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#1    swagger


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Posted 12 October 2002 - 06:37 AM

i have a theory that there were real elves. their race started to die out to they began to breed with humans, therefore creating half elves.. some people have attributes of elves such as pointed ears and long slinder faces. also i believe there were orcs or something like an orc that did the same thing.because i've seen quite a few people who look orcish lol. also i believe there used to be the use of magic and/or spells a while back aswell. now you rarely find a practicing mage and if there are any their shunned by society. i believe magic was used often long ago but now is looked down upon because oue society is different and we are told that this stuff is fake and are easly distracted by tv or vedio games etc... my thought  :su

#2    oljess


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Posted 18 October 2002 - 08:26 PM

  I believe you are , at least , mostly correct.
  Our "racial" memory suggests that there were several "races" of men.
  The elves, orcs,dwarves and so on.
  As to whether they were real is open to debate.
  But if you could imagine a neanderthal headhunter I am sure the argument could be made that he was an "orc".
  Dwarves are simply short humans of a slightly differing build.
  Elves are likely the same.
  The "historical" enmity between elves and dwarves is more cultural than physical.
  It is also possible that elves, dwarves, and orcs are alien beings, whether they are extra-dimensional, extra-terrestrial, or even extra planar is, again, open for debate.
  Magic "is".
  Whether it is the arcane, psychic, or technological.
  A sci-fi show "Babylon 5" had a group called "techno mages".
  They performed "magic" through the use of technology.
  The perverbial arcane mage is "Merlin" of  Arthurian fame.
  The last category is psychic.
  I believe that the evidence is there to support psychic/psionic manipulation, but we haven't learned to recognize it scientifically yet.
  So, the short answer is yes , all of these things existed; from a certain point of view.

#3    Kismit



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Posted 30 October 2002 - 08:27 AM

Magic is still practised today in many forms On the whole it is shuned by society I have seen crafted magiK in action I believe this is what you think of when you refer to sorcerers like Merlin , and yes I believe it works allthough it differs slightly to the magic you see at the movies like the Harry Potter stuff .
  I have known a couple who could not have children try for years untill they finnally decided to seek help from a witch (this particular witch is a man) and they concieved with in a month of following his instrutions.
I have also seen a young man suffering from lukemia have his blood count rise three times and each time after a healing spell was cast.
It is an interesting subject but to many people judge it before they have learned anything about it.

#4    Loonboy



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Posted 30 October 2002 - 02:44 PM

An interesting aside on this is voodoo, which I believe holds power over a person only if that person believes that voodoo is real and a force to be reckoned with. If the person thinks, 'pish, I don't go in for all that mumbo jumbo' then voodoo has no power over them. This works both in a negative way and in a positive way - ie. curses and placebos.

As far as elves go, I believe that there were indeed and still are 'little people' in the quiet places of the world but not in a conventionally physical way. They probably are multi-dimensional.

By the way oljess, I like your phrase 'extra planar'. Cool.  :sg

Do what you want and be what you feel. Because after all, those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't 'mind.

Work hard, keep the ceremonies, live peacably, and unite your hearts. Hopi

Listen to the voice of nature, for it holds treasures for you. Huron

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears. Minquass

#5    PurpleStuart



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Posted 02 November 2002 - 03:12 PM

LB, i completely agree with you on the placebo effect. The placebo effect is very real, and i believe that that is what most magic is based on.

never take me too seriously

#6    Homer


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Posted 02 November 2002 - 03:38 PM

Of course elves exist. Who do you think Santa enslaves to make his toys? :s2

אַ֭תָּה אֱלֹהֵ֣י יִשְׁעִ֑י

#7    Kira


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Posted 02 November 2002 - 09:59 PM

::) :s2 :s2 @ Homer

P.S and L.B I agree that the placebo effect is real but I will disagree P.S  that most magic is based on that............ ;D

We do what we do because of who we are. If we did otherwise, we would not be ourselves.

#8    Kismit



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Posted 05 November 2002 - 12:26 AM

I agree with celtic on this one as in the example I gave of the gentlman with lukemia he was completly un ware that the healing spells had taken place.
  allthough the brain is capable of some interesting things that the body is not aware of . Ihave been known to get phsycosamatic cold sores I only have to no some body has one and I get one . :sj

    I've allways wanted to use that smilie  ;D

#9    Sunuviel14


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Posted 29 December 2002 - 09:26 PM

                                                Of course Elves are real.  Call me insane (and I will agree, muah ha ha!) but I think Tolkein had sumfin goin when he wrote all this stuff.  I know alot of ppl who look like Elves (myself included) and I have a friend who look like a Dwarf and I know some ppl who look and sound exactly like Orcs.  Like I said, call me insane, but definetly believe this.                                                  

Nai tiru vantel ar varya vantel i Valar tielyanna nu Vilya.

#10    HistPV1


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Posted 02 February 2003 - 01:56 AM

                                                I know a friend of my looks like a Half Human and Half Elf and his ears look little bit pointy. But I call him Mr. Vulcan or Mr Half Breed Elf                                                

#11    Homer


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Posted 02 February 2003 - 06:08 AM

                                                Elves are cool cool.gif                                                

אַ֭תָּה אֱלֹהֵ֣י יִשְׁעִ֑י

#12    Bizarro


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Posted 02 February 2003 - 06:16 AM

                                                im an elf  biggrin.gif                                                

if there was a meteor,
adrift amongst space,
set about on a collision course
not with Earth, but my face...
i wonder if id even know,
at what time i might,
be passed off like an old style
and by the meteor be smite?

- me, 1997

#13    King Sky

King Sky

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Posted 21 December 2003 - 07:12 PM

didint the guy who created the smurf's get his inpiration when he said

he had seen a village of little pepole, in some wood's he vas visiting?

#14    bathory


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Posted 22 December 2003 - 06:06 AM

I agree with celtic on this one as in the example I gave of the gentlman with lukemia he was completly un ware that the healing spells had taken place.

was he getting modern treatment as well?  rolleyes.gif  

#15    secondhand


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  • Bah humbug

Posted 22 December 2003 - 11:30 AM

Is it possible that the psychosomatic cold sores that Kismet speaks of could be triggered by stress? I had shingles a couple of years ago, I was pretty stressed at the time and I think that's what brought it on. I believe shingles and cold sores are both related, i.e. the herpes virus [feel free to correct if I am wrong, I probably am].

If all the elves died out, would that be considered an elf hazard?


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