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#31    Homer


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Posted 06 June 2001 - 01:02 PM

Yeah, those fireworks do look cool. I was wondering how they were done myself.


אַ֭תָּה אֱלֹהֵ֣י יִשְׁעִ֑י

#32    Magikman


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Posted 12 June 2001 - 05:50 AM

Hey guys,

  Just got back from a nice long vacation to New Mexico. Had a chance to travel to Roswell, and as you can see from my picture, nothing unusual happened while I was there. grin2.gif

 Can't seem to account for a couple hours near the end, but I think I was just tired from all the traveling. original.gif

 First off, congrats HOMER on making SUPREME MEMBER ranking.

 Secondly, I shouldn't have to tell you guys, all the special effects are done by


 ...don't you believe me? This is after all, the unexplained mysteries website, isn't it? ;D

 Okay, okay, I'll let you in on my secret, but just this one time. Take notes, because there will be a test later on.

 First off, and most importantly, you have to be using an internet service provider that gives you so much space for your own online homepage or personal website. Some examples are; AOL, MSN, COMPUSERVE, EARTHLINK, etc. Alternately, there are alot of big websites like YAHOO that offer access to personal homepages with up to 25 megabytes of available space by just signing up with them for free. This is a must, because many websites that offer the gifs I am using do not like it if you link them directly to this forum. Each hit uses bandwidth that the website owner must pay for, so they ask that if you use their pictures, or 'gifs', that you copy them to your online site and then link to them from there. It also saves Gareth from getting a lot of nasty emails and grief from upset webmasters. >:(

 Once you have your own online homepage, just use any search engine to find pictures (jpg's or gif's) that interest you. I entered fireworks gifs into the google search engine and it came up with quite a few choices. Once you find something you like, right click on the picture and choose 'save picture as' to download onto your hard drive. Then all you need do is upload the picture to your personal website. Then link that picture to your post on this forum using the insert image icon. Easy, right?  :original.gif It takes a little practice, and most importantly, access to your own online homepage. I am by no means an expert at any of this, if someone can add to this or explain the process in simpler and/or easier to comprehend language, please feel free to do so.


Skeptical scrutiny is the means, in both science and religion, by which deep insights can be winnowed from deep nonsense. ~ Carl Sagan

"...man has an irrepressible tendency to read meaning into the buzzing confusion of sights and sounds impinging on his senses; and where no agreed meaning can be found, he will provide it out of his own imagination." ~ Arthur Koestler

#33    Saru


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  • "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious." - Albert Einstein

Posted 12 June 2001 - 11:41 AM

Hi Magikman,

Welcome back original.gif Your now one of the lucky few to have actually visited the site of the most famous Alien Conpiracy of all time ;D

In regard to the free web space providers - NBCI is another good one - the video files on this site are hosted on NBCI web space. If anyone is unable to find web space to store a couple of Gifs for use in the forum, let me know and I could upload them to unexplained-mysteries.com for you. Nothing too large of course !


#34    SpaceyKC


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  • Thank you TO

Posted 15 June 2001 - 12:04 AM

KUDOS to you Magikman!! Glad to see you're back! Thanks for giving us the secret to your 'magik'! (I still haven't figured out the first one you told me about, but I'll keepa tryin'!!) tongue.gif  *at least I got my smilies*

"Science may have found a cure for most evils;  but it has
         found no remedy for the worst of them all --- the apathy of human beings."
                                                     Helen Keller

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