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im hearing peoples thoughts!

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 01:30 AM

Just a friendly reminder that this is from an OP that started in 2009, many of the quoted posts by recent members are of those made at that time. Unfortunately many
of these 2009 members may not be available to see and continue the discussion.

While necroposting is not against any rules this is a good example of why it is not a good idea.  Usually better to start a new thread and spare our members

However, having said that - now that the thread is well and truly re-opened have a care to engage the members who have posted with 2012 dates.

Cheers all.

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Posted 12 November 2012 - 11:33 AM

View PostElite, on 10 June 2009 - 10:12 PM, said:

for the past few weeks whenever i sit near somebody for a while ill suddenly hear them talking, but their obviously not since most of the time i can see their face and their lips arent moving
so anyway the talking i hear is always in their voice and its usually about something thats currently happening
for example:
. when my friend/co-worker in my office was berated by my boss i heard him say quite loudly and clearly ''****ing pr*ck'' so after hearing that i thought he actually SAID IT and i thought he would get fired on the spot but instead our boss just walked away (not to mention i saw his face but his mouth didnt move, but hey i assumed i was seeing things)
.another time was when i was just standing at a bus stop and this guy was standing next to me , i heard him say/think ''whats the time?'' at which point he looked at his watch and thought ''oh crap, i missed the appointment'' after that he just quickly walked the opposite way.

now im not stupid, the first thing i thought when i started hearing these things was that i was going crazy and had schizophrenia (or something along those lines) but these thnigs i was hearing were pretty accurate

now im not saying im a psychic, infact i like to think of myself as something of a skeptic but im finding it hard to find any other solution ( well apart from the aforementioned '' im crazy'' theory, but i like to think im still sane)

so, i was wondering what do you guys think?
I BELIEVE U 100% i also had moments when i passed infront of my ex husband i heard his thoughts he cursed at me lolol called me bad bad words! I stopped and looked at him and said i heard your thoughts! shame on u.. He look at me in shocked and embarrassment and apologized ..  lol  of course i told him the word he called me ! Now the strange things is.. since i moved i dont hear thoughts any more !;( it SEEMES LIKE IT WAS JUST A GREAT ENERGY PASSING BY...i dont understand it .. easy comes easy goes ...! but i did love those unexpected moments:))))) LIFE IS AWSOME..! PS.. ;(   also had a vision of one of his infidelities ,a meeting he had ! ugh* ..I was washing dishes at the time when i left my body and saw everything . HE IS AN EX LOL

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