracy" fears are groundless -- however there ARE rogue elements in our Government who may be a little more than enthusiastic - and strongly desire us to go back to the days of the Cold War.  

    Dulce -- is true -- but best avoided in public discussion, and a complex exists under Santa Fe Baldy in New Mexico (near Santa Fe) --- also the extension of bases within some areas of the Carlsbad Caverns.  Also check out Weather Mountain in Virginia.  Same with Project Montauk.  Several months ago I went there to see if that base existed.  It does -- all but abandoned (at least on the surface) -- the local town is FILLED with Government Agents -- this is Montauk Long Island.  When you climb the light house there you can see the structures in the distance -- including the building with the huge antenna pointing right toward the town.  DON'T get caught taking pictures or asking questions about the base.  You will be brought up for questioning.  

    I will leave the rest to query ... but I am also a member of Above Top Secret, yet I deal with "insiders" within the Federal Government.   They are politically neutral and have only the motivation for public disclosure, and the ceasing of the  erosion of our Constitutional Rights ...


"None are so blind as those who choose NOT to see, none so deaf as those who choose NOT to listen"

#6    mowo


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Posted 05 January 2004 - 09:57 AM


this should come in handy

#7    Blood Angel

Blood Angel


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Posted 05 January 2004 - 04:38 PM

Holy crap mowo i almost pissed in my pants at that site, you gotta post that in the jokes section! XD!!! reminds me of signs when they are sitting on the couch with the foil hats  

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#8    digitalprincess


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  • We are travelers in this universe, eternal glory is ours for all eternity ....only if we are worthy of it.

Posted 05 January 2004 - 09:23 PM

Re: r.griffin posts:

Thank you for your concerned and reply Sir,  we as citizens with moral values who upholds justice , equality and liberty absolutely CANNOT  do to anything about what types of secret combinations of things they are doing there, wether it helps mankind or either for the destruction of humanity.  We can only be aware of it and be not caught off guard when it happens.  But the time will come or has already begun that the government is not in total control anymore, wether Aliens, Reptilians, Mutated Hybrids will be in charged of our government and it will be very disastrous and complete chaos when they can do whatever they want to humanity.  I hope that the government will use its proper authority to protect mankind as it suppose to be and be not under the control or conditions of those mutants, hybrids, aliens or reptilians. Invasion my probably begun very subtly, they lure our government by giving us knowledge of science, technology and other unknown things. When these creatures/species has fully established their control over us, you will just have to guess what will happen to us and our future generations.  I hope im just so absolutely wrong about all this and think it as a very bad nightmare.

"Men or whatever, can only harm our body, but not our spirit".

Proverbs 26:27
" Whoso diggeth a apit• shall fall therein: and he that rolleth a stone, it will return upon him."

An open mind and heart will learn the purpose of life, our place in these vast universes. When wisdom is attained and pure knowledge is within us.  We will have so much advantage in the world to come.  With the right application.

#9    secondhand


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Posted 09 January 2004 - 02:46 PM

Mind Control..Coming Spring 2004!!!

If it's anything like films that means it won't come to Britain until the autumn. That means we can wait to see if it's true or not and then panic. Or maybe not because it's all nonsense!!!

#10    Novo


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Posted 09 January 2004 - 06:10 PM

I saw a show on history tv (wich was dicontinued) about how there were these "tags" the military using on soldiers and weapons so they could use gps to find lost weapons lost soldiers ect.... and They mentioned how the military was considering putting them on food.. If you payed by credit card it would show them your name ect on the little slide... tracking you your food your cds EVERYTHING..
even your clothing and needless to say doctors may just do that to your body...
what I think is there going to put these things on all food and weapons and confinscate them if they declare martial law!  alien.gif not so sure about the alien bit...

Edited by Magikman, 12 January 2004 - 02:46 AM.

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#11    Dowdy



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Posted 12 January 2004 - 01:57 AM

Mind Control..Coming Spring 2004!!!

that sound like a promotion, not a warning

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#12    Urielsfire


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Posted 18 January 2004 - 01:41 AM

The depth of some people's belief without a shread of evidence will never cease to amaze me.

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#13    anonymous57


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Posted 18 January 2004 - 09:21 PM

I have seen some of the stuff on that site and immediately thought "these guys have seen too much X-files". There are no grounds to believe this, X-files are not real, neither are governments trying to restrict us. There was an article in the paper similar to this, about Big Brother technology (I trust you all know what Big Brother is (It's a terrible TV show)), the papers said it would never be implemented in the near future. Besides, what is aluminium going to do?

And before you ask, no I am not a government agent (or am I...)

If you read this I now own your soul

#14    ambyglam


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Posted 18 January 2004 - 11:29 PM

seeing things on shows like the x files probably means that there is some truth in them, it has always been a tool of the government to glamourise actual events as to make the people think things are all fiction such as the philadelphia experiment.

there is truth in that story, so by making it into a film it simply became fiction


#15    JLA369


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Posted 19 January 2004 - 12:44 PM

Sounds like a movie. and no I don't have any bad stuff happening in my DNA yet...

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