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Pick a President

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#31    Seraphina


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Posted 19 March 2004 - 11:25 PM

Well Mr Kayel, as controvertial as you're rant may end up being, I agree...after taking the test, I did a comparrison of myself and Bushism, and I must admit, I stand amazed at how anyone could vote for him huh.gif

Abortion illegal
Compulsary religious teachings in school
Ban on gay marraige
Bills that invade people's privacy and cut back on their civil rights

And that's just naming a few...the guy's a nazi wacko.gif  

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#32    KayEl


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Posted 20 March 2004 - 01:32 PM

Well I got Kerry first...
Followed by Sharpton!!!!(Ugh!!!!) No way I am ever voting for this walking joke.
Next is Kucinich.
Bush is dead last. thumbsup.gif

My dream is becoming a reality!!!!

Oh the Taiwanese preseident got shot. So maybe my dream was about HIM instead....

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#33    Gazz



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Posted 20 March 2004 - 09:48 PM

QUOTE (KayEl @ Mar 20 2004, 01:32 PM)

My psychic powers are very potent! rainfro.gif
(ooga booga looga!)

LMAO! tongue.gif  blink.gif  wacko.gif  whistling2.gif  rolleyes.gif  

#34    fearfulone


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Posted 23 March 2004 - 04:48 PM

Don't be stupid, most world leaders are against terrorism, but not all of them are follow Bushism.

Yeah, that's obvious what aspect of terrorism other world leaders have...the same as Spain eh?  Is that the kind of leadership you want?  Run when you get hit?  anyway...KERRY has no shot, you know why....I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HE BELIEVES, he FLIP FLOPS on every issue since he came back from vietnam.  Anyway...i PREDICT, and you all can HOLD ME TO IT...Bush will win with a 65% vote....Kerry will get 32% and Nader will get 3% and we will have the strongest backboned country for another four years.  And by the way, i didnt vote for bush 4 yrs ago...but this time he's the LESSER of two evils.

Trust no one that trusts you!

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