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I want A debunker to try to Debunk this

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#346    GySi


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Posted 13 August 2008 - 02:25 PM

Hey all.

I just wanted to add my own 2 cents to the debate as a whole...

I've read a fair few of these threads, and they all seem to follow a pattern and end up in circles with both sides thinking the other is ignorant, and some humorous name calling. I just wanted to say, I don't think anyone who is actively participating in a discussion like this is ignorant.

Everyone has the same information on offer to them.

We have all seen the news footage. We have all heard the official story. We have all heard the CT story, most of us would have watched Loose Change or a similar film, and most of us would have found ourselves watching an opposing film. And, with all this information, we would have taken it all in, processed it, thought about, and come up with our own unique answer to the situation.

I don't think after all that, it makes anyone ignorant, it just highlights the different way people think, consider and make conclusions with the information on offer to them. Ignorance I think would be people not wanting to know at all, not caring, not thinking about, and not even knowing a discussion like this exists! So being in this forum shows none of us are ignorant and we are at least be interested (even though we may not be able to agree) in the other side's comments and opinions.

For myself, I don't believe the conspiracy, I'm not going to bore anyone with how I came to this conclusion, unless you want me to bore you, haha tongue.gif. But it's the conclusion I've come to after looking at all the information on offer for myself, and I'm satisfied with my conclusion.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the discussion progresses and all the new info that can be shared for all of us.


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#347    Obviousman


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Posted 14 August 2008 - 10:39 AM

Nice post, GySi.

FWIW, I sometimes feel that people take offence - unjustly - at being called ignorant of subject.  I'm ignorant of many subjects; it doesn't mean I am unintelligent or stupid. It means that I lack the necessary training or knowledge to properly understand a subject. That's all.

I feel that some people should admit they are ignorant of some areas regarding 9-11, and weigh statements on the subject from people who are qualified in the area.

#348    Splodgenessabounds


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Posted 18 August 2008 - 04:33 AM

At the end of the day whoever did it will be sent to a Mars penile colony in 2017 to mine for mythril and other assorted hamburger relishes.  Afterwards something horrible might happen to them including spoons and genitalia.  If you ask me, I thing the most outlandish claim to who did is the most believable so I think it was Abraham Lincoln.  Why?  Well when he was alive the WTC didn't exist, so why would he want it around today?  Opinion is divided 1 to 5,999,999,999, basically because everyone "says" he died in 1865.  But tortoises are known to live for 150+ years, I have proof.

"Tortoises live to be very old, so why can't humans, I mean, we both have four limbs and you can consider human skin to be a kind of shell."  
   - Dr John Frederickson-Lydon, Professor of Gynacology at University of God Knows Where

Lincoln received a patent in 1849 for a system he designed to adjust the buoyancy of steamboats.  There's another hot slab of potatoe proof that he did it.

The Government is misleading you all into a fruit blender of lies and disception to cover up the ultimate truth.  They know Abraham Lincoln (if that is his real name) did it.

If you watch Zeitgeist backwards, then forwards and 2 hours later up and down whilst spinning in a north-southernly direction you will hear the following message:

"Huk sagzipnah froncarti frank lam hoi pard jakinis fellop mon ti"

Take from this what you will my friends


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