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smell of death?

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Posted 28 February 2009 - 04:17 AM

crookedass on Feb 26 2009, 03:16 PM, said:

First of all, I'm sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section. I wasn't quite sure where to post it, so if it is feel free to do what is appropriate original.gif

My father died almost 7 months ago now, he died in August of last year of a massive heart attack. It came as a complete shock to the entire family. He was rather overweight, because he ate lots of unhealthy foods and was an alcoholic, but he admitted this, he enjoyed it, he was sensible about it, he didn't let it affect relationships in anyway. but that doesn't matter. Like i said, he died of a heart attack in August '08.  On the day of his funeral, we had a viewing of him lying in his coffin. I didn't smell anything, but my mum, who had been with my dad for 24 years, smelled this horrible smell, she said it was the smell of the embalmments used to preserve the skin and body from decomposition.

The thing is this smell has stuck with my mum, she seems to have been the only person who smelled it. The smell comes and goes at no apparent pattern. Until recently she just assumed it was just a smell stuck with her. My mum visited a friend who said that, the smell, was a of my dad letting my mum know that he was near her, close enough for her to smell him. When her friend told her this she realised that the only time's she's smelled it was in our house, where he lived. While driving by the place he died, and at his grave. So if it really is my dad making his presence known, it makes sense that his spirit lingers at the place he lived, died, and was buried.

And in the last few days I have had this feeling, of which i can call death. I really can't explain it. However last week I was speaking to my dad, my beliefs and such is not a topic of question, and i asked him to let me know that he was watching over us. I can't remember the exact day i spoke to him, but i know that the dead communicate within 3 days/weeks/months, as me and my mum attended a reading and my dad came through and said "happy birthday" to my mum. This was in October, and 3 months later, was my mums birthday in January.

The reason I'm posting this is to ask if anyone else has experienced this, or has any other information, or confirmation that this may be a way of the dead contacting the living??

any replies would greatly be appreciated

thank you original.gif x

Hi, I lost my Dad as well so I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for you're lost and yes you're Dad is still looking out for you yes.gif Now as far as the smell I'm lost on that one because I'm new to the whold Paranormal thing and still a bit of a skeptic when it comes to ghost and such. I hope you find an answer to your question though. Good Luck innocent.gif

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Posted 28 February 2009 - 08:00 AM

Maybe your mother was so devastated with the loss of her husband and associated that pungent smell of embalming chemicals to her loss, so when she thinks of him, she recalls her loss, and the embalming chemicals associated with it. Im sorry to hear about your father. take care

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Posted 01 March 2009 - 10:46 AM

My mother told me years after my grandfather had die that on the day he died in the hospital just seconds before he died they all smelled the sweetest smell just fill the room and she said it had a "life" to it because it circled the room like a brezze. until it filled the whole room. In fact right about the time he passed on a nurse came into the room and said (speaking to my gransfather) "smells like someone got some nice flowers" she said as soon as the nurse noticed he was no longer breathing she left the room abd before she could getback with a doctor to prononce him dead (just a few minutes later) the smeel was gone as quickly as it had came.

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Posted 30 April 2013 - 08:51 PM

I know this topic is a few years old, but my sister recently passed away and lately im getting that smell its very strong and sometimes makes me sick.  Its not embalming fliud and it comes out of the blue for no reason.
I aslo had a dream that something bad was going to happen a couple of weeks before but did not know it was her.  I mentioned it to my other sister and she thought i was going mad.  But since my sisters death she is freaking out as this  happened with my dad 10 yrs to the day previous.  I know some of you are thinking its that i havent come to terms with her death but its not that or that im getting angry about her passsing but no, not that either.  I know there is something she is trying to tell me or we are not seeing what really happened. My beautiful sister was young not sick with cancer or anything like that. She just died thats all. So i know what your mum is going through is not nice but i can tell you its stopping the greiving process as all you are concentrating on is that horrible smell. I know that my sister is happy as i have seen her happy with a radiant smile, I know your Dad is happy too. I just want to know what happened my sister and as your now a couple of years on did it go away for your mum.  I hope you and your family are doing well and in a happier place

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Posted 19 June 2013 - 08:27 AM

I can relate to your story about your mom, as my self could sense the smell of spirit and I still remember till this days how the smells like. It can be frustrating when I am the only one that could sense it though. The only thing with spirit I just can't see them. One day I could hear the spirit echo voice even when I had my headphone on listening to my music, a little boy calling for 'Anita' 3x, so I had to paused the music, and  one more call clearly calling for that name again while it was deadly silent. I froze and felt the goose bump straight away, I felt so cold even I sat next to the heater. I asked my 2room mates whether they heard it too, and apparently some phenomena occurred with them as well from time to time. One said that, when she was asleep, there was a little kid lifted her duvet cover and pulling her big toe, she seemed very scared when she told me. While the other one, she noticed the toilet door was locked from inside for very long time she tried knocking the door many times but no answer, she even tried knocking at my room door but I wasn't home that night.

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