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FEMA Coffins/Concentration Camps

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#46    Sir Wearer of Hats

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 04:43 AM

View Postel midgetron, on 17 November 2008 - 11:54 PM, said:

I think there is some truth to the FEMA camps. However, even <i>if</i> those were "plastic coffins", I think there purpose would be less diabolical than is feared. I don't think we would be given proper burials in the event of a pandemic, purge or otherwise catastrophic event. Even the victoms of the holocaust were dumped into mass graves by the allied forces after the camps were liberated (what else could they do with 100s of thousands of bodies?). Its much more likely that we would be cremated or dumped into mass graves. In the event of some type of "american holocaust" or purge, cremation would be the most likely as it would fully dispose of the bodies (or <i>evidence</i>).

<i><b>For example, a large number of S-327, S-321, S-220, S-111, T400 and T-200 machines are positioned at the Navy Bases of Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), on the Island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, in Iraq and Afghanistan, all supporting US and NATO military efforts. Others are operating or were employed at US Military facilities on islands in the Atlantic Ocean (Ascensions) and Pacific Ocean, such Johnston Island and other undisclosed locations. </b></i>

The US Forest Service and US National Park Service use our machines at various locations in the management of our national forests. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has funded fireboxes for use on Indian Land, mostly for wildfire mitigation programs. <i><b>Under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, a number of our machines have been placed in position to deal with such contingencies as bio terrorism or AG Terror.  Our machines play a major roll in disaster recovery operations by FEMA and the Corps of Engineers nationwide</b>.
<a href="http://www.airburner...v-projects.htm" target="_blank"><!--coloro:#476c8e--><span style="color:#476c8e"><!--/coloro-->http://www.airburner...-/colorc--></a>

"Air Burners’ systems are typically used worldwide in the construction industry to support land clearing operations and demolition debris removal, for forest fire mitigation efforts and at landfill sites to help reduce the reliance on costly landfills by reducing wood waste and similar such waste streams. They are also used in disaster recovery for clearing the aftermath from storm or flood damage, <i><b>and to dispose of (diseased) animal carcasses</b></i>, including BSE, foot-and-mouth disease or CWD affected carcasses.  <b>They play a very important role in many contingency plans dealing with bio-security and catastrophic animal emergencies throughout the world.</b>"

<a href="http://www.airburner...mpany_info.htm" target="_blank"><!--coloro:#476c8e--><span style="color:#476c8e"><!--/coloro-->http://www.airburner...-/colorc--></a>

<b>Swine Carcass Incineration Rate</b>
Swine carcass incineration rates were based
on actual timed observations for total incineration
at temperatures ranging from 1,800° F to 2,000° F
[980° C to 1,100° C]. <b>Carcasses weighing approximately
180 pounds [82 kg] were completely incinerated
in 15 to 20 minutes at the above estimated
temperatures.</b> Air curtain incineration blower fan
speeds ranged from 1,500 to 1,600 rpm’s. <b>A total
of 504 head of swine carcasses, weighing 91,060
pounds [41,300 kg] was incinerated during the 3
days of operation. </b>The average actual incineration
day was approximately 7 hours using 11 cords [40
m3 ] of cut and split dry oak/gum firewood per 7
hour period. <b>A very important factor observed
during the incineration process was that carcass
<i>body fat added significantly to the incineration
rate.</i> It was observed that the small carcasses
weighing less than 100 pounds [45 kg] were not
incinerated as quickly as the carcasses with increased
body fat. <i>The body fat appeared to increase
the incineration rate and provide higher burn

</i></b><a href="http://www.airburner...ine_report.pdf" target="_blank"><!--coloro:#476c8e--><span style="color:#476c8e"><!--/coloro-->http://www.airburner...-/colorc--></a>

There is also alot of talk of railcars specifically designed to transport people to the FEMA camps. I haven't seen anything very credible to support this. The photos that show up on various websites are of railcars used to transport automobiles. Their design would be il-logical for the transportation, loading/unloading of people. I think standard un-modified box cars have already proven themselves as an efficient means of moving large numbers of people.
I may be slow here, but are you saying that they're hauling around incinerators, and plan on "sending people to the showers"?
Grief, there's a lot of stuff I think may be plausible, but that's just scary.

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el midgetron

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 05:57 AM

View PostWearer of Hats, on 23 September 2009 - 04:43 AM, said:

I may be slow here, but are you saying that they're hauling around incinerators, and plan on "sending people to the showers"?
Grief, there's a lot of stuff I think may be plausible, but that's just scary.

Not exactly. I just don't think if a crippling depopulation event happens that we can count on a fancy plastic box to be our final resting place.

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 05:32 PM

Like I said before, I don't give in to all that is put out there, I take all the information given to me, asses the info and come to my own conclusions. But going back to what you were saying (fluffy bunny) in regards to the vaccine...
> Now the actual H1N1 flu could be one of two things... (1)it could be nothing at all, just a slightly different strand of virus from the normal flu (which I see it being, which is why I wont be getting the vaccine) (2) It could be something that has mutated (whether naturally or artificially)  and could be fatal. With that said and the knowledge given about vaccines in general lets asses this. These vaccines in the past have been known to do more harm than good, Autism is sadly a perfect example of that. As an aspiring genetic chemist I also see some of the chemicals used as extremely harmful. Mercury being one of the big ones, exposed even on the outer epidermis, could lead to death (within 6 months). Smaller amounts (like the amounts used in these vaccines have been known to inhibit proper cell growth, destroy nervous systems, and even act as a carcinogen. This isnt the only toxic substance used. Squalene is another dangerous yet often used in vaccines... check it out for yourself http://www.fda.gov/B...s/ucm181950.htm or you could check this one as well http://remixxworld.b...-swine-flu.html
With that pointed out, would you put what ever toxic cocktail that is manufactured by a non-regulated, questionable company (like baxter)??? I know im not, and I urge everyone else to refuse the vaccine as well.
> The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act which was passed gives the companies full immunity from their actions, reading the fine print and the legality of it all, you will see that these companies (no matter how much damage they cause) will walk away, free of any repercussions. http://www.hhs.gov/d...pact/index.html
> Regarding the vaccine as not mandatory... All this talk about chipping and keeping tabs on people that have received the vaccine and those that didn't, turns out to be true and happening.
Now as for it being a myth, you should really check your history. There was a case back in 1905, called Jacobson v. the commonwealth of Massachusetts which regards the balance between individual rights and the public’s health. This case clearly shows that vaccines can be made mandatory. http://biotech.law.l...setts_brief.htm
I highly suggest that if you take anything from this post, it's this case. Im sorry, but these are the facts, maybe its time to stop believing what THEY want you to believe and look at the facts and the evidence around you.
> As for the coffins (wearer of hats).... They do exist and they do serve a purpose. I see how it would make sense to just throw bodies into a mass grave (Nazi Germany), yet there is a very important difference. The people executed and buried were not infected with a pathogen that could potentially be harmful even after death. In a scenario like the one that some are predicting, bodies (even after death) would have to be quarantined. These "coffin liners" are the perfect solution for this problem. Not only would they contain the virus, but they are also cheap and easy to manufacture. Now say that they were not meant for any particular reason, they would still make perfect "coffins" for any matter really. It is more hygienic that way.
Again I am not saying that I know this to be true, but if you look at all the secrecy tied to what is or isnt going on, you can only speculate what the possible outcomes could be. Please if you have any information that states otherwise please respond, or even email me; chriscruz223@gmail.com

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Posted 10 October 2009 - 02:15 AM


Sounds like this belongs more in the conspiracy forum.

As to the subject, I think it's very possible but not necessarily sinister.

If a plague or toxic event (like a WMD attack) killed thousands or millions quick and sanitary disposal of bodies is essential. There isn't time for traditional burrial processes.
Good to see they're prepared. Though if I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with a terminal illness, could you imagine the shock on my face if he reassured me that he was completely prepared and stepped aside to reveal a nice oak coffin for me.
Don't mean much by it. Just thought it might cause a bit of amusement. Anyway, I should look into getting some sleep soon...

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