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astral help plz

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 05:38 AM

i posted this in an old astral thread,but no one answered.so im posting here.plzzzz help me.


i need help,i have a long and very odd story,rather than make a new post ill put it in here.

until an hour ago i knew nothing of astral.i have had many of these thing happen before but had no idea what it was.im gonna try and skim as much off my story as posible.when i was 7 i almost died.after that i began to see figures,and have dreams that were very lucid and later came true.i still have these dreams(im 19 now).i have figures i see around town.one is attached to my car.i know this all sounds crazy.all my life (after 7) ive had dreams i was falling and jolted as if i was hitting the grond but i never saw the ground.i also had many other dreams as if i was home but in a wierd world.i now (after reading some of this thread) think i was going into astral,but by accident.i have also gone into sort of trances while doing other things,one time while driving,i aparently drove a mile or so without remembering it.i now think i have been slipping into astral without knowing it.this explains the things ive been seeing for years.thats a long story short.now here are my questions.

it seems like a possibility to me that there may be something bad in my house,if i astral can it hurt me in any way? or steal my body? i belive the figure in my car has been protecting me,and after posting a thread here was told she may be my gaurdian angel.should i trust anyone i may see in astral? can i see other live normal people in astral? i ask because my girl is a few thousand miles away right now,could i visit her? and does she need to be in astral too? if i move something in astral will it be moved in life? what happens if i were to die in astral? can i cross an ocean? if i were to fail and drown,would i wake up or what? i want to try this but im afraid of what i may see. is there a backup plan if i need to wakeup quick? i will really apreciate any help.

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 05:45 AM


You posted it yesterday, give it a chance to receive enough attention before jumping the gun. There really are enough threads addressing 'astral travel', we really don't need another.


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