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Strong tingling feeling in the stomache.

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Posted 05 April 2009 - 04:09 AM

Meiliken on Apr 4 2009, 05:05 AM, said:

Several of us here are already willing to connect. yes.gif

this is true, but I am unsure if you guys totally understand what I mean.

My brain is different now... Meditation has changed me to be too open to weirdness, and right now I would like to be a little bit more average.

After that time that my body said "Hi God." beyond my control, and energy shot up my spine, my nerves, and brain chemistry were very much altered.
Now I would need to be even stonger to be able to handle the insane amount of energy I can conjure, but not quite control.

There is a bridge in meditation I need to cross to gain such control, but before I get there, I will be left open defenseless to my own mind and other energies... I need to focus on other things right now, and death is the last thing I am afraid of...


Yes, and that is what I mean when I say I found god in meditation. I am sure you are familliar with the idea that when you are unconscious (sleep) you are your true self. Only not conscious of it...
When I meditate sometimes I get close to that unconscious state, but I keep the "I" there. God is in man, and man is in god. I am getting closer, and yet I am so much farther than I thought I was.

I even drew a picture to symbolize this. It was a snake that is eating it's tale, which I mean to represent the cycle that we are in. The snake has two midpoints that are discolored representing the unconscious points between the positive and negative halves of the circle/snake/cycle. Around the snake are 4 elements in balance: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. On the inside of the snake, THROUGH, either unconscious point you arive at the 5th element the akasha. This is representing self/god. The picture is called Eternal Escape. Mabey I'll post it some time.

You can't really find self, because you already have it. You can only remember self as you are.


One time I was about to go to bed. I was laying there and decided to change which side I was laying on. I was half way through my turn when I hear henry (whisper) and the HENRY!! I tried to move but I was stuck. And there were all these explosions going off in my head, along with a very loud vibrating hum. I kept struggling to get up, just to move or something. I couldn't go anywhere. Then I thought I had gotten out of it and ws going towards my door, still weighing about 1000 pounds.

Well really I was still stuck on my bed, and I was projecting a tiny minute little piece of my consciousness. It was so weak that I kept warping back, and could hardly see. When I realized this I was in despair. I was panicked as hell. I waited a few seconds built up the idea in my head that I was going to use all my force in one moment and brake this weird state I was stuck in. This did not work.

Now I was projecting some part of me again. I could see myself still stuck on my bed, half way through my turn to get comfy. On my wall there was a movie playing. It had words that would repeat...

Those words said:

What game are they playing?
and who's playing it?

they kept appearing one then the other, and sped up till I could no longer see it.

Then I had no energy left and I was back in my body fully. I gave up, I gave in...

30 minutes later I was finally "let go"


I was just doing a sitting meditation and something unexpected happened. It felt like 5 minutes had gone by (I looked at a clock later and noticed it was around an hour). So Im sitting there and then my body says "Hi God."my eyes look up really hard and start flickering. While this is going on my body started to shake a little mostly my head. My head felt really full I guess. my arms raised, and my head tilted back like I was welcoming something from above me. It also felt like I had just smoked an 8th of some hydro all at once or something. I havent smoked in awile. This energy serged up my spine, with immence power. I was in pure bliss, and felt like I knew all the secrets of the universe (and then forgot them when I snapped out of it)

Then I freaked out and snapped out of it. That is when I looked at the clock and an hour had gone by. I got up and noticed my head and my arms were heavier than they should be or my mucsles were very weak. I rested for a bit and now im back to normal. I must say it was one of my more freaky experiences.


After I started meditating I got a "ringing" In my brain. Or atleast the center of my skull which I assume is my brain lol original.gif I can make it really really loud. It even puts me in trances if I focus on it. It can make me feel like I am very high aswell.

As far as TVs go I havent watched TV in about 6 months. I cant stand to anymore. That high pitched sound you guys are all talking about when you have the TV muted really really gets to me. I can tell if any TVs in the entire house are on. And I go around turning em off hehe... Radios too. Radios don't bother me though.

DO NOT try to force movement if you are experiencing sleep paralysis. Just stay calm and wait. Trying to move to forcefully can cause you to panic and also that is the only time I have ever hallucinated, when I tried to force myself out of it. Some big scary being said "Give in to me!" and then I was sucked back into dreamland, but I was semi awake. I could still feel my real body laying on the couch while I was in the dream. Then "woke up" again and was still paralyzed. Green words were flashing in front of my closed eyes just fast enough that I couldn't read them, but I could tell they were actually words and not mixed up letters. Then I finaly came out of it. All of it lasted mabey 20 minutes or so.

I have had sleep paralysis around 15 times now. 13 "normal" ones, the one above, and one other that I don't want to remember in any great detail.

You don't force away from thought with the will...

You travel towards blankness with the will. (passively)

Just become a passive observer. (you will find yourself observing less and less and then nothing. It kind of feels like being really small)

I don't know how to explain it other than almost non-existance. And I think Ai guardian had it right when he said being a little spark or consciousness surrounded by darkness. Not sight darkness, but everything darkness.

I am such an insomniac, that I have known many subleties while falling asleep and waking up. I have learned how to delve deeper than the surface. EX. I can dream while holding myself conscious, barely conscious lol grin2.gif(you feel your body, but it seems lightyears away) I can then go all the way in and guess what... The dream continues with no interuption. This is one way to have a dream that you want to have. Of course once your in there you are at the mercy of the subconscious, but you can have what you want for a little while anyway. I am not lucid usually when I do this to clarify that.

^^I find that harder than getting a blank state and staying awake. But it is not like "I" am trying to stay awake, that would be a thought once again.

I have intent before the fact that carrys over without any thought from me.

I don't oommm by the way... That would be a thought..

I definately agree with what you said, but that can go both ways or all ways to be more correct. Whatever you focus on becomes more real to you. it's knowing your own personal psychology/weakneses that can prevent you from making such mistakes.

I have experienced some weird hallucinations myself. I don't usually get voices though. Recently I got this "warping sound" some pulsing sound that crecendos very loud, and it sounds like you are moving through a tunnel, that is atleast what I imagined when it happened.

When you get in deep inside the mind weird, no very weird things can happen. Anything can happen. The more I explore the bigger my mind seems to be.

Bella I really did want to know your answer about the subconscious, I have limited knowledge about it. How can my body control itself with me sitting right there inside it, but not being able to move?. It moved and even said things.

I was wondering, could my subconscious control my body, especially when I was there?
and if not, what do you think happened?

YES TVs!! those things have a simmilar (yet insanely anoying) sound as the buzzing in my head. some people act like they can't hear it while it is driving me insane. I stopped watching tv, except to see important things. I think it has to be a CRT and not LCD, I have never heard an LCD make any sound...

you can also "hear" other peoples buzzing if you know how to alter your consciousness a little. Again focus on the buzzing and make it higher pitched. You can then sense where other people are in the room with your eyes closed or in the dark. They all buzz pretty loudly when you are facing them.

oh and don't focus on the buzz while standing unless you know how it will affect you. I fell down some stairs on my way to the kitchen because I was focusing on it. I like the sound; it comforts me. I instantly tranced, lost my balance, and took a nose dive down three steps.

One time I kept getting pulled back into sleep land. I woke up and got up and I was walking towards my door, but then I layed back down(not in my control) and I was instantly paralyzed again, and a few moments later my dream started again. Then I fought back awake and then pulled back and then I tried to pull myself up off the bed and got into a crawling postion only to lay back down again.

Then I was aleep again and I forced my eyes open, still paralyzed. Then slipped back into the dream "ha ha ha you can't get away stop trying." said the evil ghost thing. Then I woke again and my body was even heavier this time. I got my arms under me and pushed with all my strength. I got almost crawing, then got my head off the bed. I then got my legs under me. This whole time I feel either insanely weak, or like I weigh 2000 pounds.

Anyway then I got up onto my knee(kneeling) and sort of kneel crawed to my door. I got my hand on the doorknob and as I was turning it my legs crumbled under me and I then gave in. My body then moved back over to the bed and layed down. ANd here goes the dream again.

Forced myself awake one last time and to my luck I was paralyzed. good old SP. I was so glad which is funny because I usually hate it.

And then I got out of it. This lasted for 30 Minutes!

I think the tone is the energy (vibrations) inside/around us. I am used to feeling energy flow through me. When I make the tone higher/louder, I feel more energy flowing through me. There are times I have less energy flowing, which makes it impossible to get the vibrations for astral projection, and makes it hard to meditate deeply.

drinking coke and coffee seem to weaken the buzzing/energy.
Anything with lots of sugar,
and alcohol.

I have also noticed that when you use drugs you have tons of energy flowing through you while you are under the influence. Afterwards you are drained, because that energy was used up. I think a big part of drugs is releasing large amounts of energy for imediate use...

this all comes from my personal observation of course, so I don't expect anyone to just trust me.

Everyone has the tone; it is not supernatural, It is natural just unexplored. It might not serve any particular purpose, and could just be a bi-product of the energy that I can feel flowing.

Normally the energy feels like electricity(I know how electricity feels I have been shocked a lot). When I meditate the energy feels less like electricity and more like heat. We don't have the heat on, so the house is really cold now, but I had my shirt off and was sweating as I meditated.

The more I meditate the more sensitive I get to energy.
The more sensitive I get the easier it is for me to get affected by outside materials.
The more I get affected the less I can observe in a fair way.

^Knowing that, I only look at online materials and others, AFTER I have explored enough to form my own working model.

Now as far as the chakras go, there is atleast two things correct as of my experimentation, before me hearing about them.

1) Energy flows along your spine, one time for me a giant amount surged up my spine.
1) the chakras are along the spine. And there is supposed to be a coiled snake that can surge up the chakras awakening them along the way.

2) My first and only topic on this forum, Meditation, was about how I was getting a lot of heat build up on my forehead. I mean a lot.
2) the third eye chakra is supposedly located in the exact area I had the heat build up.

That sounds a lot like what happens to me.

Got any suggestions on how to get up once you come out of sp the first time?

I just get pulled back in I hate that.

I am always "too tired" to get up and I usually can get on all fours like a dog. one time I even got to my door. But I get physically pushed back down into a sleeping position.

seems I have no say in the matter.

I have doubts about sp being "normal" considering me standing there hand on the door knob and then legs crumble under me, body moves over to bed, body lays down, eyes close. You would think that If I managed to stand up I would be "free." I don't like it when my body has power over ME to control itself OR mabey something else did?

I wonder what you guys think,

just 2 of the many weird things that have happened to me since starting meditation... I could find more, If I could find the rest of my posts...


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Posted 05 April 2009 - 05:24 AM



Would people believe me if I said why I came to this thread in the first place? NO. I guess I will say anyway though. One time in meditation I got this feeling. I looked in the direction it came from and then started a 2 sec. "conversation" with a plant... It wasn't words... It was feeling. It only "said" one thing... It "sent" a loving feeling at me, and so I did the same to it. That day was about 2 years ago. After that I could feel different energies from different plants. I can sense it much stronger in forests and away from other people.

I think this hum to the world around me that I am sensing could be consciousness itself...


How are you so sure that your thoughts start at your true self?

I seem to go deeper than that, like under my thoughts...
A typical meditation for me goes as follows:

-less thoughts
-no thoughts
-no body
-thoughts start back up and are thinking about me... I can't control these thoughts
-my body views me as something better than it (as far as I can tell). This usually causes real me to think weird thoughts.
-the thoughts bring back the normal me again and the bodie's thoughts change back to my thoughts again.
-Now I am my body again.

I can't explain this and make since, I am trying...

Basically I am saying my thougths are connected to my body.

I couldn't re-redit my last post anymore, so disregard the part after the first string of quotes, that talks about two posts, and not finding more...

I think now you can understand fully what I am hiding from.
even though it calls me so.


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Now is like a flowing river. Do not hold on to the shore. The shore is crumbling. Push off into the middle and rejoice that others have made it with you.
-Native American quote paraphrased

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Posted 05 April 2009 - 12:56 PM

Trust me on this, you're not alone.  Connecting with others can be hard, because you're putting yourself in danger of being betrayed.  Many people don;t care about others outside of themselves.  But there are others that will be good friends.  A good friend is something to be treasured.  So don't worry, you'll connect with plenty.  Have faith in that, and yourself. yes.gif

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Posted 07 April 2009 - 05:57 AM

muddyfrog, that all sounds very strange. Talking to others and letting it out will help.
You said you were to afraid to meditate again so I have a few questions for you:
Firstly, do you believe in a heaven and hell? I've found that this is usually the base mistake that many people have been taught that often leads to fear of ones own actions.
Have you been taught to believe in demons/ghosts/spirits or spirit guides?

There are many things that we often need to learn or un-learn depending on who has told us to believe whatever we believe in. I think your experiences may stem from your own spiritual beliefs and your perception of right or wrong. Good and evil. I have had similar experiences when I was going through a phase of spiritual learning, in particular the 'entity' saying you can't escape or exerting control over you. In my opinion this 'entity' is more or less created by our mind, using what we've been taught to believe spiritually, to give the subject a "face". It may come from something you fear to learn/know. Do you fear enlightenment?

Hopefully this is making some sense to you. I also get the high pitched sound coming from the television, I can tell when someone turns it on before it starts making a sound just by that frequency. I never really thought that was strange though. I have had dreams of being shocked/generating electricity where energy was shooting up and down my spine and my whole body felt like it was contracting. Another question:
By your perception, who is the god your body said 'hi' to?
Aside from the usual "there is only one God" (I do believe that but my point at this time is different), I think that when people consider a god it's usually more like them trying to reach the "good" of there spiritual beliefs.

I think that you starting to meditate again would be a good thing. I'm assuming you live in a western country where most people shun the idea? Although it is changing, I find that very few people from western cultures are open to it.

Free your mind...not that much...

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Posted 07 April 2009 - 07:05 PM


I don't believe in any of that stuff....

and those posts are 3 years on the boards. I don't need to talk to anyone, as everyone one I know knows all that stuff, including tons of people I used to talk to on these boards...

see when I say fear, I am not talking about something stupid like a ghost...

MuddyFrog 7 or so posts up:


but mabey I wish I could go back to not knowing... Oh sometimes I wish it soo hard, and yet I can never go back, and in the end I don't want to.

Stuff Like this I am scared of. I almost feel like I got too close too soon to knowing something out of the game... Something no team good or evil wants me to know?? something like that... Mabey what I am talking about is my own mind, I have no clue, but the effects remain, so wahtever it is scares me.

I am not new to this scene, and I am not christian either. I only found god in my meditation, and have been b**** slapped since then when I stray this path I am on sometimes.

I don't know who my body was talking to when it said "hi god." My body had it's mind and I had mine seperate from it. Mabey my body was talking some other piece of me than the 2 I am talking about here I don't know. But right when my body is saying this and I am trying to make my mouth stop moving and thinking WTF energy shot through me so powerfully. I looked like I was having a seizure I bet.

The TV thing is only weird because it actually blocks my energy some how. The Frequency is way to close to the energy vibrations of my meditations...

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Now is like a flowing river. Do not hold on to the shore. The shore is crumbling. Push off into the middle and rejoice that others have made it with you.
-Native American quote paraphrased

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Posted 07 April 2009 - 07:09 PM

muddyfrog on Mar 24 2009, 04:36 PM, said:

yes I agree with this.

I get a similar thing, but for me it's in the middle of my head.

Third Eye Chakra

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Posted 10 April 2009 - 04:36 AM

Prilosec works like a champ. I used to have the same problem. I started taking prilosec, and it began working in 24 hours. I highly recommend it.

Reality: Arranging various words into a “profound” statement does not make the statement a fact, no matter how credible the source.

I'm absolutely amazed at just how many people still believe in FANTASY when they are proven by science to be incorrect.

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Posted 28 April 2009 - 07:04 PM

I'm new to meditation, as I've started it last friday. I'm following the techniques written in the book of Samuel Sagan about the third eye awakening. (chapter 3)
last night, before going to sleep, I started meditating and everything was fine. but, all of a sudden, my breathing started to accelerate a bit and I felt an incredible tingle on the top of my head, going down sideways my head to my arms and my stomache, kind of blocking it. it wasn't painful, though. in fact, it was a good feeling, but I felt like "going away". I don't know how to explain this... I saw a little white light, but the feeling was strange and I got a bit scared. so I stopped it. the curious thing is that now I don't remember this experience like it really happened, but it's like if it was a dream.
the thing that scared me was that the breathing became more difficult and the tingle was all over my body, starting from the top of my head and blocking my stomache. it all happened in 2-3 seconds, and I began to cold sweat.
so I returned to "normal" state, but it took about ten minutes to stop sweating and I was a bit confused.

the previous meditations never got me feeling this (but, again, I started last friday and I meditate once a day). I felt an incredible sensation of an immense space and it was beautiful, but this time is different.

what could it be?

sorry if my English is not perfect  original.gif
thank you for the attention  wink2.gif

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