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How do ufos go so fast?

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Posted 30 April 2004 - 12:19 PM

QUOTE (Gazz @ Apr 5 2004, 07:35 PM)
Think of space as a piece of paper.

One end of the paper is point A (where
you are)

The other end of the paper is point B
(where you want to go)

Now for something totaly off topic...Am I the only one who reads Gazz's posts and gets thrown off by the formatting?

I keeps expecting to read a Haiku or possibly iambic pentameter...It never sounds quite right though...

Gazz, if you are going to format your posts like you do, would you be willing to at least get them to be poetic?

Thanks thumbsup.gif


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 01:17 AM

Why do UFO's move so fast? Where do they come from? Who drives them? Are they real? Who really knows??? blink.gif  

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Posted 04 May 2004 - 03:07 AM

Hmmmmmm.....seems most of you have a misconception about what "anti-gravity" really is. Some of you have probably read a few interesting articles about it, but from what I can garner here, it also seems that the writers of these articles have also misunderstood what they have been experimenting with.

In reality, there is no such thing, in principle, as antigravity. What you have, in fact, is just a form of gravity control. What you are doing is creating a gravity wave around your ship that is out of phase with the one you're pushing against. By doing, you both cancel the effect of the gravitational pull of the first field and your own field is then free to move you about in any fashion you like.

Another misconception I can see is the understanding of how these vehicles move through space......and it also has to do with what gravity is, and it's relationship with spacetime. Gravity, as you might know, is a warping of spacetime created by the presence of mass (matter and energy). You might also know that electromagnetic radiation is due to the accelerated motion of an electrical charge in reference to a magnetic field. What you mightn't know is that gravitation and electromagnetism are just 2 aspects of the one force, and can be coupled together at certain energy densities. Normally, to couple gravity and electromagnetism it takes an enormous amount of energy and very high densities but that can be gotten around (read about GUT's.......you'll see what I mean).

The way around it is to use the coupling of an electromagnetic field with the surrounding space to create a warp of the local spacetime around the ship. If you're aware of it, space itself is not empty. Take away all the matter and energy in any given area of space and you still have a residual energy left over. That energy is the vacuum or zero point energy of space itself. Basically it's the energy generated by the vibration of spacetime itself. It is also, in effect, a gravitational field, since energy and mass are equivalent (special relativity....e=mc^2). So, in order to warp spacetime, you need to couple a electromagnetic field (EMF) of suffiecent power and energy density with the local spacetime field. To do so, the energy density of the EMF  has to be such that it directly impinges upon the vacuum energy of the spacetime field. The vacuum energy itself is nothing more than the popping in and out of existence of particle/virtual particle pairs that are being generated by the vibrations (fluctuations) of the field as predicted by quantum theory.

Once you've managed to do this, it's then a matter of creating a "gradient" in the surrounding warp field in order to push your craft along. What you'll notice is that in relation to the local spacetime around your ship, you can be at rest. It's the area in the vicinity of the warp itself which is where all the action is occuring. What's happening, in effect, is that a small bubble of spacetime that contains your ship is being moved along by a warp/spacetime gradient being generated within the coupled EMF/spacetime. Basically, what a warpdrive is, is a spacetime impeller......you contract spacetime ahead of the ship and expand it behind the ship, which pushes you along. With all that I have mentioned in mind, to do so, you create a nested field structure with the warping gradient decreasing from front to back and from outer to inner field. That creates the pushing effect.

That in simple terms, is what a warpdrive is grin2.gif

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