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Hidden Messages in Popular Songs

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 11:09 PM

View PostSimbi Laveau, on 18 March 2012 - 07:48 PM, said:

Lots of songs have occult overtones and messages.
Not *all* of it is to sell records to kids.

I really shouldn't say any of this,but I find it hard to believe no one has mentioned it. I happen to know a member of Led Zeppelin,and they were always involved with the occult.Always.

At least one member,still is.

Jimmy Page was the key to all of this.He was a practitioner and devotee of Aliester Crowley .Its why he bought the house overlooking the Loch Ness.It had once belong to Crowley.
He even admitted some very wild things occurred in the home,of a paranormal nature.

He lived there for decades.He sold it about 5 years ago I believe.
Pages involvement with this,caused the other 3 members of the band,to get involved.
The nameless album,as it is coined,is the one with stairway to heaven on it.Its also the album with those 4 symbols on it.
Each symbol represents a member of the band,and is supposed to be their personal representation of their standing within the Goertia itself !
Anyone that knows anything about ceremonial magick,would know,that is SO ARROGANT,that there will be consequences.
I mean zepplin were gods at the time,in the music world.Felt they could do no wrong.

Its stipulated,that they "sold their souls to the devil",in return for commercial success".
They were not Satanists,but practitioners of ceremonial magick,and if you get as cocky as they did,well yeah,there can be consequences,which any WITCH,will tell you.

The bad luck and near death occurances,including John bonhams death,their almost dying in a car accident,the death of plants child Karac,and pages and plants kids almost dying in a car crash,have all been attributed to serious karmic backlash,from practicing bad magick.

The band broke up due to all of the fallout.
Its hinted at ,that their old manager,Peter grant,hired mafia types, to do security during one zeppelin tour,and people got murdered.
Also a big karmic retribution factor.

A lot of all of this is in various books about the band.It can all be verified, save maybe them admitting to it.

This is not including various addictions,and sexual abberations,they all acquired

I'd say the staiyrway to heaven backwards,is real,and a tribute to which ever goertia demons they pledged themselves.
Every time this song is played on the radio,its singing praises to their honored one.
Which is exactly what the Desi Arnaz song Babaloo is .
Arnaz was a practioner of Santeria,and his orisha was Babalu Aye.
He asked Babalu to make him rich and famous,and give him a beautiful wife,and he would sing his praises to the world.

This is a very common thing.

The member of zeppelin that I know,(and I also know a members son),still is very much involved .
More like hes a collector of items of high magick.Ancients artifacts with alleged mythical and magical abilities.He collects them .
My guess would be,so does another member,but neither discusses any of it anymore.

I also know The Rolling Stones dabbled peripherally.A member of their back up band.A horn player I believe,was seriously involved with voodoo,and practiced down in New Orleans.
Im pretty sure Mick And Keith went along for the ride ,on occasion.

If it were that easy to attain wealth and power don't you think more people would have done it?
*Plays Stairway to Heaven and waits for the to roll in*

There was a SIGNATURE here. It's gone now.

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 03:03 AM

Audio pareidolia, nothing more.  People hear what they expect/want to hear

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 04:22 AM

View Post*Frank*, on 08 April 2012 - 11:09 PM, said:

If it were that easy to attain wealth and power don't you think more people would have done it?
*Plays Stairway to Heaven and waits for the £££ to roll in*

Well it depends upon what your beliefs are.
Desi Arnaz did it before he was famous,then wrote the song after he was famous,as thanks.

I don't think Led Zeppelin did it for that reason.It's more of an homage to whom ever their honored ones may have been.
I'm a devout zeppelin fan,and to this day,I've never played anything of theirs backwards.
If I listened to it,I might be able to figure out who they are speaking to,but I've never been that interested.
Ceremonial magick,is the first magick I ever attempted,so I'm very familiar with many of the
And you know, Danny Thomas,was just a guy,who wanted to be famous.
St Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes.
Danny Thomas did a novena to st Jude.if you prey to saint Jude,and he answers your prayer,you must give him public thanks.Like printing it in a newspaper.
This was the 40s I think,so he promised st Jude,if you make me famous,I will build you a hospital.
St Judes Children's hospital,IS that hospital.
So its a common thing .Wether or not your  prayer is answered is another scenario entirely.

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