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reader asking for another readers help...

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#16    luvnkind


    Ectoplasmic Residue

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  • Don't waist a single gift GOD gives you,
    Use it to change the lives of others!!!!

Posted 10 July 2008 - 03:05 AM

John A Spera on Jul 9 2008, 08:05 AM, said:


You are creating, we all are, various circumstances with your thoughts. When we try too hard to make a perfect choice, the energy of anxiety insures we will not. You need to, as I see it, balance your human concerns about these choices with the awareness that there is no such thing as a bad choice. All humans are spiritual beings having a physical focus.

So relax, choose the next thing you wish to experience, ie write a chapter, then ask yourself in a calm manner, is this the way to go. Then listen.

The balance I speak about is in reguard to all the diverse energies within. Its between the logical and the intuitive. Its between the human concerns and the soul desires.

The time has come to choose anything, reflect a bit and then choose again. The value is in these experiences, not in the particular choices IMO. Stop being logical.

If these thoughts are as clear as mud, then let them go. My insights or views about you are not perfect but yours are. You will never not be the master of your ship. You will never really understand it either because the divine within is not logical in human terms but in divine terms.



i love you and i understood everything on this one... i cant tell you how much i appreciate you doing that... it makes perfect sense... your right.. i am over logical... this coming from someone who says she has a teens vocabulary... lol..

thank you again... thank you.. thank you... i hope i didn't upset you by asking you to rewrite it..

Love ya... truly

Luv, Luvnkind

#17    Amberlight


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Posted 10 July 2008 - 03:45 AM

luvnkind on Jul 8 2008, 11:16 PM, said:

I have messaged you one time and i just want you to know that "I love you".. you made me cry ... the orange petales is something i think of often.. I know that sounds corny.. but when I meditate I do it in a field of flowers get this "With HUGE orange petales"

your right, I feel this craving is exactly what i need.. it makes me want it so bad I can taste it.. but it seems everytime I go to step off the edge .. GOD says "Not yet"... the question that burns in my head is ... the same old question.. "Am I saying it's not time or is it really just not time" ... I know I said when God speaks I can hear it loud and clear and normally I do.. but this time.. that stupid .. "doubt monster" comes climbing in the bed with me..

Thank you so much.. please feel free to let me know if you get anything else..

Love, Luvnkind

Awww, that is so awesome. I believe you are such a positive force and this world is in need of you. The sick, the discouraged, the doubtful, the hurting, these are the ones you have a heart for. When you write your book, write for them. When you speak to the crowds, speak for them and to them. I see you in a spiritual type ministry, you are especialy good with dysfunctional healing type work. Are you a healer? Do you work with the laying on of hands? I see that. I see you using your hands and the power of God flows out into the hurting hearts. I see breakthrough and people turning that hurt over to God in thankfullness due to your work. I see revival, new insight and more power provided with your gifts. Oooh, I am tingling right now, it feels so good to see this. I think God is going to literally "DUMP" goodies on you. You have been so faithful, a true burning heart servant to God, and he is so so so so pleased with you. You are very dearly loved by God. I rarely get this kind of excitment, it's like God is jumping up and down with happiness in you. Oh my goodness, I am cracking up over it.

Phew, okay, I think God is done now jumping. Hope that is what you needed to hear. And I love you too! linked-image

Today on my walk I passed by this old lady who was sweetly calling to her cat. She said, “Here Sylvester, here kitty kitty, come here.” But while she said it she was holding this large broom. This made me wonder what she knew about Sylvester that the rest of us didn’t. - Amberlight

#18    luvnkind


    Ectoplasmic Residue

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  • Don't waist a single gift GOD gives you,
    Use it to change the lives of others!!!!

Posted 10 July 2008 - 07:47 AM

ODIN-X on Jul 9 2008, 08:40 AM, said:

LuvnKind -

What a wonderful outlook. I thank you for being who you are and I wish that we all could strive to do this.
I don't think that you should be confused at all.
There are so many people out there that are being torn apart from the inside and all that they need is a friend to listen and care.

IMO, God does have a purpose for each and everyone of us. Consider yourself lucky that you have found your purpose.
Maybe become a counselor to the youth? to the elderly who have been abandoned by their families?
I think if you feel that something is right, you are responsable to do it.
Follow your heart.
And again thank you for being who you are, you have changed lives.
Hugs 4 Granny!


You are a doll... thank you so much for your kind words... it sounds to me like the world IS a better place with you in it... and there is nothing i love more then to love and help teens from broken homes... and the elderly who have no home...this is what i do daily... i have raised ten of these teens and loved every second of it... okay maybe not every second.. thirteen kids (three of mine) is not let's say an easy task... but one that GOD seen me strong enough to handle... original.gif original.gif

you know people see the bad things that others do as... well... bad... sad.gif i see them as a learning experiance... something that we all need to learn from. it is because of these things that we grow... it's the same with bad things that happen to us... and boy i could write a book about this alone... but when bad things happen to us we learn the most valuable lessons. I myself learned "FORGIVENESS" this is a hard thing to learn.. but once you have you can teach others how to do the same...

well.. now that i'm writing a book on the matter... again thank you so much it's nice to hear others praise you... for all the hard work you do...

love ya lots, luvnkind

Luv, Luvnkind

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