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regarding the map of the new world and aliens

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#16    hamellr



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Posted 10 March 2004 - 09:07 PM

QUOTE (STIX @ Mar 6 2004, 04:10 AM)

more evidence of european knowledge about north america before columbus!!

Eh... by Columbus' time people pretty much knew the world was round. Columbus was even pretty sure that there was a large island (or a continuation of Greenland,) between him and the East Indies, that's one of the reasons he sailed so far south.

This Book is based on his logs and such, tells all about his voyage.

I've even heard refrences that he had a map of parts of North America that had come directly from these Viking sources.

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Posted 12 April 2004 - 12:42 PM

there is an old church in scotland which was built 90 years before columbus sailed and found the americas, in the church there are carvings of farmed goods and there is a carving of american corn which looks quite different to conventional corn

Then let us again examine whether that is a sound statement, or do we let it pass, and if one of us, or someone else, merely says that something is so, do we accept that it is so? Or should we examine what the speaker means?


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Posted 12 April 2004 - 01:55 PM

The government knew about aliens before the general public.

I think this is an interesting quote.  The way i see it...the public has known about aliens for about 40 years...they just choose to not accept it for fear of being fanatical...that's why we get the "anger" posts on this website from the extreme of skeptic kinds that curse us out for being crazy (diet, not talking bout you by the way), those people are the ones who are most afraid of the truth, that we are not alone.   alien.gif  

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Posted 12 April 2004 - 08:44 PM

QUOTE (STIX @ Mar 9 2004, 09:16 PM)
Diebytheflyguy you are entitled to your oppinion but i have one more thing to say; what state of mind do you think the general public was in before columbus? they probably thought that europe, asia, africa, and australia was all there was to the world and that there was one big ocean. now if you suddenly told them that their world was something completely different then what they believe and trust then their whole belief system would be questioned. THAT alone would cause the public some trauma. Also the government would want to keep it under wraps until they could controll the situation so their rivals (france, germany) would not be able to compete.

now if you take those same Ideas and apply them other situations like the world being flat and the existince of extra terrestrials then I hope you can understand the similarities and get the "COVER UP AND CONSPIRACY" that I am trying to convey.

I will admit that it is only a possibility and I could be completely wrong, but please read it without prejeduce and I would also like you to remember that people do lie and have in the past and there is no reason they would not do it again.

What state of mind were people in when NASA decided to launch men into space in 1969... We were not disoriented and confused and our past belief of space travel -which was "not possible"- didnt make people question their belief system... No trauma was cause because of this... When people were told the earth was round or that we revolved around the sun, it didnt cause a major uproar, or the people werent wandering in disbelief towards the church... You are saying that any change in thought or belief would cause a major uproar in society?... People accept the change and get on with it. If you tell a person there are more than nine planets in the universe I really really dont think that they would be stricken with trauma or be disoriented... They would accept this fact and move on. With the new world they were probably excited and wanted to be educated about the far-off land. No cover up conspiracy would be needed. I really really dont see why a cover up conspiracy would be needed to allow the people to accept the change. And even so; its not a cover up conspiracy at all. You are saying that aliens gave maps or directions to the goverment which then gave orders for someone to make a fake, accidental discovery or the new world. WHY? would you say this? When expidetions were make to find trade routes, and accidentally china was discovered, was this a cause for a cover up? When people traveled to antartica were they informed by aliens, or was this to cover up the fact that there is a new part of the world, which was thought by all to not exist???

but please read it without prejeduce

You stated:
comeone, someone else give me an oppinon, try and bash it!!

Thats all I was doing here... I was bashing it because you asked for it, and because I wanted to...

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Posted 12 April 2004 - 08:51 PM

ok ok, Diebytheflyguy, you may be right, and thats the best your getting out of me!

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